Show Us Your Brew!! We’d Love To See It!

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Over the summer we’ve been absolutely amazed by all the awesome things that you’ve been sharing with us. Whether it’s your incredible Biodiesel production setup, the miles you’ve driven on the fuel you’ve made, the incredible beer batch you’ve been able to produce, or the awesome batch of cold brewed coffee that one of our stainless brewing filters helped you produce, we’ve loved hearing all about it!

So, since you’re all doing such amazing things, we figured it’s high time we start sharing your successes with the group through pictures and stories! In otherwords, it’s time to Show Us Your Brew! & brag up on yourself (big time baby!)

So, if you’re up for it, here’s all you’ve gotta do. Take some pictures of you with your brew (be it Beer, Wine, Coffee, Biodiesel, or whathaveyou) and send it in! Along with your pictures, tell us why it’s so awesome! What your doing that’s different and how we may have played a part. In other words, it’s time to brag up on yourself & get some free publicity out of it too!

If you’re up for sending in a picture to us, we’ll post it on our Facebook Page & brag up on you big time! Got an awesome brewing setup you’d like to show off? Send it in! Got a sweet way that you brew that makes the most incredible batches known to man? Shoot some pictures, tell us about it & send it in & we’ll share it with the group! Heck, we may even do a whole blog post about your awesome story & share it in our next newsletter too!

So, grab those camera’s, snap some shots of you & your brew & anything else you’d like to include with it & send it on in & we’ll get to bragging!

Send the bragging goods in to Or feel free to stop by our Facebook Page & share it there as well!

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