BETE Industrial Spray Nozzle Company Visit
BETE stopped by to check out what we're doing.

August 30th, 2006

BETE Came By To Visit Us...(all the way from Massachusetts!)
We were privileged today to have a visit from the BETE Industrial Spray Nozzle company. One of their engineers came out all the way from Massachusetts to see what we were doing with their great nozzles! Our sales rep brought him by & we gave him the grand tour, walked him through what we do, and showed off our new toy, one of their WashPro Nozzles.

We found BETE by accident really. One day my demo guy was searching on the internet for a misting nozzle and ran across their company. He called them and spoke with one of their engineers for quite a while. Told them what we were doing, how we were doing it, and what we wanted to do. He recommended a product that I now sell called the MistPro Nozzle. He sent us a sample with the understanding that if it worked, I'd look at carrying them. If it didn't, no hard feelings.

Well, as you know the things are INCREDIBLE! They do an amazing job of washing biodiesel without causing an emulsion! So, we visited with them, told them what we do & they got to see first hand how we make biodiesel. We even showed off the new WashPro Nozzle we're playing with too. You can see pictures of it in action below.

The visit was a lot of fun. We even had them stick a pin in our map that we're now using to show where people have come from to visit us. It's not every day that a big company like that comes to visit. I was pretty darn impressed!

Anyway, pretty cool, huh!

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