Warner Brothers "Unaccompanied Minors" Biodiesel Mercedes!
Our decals, emblems, bumper stickers & license plate surrounds were used on this Mercedes for the movie
Click on any of the pictures below to see a close-up!
Utah Biodiesel Supply

car00 car01 car02 car03
car00.jpg car01.jpg car02.jpg car03.jpg
car03a car04 car05 car06
car03a.jpg car04.jpg car05.jpg car06.jpg
car07 car08 car09 car10
car07.jpg car08.jpg car09.jpg car10.jpg
car10a car11 car12 car12a
car10a.jpg car11.jpg car12.jpg car12a.jpg
car13 car14 car15 car16
car13.jpg car14.jpg car15.jpg car16.jpg
car17 car18 car19 car20
car17.jpg car18.jpg car19.jpg car20.jpg
car21 car22 car23 car24
car21.jpg car22.jpg car23.jpg car24.jpg
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car25.jpg car26.jpg car27.jpg car28.jpg
car30 car31 car32 car33
car30.jpg car31.jpg car32.jpg car33.jpg