We’ve Caught The Soap Bug!

For those of you that have been in Biodiesel for a while, you know that you can use the glycerin by product to product soap with that can be used for all sorts of different things.

When we first got into Biodiesel, we toyed with the idea and even made some pretty cool soap bars with the Glycerin. But didn’t do much else.

A few years later we were contacted by a Biodiesel glycerin soap maker associated with Piedmont Biofuels out of Pittsboro, North Carolina and started carrying a line of soap produced by them.

Over the next couple years we increased our selection of soap offerings

And at Christmas time we even carried a special line of Frankincense & Myrrh bars for the last couple years.

And even carried a guide on how to make the stuff, but not until fairly recently did we really catch the soap making bug. We were paid a visit by someone out of Nevada who introduced us to the idea of selling the soap in boutiques and farmers markets. Combined with the fact that we had been working with a new vendor out of Michigan (the Knice-N-Clean Soap Company) to develop a soap making kit to introduce people to making soap.

Well, we got a hold of one of the kits and made some soap for ourselves and were absolutely thrilled with the result! For the longest time I’ve never really been a fan of Biodiesel glycerin soap because the bars have always been sort of soft & spongy and the color hasn’t been all that great either.

But with the introduction of this new kit and some new methods shared with us, it was now possible to make soap from Biodiesel glycerin that was harder than ever before, could be colored pretty much any color we could think of, and performed extremely well!

Well, we were hooked! We instantly jumped on the band-wagon full bore and have been crazy about the stuff ever since. We’ve been showering with all sorts of different soap bars people have been sending in and enjoying every minute of it.

To that extent, we’ve featured it in our newsletters and started doing YouTube video’s on some of the exciting soaps we’ve been sent.

Here’s the first review we threw together:

And the second one came shortly after that…

We’ve also featured several peoples soaps in our Biodiesel Pictures soap section website:
Click Here To See All The Great Pictures!

If you’d like to get in on the fun, we offer a really cool soap making book that comes to us from the Knice N Clean Soap Company.

You can also get started making your own soap with our ultra cool soap making kit.

Watch for more soap related products, services, and updates on all the fun we’re having in the near future!

Happy Soaping!

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