Portable 55 Gallon Biodiesel Wash Tank
Made by Graydon Blair - 11/27/2004
of Utah Biodiesel Supply

1-PortableWashTank 2-HingedLid 3a-MistersInstalled 3b-Mister-BubblerHookups 3c-MistersInTop 3d-FivePlacedEvenlyInTop
Complete Tank Hinged Lid Misting Unit Hookups Mister Installed Five Misters Used
3e-MistingPlumbing 4a-BubblerPump 4b-BubblerAirRegulator 4c-BubbleRing 4d-BubbleRing 4e-BubbleRing
Mister Plumbing Bubbler Pump Air Regulator Bubble Ring Bubble Ring Bubble Ring
5-Heater 6-Standpipe 7-LowerPlumbing
Tank Heater Stand Pipe Lower Plumbing

Construction Instructions - Basic instructions on how to build the wash tank. (The pictures take a while to load).

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