Our Very First Processor!
Based off of a 40 gallon electric water heater & 55 gallon poly drum

This was the very first biodiesel processor we ever built. We used a 40 gallon water heater that we picked up used from a local store. Added an on-cart wash tank and what has to be one of the most intricate plumbing arrangements out there. We wouldn't recommend the way we plumbed it as it was really a pain to keep it clean. It did make some mighty fine biodiesel though!

I took several pictures of it while we put it together and built a photo gallery of it as well.
Click here to see them!

We sold it for $475 a few years ago (boy, what a steal that was!). The pictures below are pictures we put together to sell it with. The person I sold it to has become a good friend of ours. The unit still makes great biodiesel to this day!

Here's more information on the processor
This is a complete custom built Biodiesel Processor mounted to a custom made cart on wheels.
Made from quality items and mounted to a SOLID wooden frame.
It makes BEAUTIFUL Biodiesel.

It's based off of Jack Jones processor which is an Appleseed style processor, created by girlMARK

It has it's own Photogallery on the Utah Biodiesel Cooperative website.

Processor Dimensions & Information:
Height: 7 ft 1/4 inch high
Length: 6 ft (this is how wide it is)
Depth: 32 inches (with a 36 inch handle)
Water Heater: 50 Gallon Electric
Pump: 330 GPH Harbor Freight 1" clear water pump
Wiring: Just plug it in & go, everything was built with heavy gauge wiring.
Wash Tank: 55 Gallon Poly Drum w/ stand pipe
Misters: Orbit Misting Kit
Bubbler: Copper bubbler w/ variable flow air pump
Heater: Nice submersible fish tank heater
Plumbing: 3/4" Brass Ball Valves, 3/4" Black Steel Piping, Poly Braided Clear Tubing

Extra Info:
- All output spouts high enough to drain into buckets
- Full plumbing between water heater & wash tank
- Nice double-switch to power heating element & pump
- Double-Plug to power bubbler & wash tank heater
- The unit sits high enough that every drainable spout can drain right into a 5 gallon bucket.
- You can transfer liquid between the water heater & wash tank using the pump & opening valves.
- Plumbing drains completely clear, as it all runs downhill to lowest point (avoids sediment left over in piping).
- Wash Tank & Water Heater mounted directly to the frame
- Long vent tube, ready to hook to a methanol condensor.

Lot's of Pictures!!!

A_001 A_002 A_003 A_004 A_005 A_006
A_001.jpg A_002.jpg A_003.jpg A_004.jpg A_005.jpg A_006.jpg
B_001 B_002 B_003 B_004 B_005 B_006
B_001.jpg B_002.jpg B_003.jpg B_004.jpg B_005.jpg B_006.jpg
B_007 C_001 C_002 C_003 C_005 C_006
B_007.jpg C_001.jpg C_002.jpg C_003.jpg C_005.jpg C_006.jpg
C_007 C_008 C_009 D_001 D_002 D_003
C_007.jpg C_008.jpg C_009.jpg D_001.jpg D_002.jpg D_003.jpg
D_004 E_001 E_002 E_003 E_004 E_005
D_004.jpg E_001.jpg E_002.jpg E_003.jpg E_004.jpg E_005.jpg
F_001 F_002 F_003 F_004 F_005 F_006
F_001.jpg F_002.jpg F_003.jpg F_004.jpg F_005.jpg F_006.jpg
F_007 F_008
F_007.jpg F_008.jpg