Utah Biodiesel Forum - Salt Lake City Library
Feb 17th, 2004 - SLC, Utah

Click to enlarge Dal Soglio, local retailer of Biodiesel, arrived in style in a Fuel Truck Click to enlarge The truck was parked as a prop out front Click to enlarge Shea Pickelner brought some students in a school bus running on Biodiesel Click to enlarge Her students made biodiesel to power the bus
Dal Soglio Arrives Dal Soglio Truck Bio Bus By Truck Biodiesel Bus
Click to enlarge Dal Soglio - Commercial Retailer of Biodiesel in Utah Click to enlarge They brought diesel and biodiesel samples Click to enlarge They had a great presence there with lots of information Click to enlarge Utah Biodiesel Cooperative set up a nice booth with samples of Biodiesel
Dal Soglio Oil Dal Soglio Booth Dal Soglio Booth Utah Biodiesel Cooperative
Click to enlarge Daryl Reece from Pacific Biodiesel came to speak Click to enlarge Pacific Biodiesel set up a nice booth with samples Click to enlarge Utah Clean Cities Coalition set up a booth with Biodiesel information Click to enlarge Refreshments were provided by Sages Cafe
Daryl Reece Pacific Biodiesel Clean Cities Refreshments