Utah Biodiesel Supply

This unit was a lot of fun.
I built it originally to be a demo processor to show how my kits will look. Since building it I changed my plumbing layout slightly and so I decided to sell it.

I used high quality materials and have built several of this style of processor.
It could make on average 20 gallons of biodiesel.
I also included a copy of the Biodiesel Homebrew Guide written by Maria "Girl Mark" Alovert when I sold it.
30Gal_Unit01 30Gal_Unit02 30Gal_Unit03
30Gal_Unit01.jpg 30Gal_Unit02.jpg 30Gal_Unit03.jpg
30Gal_Unit06 30Gal_Unit07 30Gal_Unit04 30Gal_Unit05
30Gal_Unit06.jpg 30Gal_Unit07.jpg 30Gal_Unit04.jpg 30Gal_Unit05.jpg