BioPro 190 Hits Full ASTM

Well, it’s been a while since I posted so its time….

One of the most exciting things that happened recently was the fact that a really good friend, Lyle Rudensey’s BioPro, just screamed past the ASTM Tests for Biodiesel.
Check out his blog entry on it:

Lyle, who runs BioLyles Biodiesel Workshop, is an avid Biodiesel nut like myself & has been for quite some time (we both got into it around the same time..I think within a couple months of each other and we both went nuts over it).

Sometime last summer Lyle bought a BioPro 190 based on some tests he saw of the fuel that was tested in one. Once he got it, he became so impressed that he decided to become a dealer.

Well, he & I, being kind of nutty like we are, decided to team up to get some of the fuel tested. I paid for a Total & Free Glycerin Test & he sent it in.

Guess what? It screamed right past it!
It passed with flying colors!
– Monoglycerides – 0.084%
– Diglycerides – 0.027%
– Triglycerides – 0.007%
– Free Glycerin – 0.004% (Maximum Allowed – 0.02%)
– Total Glycerin – 0.122% (Maximum Allowed – 0.24%)

So, that was all nice & good, but then the State of Washington took an interest in what he was doing & offered to test his fuel with the full round of ASTM Testing.

And, guess what? It screamed past that too!
Check it out!

Now, most people that haven’t been around Biodiesel (and especially home brewing) for a while will say, “So what! Big deal! So it passed some stupid test”.

Noooo……it didn’t just pass “some stupid test” it passed THE test!

In the US, the Federal Government has mandated that if you’re going to sell Biodiesel commercially then it has to meet a strict standard battery of tests. If it passes then the government will let you sell it and you can claim that you indeed have “Biodiesel”.

So why is that a big deal? Well, it’s big because most homebrewers can’t hit it. In fact, there’s very few folks out there making Biodiesel in home-made processors that have hit the standard. Most fail this or that or some other thing, but few ever hit it.

Over a year ago I ran across this group though called AGR Energy that had created a personal biodiesel processor that they claimed COULD hit the mighty ASTM. So, after looking into the whole thing for a while I learned that, yep, it was legit. So I bought one!

One thing led to another & the next thing you know I now am a dealer for the things and not only that, I set up all the dealers for the company as well.

I liked the thing THAT MUCH!

“Bid Deal” you say, “so it can pass a stupid test & you’re impressed with it. Why the big wup?”

Well, because not only can this thing pass an ASTM test, but it’s incredibly easy to use and it’s built like a tank.

Mix that with the fact that it can make good fuel and you now have a machine that practically anyone can use to make Biodiesel that’s good enough to sell. Now THAT’s something!!!!

So, now you can see why it’s such an awesome thing to see these things scream past ASTM. Note: It didn’t just “Barely” make it. It SCREAMED past it!

That means the fuel quality of bio coming out of one of these things is just incredible!!!

We now have a machine that anyone can use, that produces biodiesel, that allows you to make fuel good enough to sell.

So why is that such a big deal?
Well, have you seen diesel prices lately?

Don’t know about you, but that trend sure looks like it’s headed on it’s way up!

Not only can we make incredible fuel in a BioPro, but we can do it for under a $1.00 a gallon. Now THAT’s something to get excited about!

So, there you have it. Why I’m so excited to see Lyle’s BioPro scream past the ASTM tests.

Congratulations Lyle! My hats off to you!

If you’d like to learn more about the BioPro’s, go here:
Link to the BioPro’s:

Still as rabid as ever about Biodiesel.

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