2nd Annual Utah Biodiesel Forum
Held at the Salt Lake City Library

On April 10th, 2006, Utah Biodiesel Supply in cooperation with Utah Clean Cities and the Utah Biodiesel Cooperative hosted the 2nd Annual Biodiesel Forum at the Salt Lake City Library in Downtown Salt Lake City.

KUER FM 90 even attended the event and aired a great story on biodiesel on the air with several sound bites from the event!
Click here to listen to the story (6.7 MB MP3 Format)

The event was well attended and our speakers were phenomenal!
Below are some pictures from the event taken by Graydon Blair of Utah Biodiesel Supply.

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MoreMetering001.jpg P1010064.jpg P1010065.jpg P1010066.jpg
P1010067 P1010068 P1010069 P1010070
P1010067.jpg P1010068.jpg P1010069.jpg P1010070.jpg
P1010071 P1010072 P1010073 P1010074
P1010071.jpg P1010072.jpg P1010073.jpg P1010074.jpg
P1010075 P1010076 P1010077 P1010078
P1010075.jpg P1010076.jpg P1010077.jpg P1010078.jpg
P1010079 P1010080 P1010081 P1010082
P1010079.jpg P1010080.jpg P1010081.jpg P1010082.jpg
P1010083 P1010084 P1010085 P1010086
P1010083.jpg P1010084.jpg P1010085.jpg P1010086.jpg
P1010087 P1010088 P1010089 P1010090
P1010087.jpg P1010088.jpg P1010089.jpg P1010090.jpg
P1010091 P1010092 P1010093 P1010094
P1010091.jpg P1010092.jpg P1010093.jpg P1010094.jpg
P1010095 P1010096 P1010097 P4070026
P1010095.jpg P1010096.jpg P1010097.jpg P4070026.jpg
P4070027 P4070028 P4070029 P4070030
P4070027.jpg P4070028.jpg P4070029.jpg P4070030.jpg