50 Gallon Biodiesel Processor & Wash Tank On A Cart

Built Oct. 2005 By Utah Biodiesel Supply

I originally built this processor for my own personal use. I did a lot of research on it and wanted to make a really nice unit. I did a lot of integration of the processor into the wooden cart and spent a lot of time just making it look nice (I love clean looking stuff). Well, as with several of my other processors, it too went to another home.

I got a call one day from someone that was interested in purchasing a biodiesel processor on a cart. I had this one about half-way done & wanted to keep it so I told him I could build one but he wanted one soon. So, I decided to sell this one to him.

This unit was REALLY nice! I had hard-mounted everything!! All the electrical was mounted, all the pumps, the bubbler, the wash tanks, literally everything was mounted into or onto the cart in a really nice fashion. I really liked this one! I'll probably build another one like it some day.
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