100 Gallon Biodiesel Processor & 4 Wash Tanks

Built Nov. 2005 By Utah Biodiesel Supply

This setup has had a lot of positive reviews from several biodieselers. It's also the setup that we use to do our Biodiesel demonstrations with. It's owned by Kevin Newman who brews biodiesel quite regularly. Kevin has been on the local news twice and is the focus of an upcoming article in a local magazine.

The unit itself is based on two 50 gallon electric water heaters tied together in a single unit. He's able to brew two separate batches at the same time!

You can see more pictures and even some video of this processor by clicking here.

2tankprocessor01 2tankprocessor02 2tankprocessor03 2tankprocessor04 2tankprocessor05
2tankprocessor01... 2tankprocessor02... 2tankprocessor03... 2tankprocessor04... 2tankprocessor05...
2tankprocessor06 2tankprocessor07 2tankprocessor08 2tankprocessor09 2tankprocessor10
2tankprocessor06... 2tankprocessor07... 2tankprocessor08... 2tankprocessor09... 2tankprocessor10...
2tankprocessor11 2tankprocessor12 2tankprocessor13 2tankprocessor14
2tankprocessor11... 2tankprocessor12... 2tankprocessor13... 2tankprocessor14...