Happy To Survive features Utah Biodiesel Supply

A few months back we were contacted by a group of folks getting ready to release a really cool, new magazine on the iPad geared towards “Survivalists” or “Preppers“.

We get a lot of these type of requests & didn’t think much of it (if I had a nickel for every time someone said, “Write an article for me! I’ll publish you & you’ll be famous!” and never followed through, I’d be pretty stinkin’ rich right now). But, lo & behold, this group was serious…and now we’re published!

The name of the iPad magazine is called Happy To Survive

Happy to Survive magazine – July 2012 issue

The magazine features an awesome collection of articles on lots of survival styleprepper style topics…including our article on How To Collect Vegetable Oil!

2012 Happy To Survive Articles

The articles look really cool!
Everything from lighting a fire to buying the right kind of portable generator. The articles are well written, easy & concise, and are packed with great information from experts in their respective fields.

The magazine will be published monthly via the iTunes Store and will contain all sorts of awesome “prepper style” articles.

You can check out our article as it appears on the magazine below!

Collection Waste Vegetable Oil To Make Biodiesel

Page 2 of Collecting Waste Vegetable Oil for Biodiesel

Collecting Waste Vegetable Oil page 3

We’re excited to be writing for Happy To Survive & look forward to being a a part of this exciting new publication!

So, if you’ve got an iPad and want a sweet magazine on all sorts of great survival/prepping style topics, stop by today & try it out!

About Utah Biodiesel Supply

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  1. Not sure what you mean. Mag is still up and getting lots of downloads. So you ought to be getting good exposure. Hope you guys are well.

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