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Utah Biodiesel Supply Blogs Greatest HitsIn doing our complete overhaul of the Utah Biodiesel Supply Blog, we had a chance to review several of the articles that are available here. Seeing as we’ve been blogging since 2006, there was a lot to sift through!

Whether it’s been tutorials on how to make Biodiesel, or keeping you abreast of the latest developments in Biodiesel equipment and production techniques, or sharing the awesome success stories of our customers, to our tips on running Biodiesel in diesel engines, we’ve covered a large range of topics over the years & figured it was high time to publish what we think are some of the greatest articles on the blog.

So, here goes, welcome to The Utah Biodiesel Supply Blog’s “Greatest Hits!”

Our Biodiesel 101 Series
– This series of articles highlights “just the basics” when it comes to making Biodiesel.

Collecting Oil 101 – The Basics This is where it all starts. Getting the oil you’ll need to make Biodiesel from. We walk you through a set of 7 tips & tricks to get not only oil to make Biodiesel, but the right kind of oil to make producing the fuel easier!

Titrating Oil 101 – A Refresher Course Learn how to test the oil to see how to react it into Biodiesel with this great article on titrating oil!

Processing Biodiesel 101 – Turning Oil Into Biodiesel In this tutorial we get to the nitty gritty of reacting oil into Biodiesel. It’s where the rubber meets the road, where the chemicals meet the oil, and where the magic happens!

Water Washing Biodiesel 101 Learn the basics of water washing, why it works, and how to perform a water wash successfully

Biodiesel Emulsions 101 – Preventing and Curing Them When water washing, it’s possible to accidentally make something called an emulsion. In this tutorial we talk about why they occur, how you can prevent them from happening and also how to fix one if you unfortunately get one while water washing your Biodiesel

Dry Washing Biodiesel 101 Learn what dry washing is, what technologies exist to do dry washing, the benefits of dry washing along with the drawbacks of using this technology to purify your Biodiesel

Biodiesel Tutorial Vidoes Check out this great video tutorial series! We walk through the basics of what it takes to start making Biodiesel!

Our Testing Articles
Testing your Biodiesel is key! These articles highlight how to do it right!

Titrating Oil 101 – A Refresher Course
Learn how to properly titrate vegetable oil so you can identify how much catalyst will be required to make a batch of Biodiesel.

Oil Titration Tip: Change Titration Solution Often We detail how often to refresh your titration solution and why it’s necessary

Testing Methanol Purity Learn how to properly test the purity of methanol to ensure it’s of high quality to make Biodiesel with.

Testing Biodiesel For Soap Content After the Biodiesel has been washed, it needs to be tested for soap content to ensure you’ve removed all of it. This article details how to properly do it.

3 Tips (Tests) For Successful Biodiesel Production – We detail the three most important tests you should do when making Biodiesel to ensure you produce the best batch possible

Four Test Kits Every Biodiesel Should Own Great article outlines the four most common test kits every biodiesel producer should have to help them make great Biodiesel!

Biodiesel ASTM Tests Explained Learn about all of the different tests required to sell Biodiesel commercially.

Understanding The Chemistry Behind Biodiesel
With these articles, we get into the nitty gritty of how methanol, catalyst, and oil react together to create Biodiesel.

The Chemistry of Biodiesel This covers the chemistry that occurs in the base reaction of producing Biodiesel. One of the better ones out there as we keep it simple and easy to understand.

How Using Sulfuric Acid Works When Making Biodiesel In this article we get into an acid reaction and how you can use it to prepare high titrating oil for a successful base reaction.

Understanding How Biodiesel Is Made This article is a smorgasbord of links and tips for learning about the chemistry about making this great fuel; including a link to a video presentation from a Biodiesel production specialists that goes deep into all the chemical reactions that occur when Biodiesel is produced.

Biodiesel Chemistry With Your Hands! This article gives an ingenious way to illustrate the Biodiesel reaction with your hands (video included too!)

General Tips & Tricks
These articles just have all around great tips for making Biodiesel successfully! Check them out!

Best Diesel Engines For Biodiesel By far one of our most popular articles, here we detail our take on which diesel vehicles tend to do the best with Biodiesel

Why Old Mercedes Make Good Biodiesel Vehicles We detail all the reasons why we think older Mercedes make great candidates for running Biodiesel.

2007+ Diesel Emissions & Biodiesel; Not All That Rosy Learn about the Diesel Particulate Filter on 2007 & newer vehicles and the challenges that it poses to running Biodiesel in DPF equipped vehicles.

Our Ultimate Getting Starter Guide This one’s the big kahuna! We start from scratch and walk you through everything you’ll need to know to get you started making great Biodiesel! It’s so good it became a page on our website!

Making Great Biodiesel – My Recipe Here I detail my tired & true recipe for ensuring you get great Biodiesel batches every time.

Making Biodiesel In Cold Weather – Tips & Tricks In this article we give several tips, tricks, and helpful hints for helping you to make successful Biodiesel batches, even with old man winter hanging around.

Running Biodiesel In The Cold Lots of tips & tricks on how to run Biodiesel even when it’s cold out!

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) vs. Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) In this article we detail the major differences between using Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) and Caustic Potash (Potassium Hydroxide) when making Biodiesel and the effect it plays on the finished Biodiesel and glycerin produced.

Troubleshooting Biodiesel Batches – Tips & Tricks This article is completely dedicated to helping you troubleshoot batches gone wrong. We give a great step by step process for narrowing down what when south and how to fix it.

Getting Set Up To Make Biodiesel Based on our years of experience making Biodiesel, we give lots of tips on what equipment you’ll need to get started making Biodiesel.

Playing It Safe With Biodiesel
Here we give some great tips on how to keep yourself and others around you safe while making Biodiesel.

Removing Soaps & Methanol From Biodiesel By Air Bubbling
We detail how bubbling your Biodiesel with air prior to washing it can help lower the soap levels in the Biodiesel making it much easier (and quicker) to wash the fuel!

Building An Oil And Biodiesel Dewatering Tank From A 55 Gallon Drum This is an easy to follow tutorial for building a dewatering drum for removing water from waste vegetable oil and Biodiesel. It works EXTREMELY well!

Biodiesel Glycerin – Can you really make soap out of it? In this article we share how you can use the glyceirn you’ve produced in the Biodiesel reaction to make soap! How cool is that!

Improving Bar Soaps Made From Biodiesel Glycerin Here, our expert Biodiesel glycerin soap maker, Rick Knicely goes into the finer points of making an awesome bar of soap from Biodiesel glycerin!

Biodiesel Tax Incentives
Learn about the tax incentives exist for Biodiesel!

Biodiesel Tax Incentives Back For 2013 Our follow-up to the reinstatement of the tax incentives.

Algae Biodiesel: For Real or Just Hype Learn about the progress being made for Algae.

And there you have it! Our list of “The Greatest Articles” on the Utah Biodiesel Supply Blog! If you have a chance, poke around a bit & check out all the fun we’ve had over the years. Also, check out our Biodiesel Articles Index page on the main site as well! It has links to several more articles not covered here.

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