Warner Brothers "Unaccompanied Minors" Biodiesel Garage
They wanted a "real looking, authentic Biodiesel Homebrewing Setup" in their movie set garage and I delivered!
This setup included a real Biodiesel Processor, Wash Tank, another Wash Tank used as a "Biodiesel Settling Tank", and several other
key "Biodiesel Homebrewing Equipment"...all authentic and all well used--No fake stuff here! This is the "Real Deal"
The Biodiesel Processor is the famous one built by Jack Jones
The Wash Tank on Wheels is the first one I ever built
Both units together have made well over 2,000 gallons of biodiesel...so, yeah, they're authentic all right!.
They even rented my bike and a bunch of other "Bonified Lab Equipment" for the work bench.

The pictures with 0 in front of them are before the production crew set up the lighting
Pictures with a 1 in front of them are after lighting had been applied.
It's amazing what the lighting did to the set!
Utah Biodiesel Supply

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