80 Gallon Biodiesel Processor & 4 Wash Tanks

Built Apr. 2006 By Utah Biodiesel Supply

This project was built for the father of one of my customers that I built a processor for. The goal was to make a clean looking processor that would be easily maintainable and stationary.

If you look close you can see electrical outlets above every wash tank and 220 outlets to the left of the processor. This was all built for this project. The building it's housed in started out as an old barn and was renovated expressly for the purpose of this project. Even the methoxide tank will be solidly mounted on the exterior of the building to avoid getting methanol fumes inside. Vent holes to the exterior are included as well. This was a classy project!

The processor is an industrial grade 80 gallon electric water heater. It's based off of my Biodiesel Processor Plans which are a slight variation of the common Appleseed design made famous by Maria "Mark" Alovert in late 2003. It's by far the biggest water heater I've ever connected plumbing to and will easily make a 200 liter batch of biodiesel.

The 4 wash tanks are based on my Poly Barrel Biodiesel Wash Tank Design and are mounted to a custom built cart that can hold all four of them. You'll notice that I also included quick connects everywhere I could to make operating the processor as simple as possible. I even included them on either end of the methoxide tube to make it easy to disconnect.

This unit was an incredibly nice unit to build and was a challenge to figure out where everything should go. It was incredibly fun and will help it's new owner be able to make lot's of biodiesel!

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