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Here at Utah Biodiesel Supply, we’ve always sought to bring you the latest & greatest information on making and using Biodiesel. Whether it’s been through our awesome tutorial articles, our great YouTube videos, or our incredible selection of Biodiesel products & supplies, our goal has always been to help you be able to produce the very best Biodiesel possible.

In keeping with that goal, we recently remodeled our Biodiesel blog and website to make finding and sharing information even easier than before!
New Utah Biodiesel Supply BlogWe’ve given the blog a new look, installed some great quick-links at the top of the site to the most commonly referenced articles, and built in the ability to share any article with anyone, anywhere in practically every way possible!

At the bottom of each article we’ve installed easy to use sharing buttons that let you share any article in nearly every sharing platform available. Just click the sharing button of your choice, add whatever you’d like, and share away! You can even email articles too!

We’ve also added the same sharing functionality to our main website as well. We’ve created custom buttons at the top of the main website page that link to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, YouTube Channel, and Newsletter. Also, from anywhere on the website, you’ll see a floating bar on the right with the sharing icons ready to use as well!
Share items on website From any page, choose your favorite sharing platform, click on the link on the bar and a box will pop up letting you enter a descriptions and a way to share the page right from the website!

So, to kick off the new look & feel, we’d like your help in getting the word out by trying out the sharing functionality! And, to make it fun and worth your time, we’re going to hook you up with great products from our store just for sharing!

Here’s how it’ll work. For every article or page you share, you’ll earn points toward free products! The more you share, the better the free stuff! We’re also including liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter and Pinterest as part of the fun. To earn the points, simply email us back with where & what you’ve shared & what items you’d like from the pile of free product & we’ll get you verified & then get your free products you’ve earned headed your way!

Here’s how the points work out:
1 point – Like our Facebook Page
1 point – Follow us on Twitter
1 point – Follow us on Pinterest
1 point – Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
1 point – Join our Newsletter
(If you’re already a part of any of the above, that counts too! Just let us know when you send in your points).
2 Points – Share a blog article or UBS website page on Facebook (include @Utahbiodieselsupply in the shared description)
2 Points – Share a blog article or UBS website page on Twitter (include @utahbiodiesel in the shared text)
2 Points – Share a blog article, picture, or UBS website page on Pinterest
4 Points – Share a link on your website or blog back to any page on our main website (http://www.utahbiodieselsupply.com) or any article on our blog (http://www.utahbiodieselsupply.com/blog). Include the words Utah Biodiesel Supply in the link text somewhere.
5 Points – Embed any of our YouTube videos on your website or blog

You can also share multiple articles or website pages to accumulate even more points! So the more you share, the more points you’ll earn toward free products! Points can be earned for the products listed below through midnight on March 31st, 2012.

To claim your points, send an email to info[at]utahbio[dot]com with the subject line “Share Our Site Promotion“. In the email, indicate which item’s you’ve shared and where they were shared (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your website or blog). If you shared anything on your blog or website, include the URL where the shared links are at. Also let us know if you liked our Facebook page, followed us on Twitter or Pinterest, subscribed to our YouTube channel, or signed up for our Newsletter. Be sure to include which free product you want to apply your points toward and also the address you’d like your free items sent to. We’ll then verify everything & get it sent your way. We’ll tally everything up after March 31st & get your free items sent your way.

Looking for great articles to share? We’ve made it easy!
Check out our Utah Biodiesel Supply Blog Greatest Articles blog post for links to several of our popular articles! Once an article is selected, just scroll to the bottom & choose the share button of your choice & share it!

Also, check out our Biodiesel Articles Index page for a great listing of several more great Biodiesel articles we’ve published over the years!

Free Products Available

5 Points
Any decal on our Decals Page worth up to $5.99
OR a Set of Labelled Syringes
OR a Biodiesel Glycerin Soap Bar

10 Points
Any decal on our Decals page
OR Any emblem on our Emblems page
OR any size Fogg-It Misting nozzle
OR a Biodiesel Wash Tank Air Bubbler
OR a 7×16 Bag Filter in any micron size
OR a Bottle of Liquid Biodiesel Glycerin Soap
OR a Pocket Thermometer
OR a 5 Pack Oil Collection Drum Labels
OR a 10 pack 45 mL Sampling Vials
OR a Basic Biodiesel Conversion Test Kit
OR a pH Test Strip Kit

15 Points
Any T-shirt on our T-shirts page
OR a 5 Pack 7×16 bag filters in any micron size
OR a 5 Gal Bucket Filter in any micron size
OR a Pocket Titration Scale
OR a Long Stem Thermometer
OR a 10 Pack Oil Collection Drum Labels
OR a 25 pack 45 mL Sampling Vials
OR a 15 pack of 100 mL Sampling vials
OR a SealPro Catalyst Bucket Lid

20 Points
A Mini-Titration Kit
OR a Biodiesel Wash Tank Air Bubbler Pump
OR a 5 Gallon Carboy
OR a Set of 3/4″ Quick Connects (part B, E, & Viton seal)
OR a 1/2″ Temperature Gauge
OR Any 2 Fogg-It Misting Nozzles
OR a Water Misting Timer
OR a 2 Pack of Air Bubblers
OR a 9″ Standpipe Assembly
OR a Gallon Of Skeeter Beater Tiki Torch Fuel

Here’s a sampling of some of the free prizes!
Prices for promotion

Promotion Restrictions:
– Facebook Shares to include @utahbiodieselsupply on shared item descriptions
– Twitter Shares to include @utahbiodiesel in shared tweet text
– Shares must have occurred before midnight on March 31st, 2013
– To qualify for points, email your shared links, points total, and free item(s) you’d like to claim to info@utahbio.com no later than April 1, 2013
– Prizes are limited to stock on hand
– We’ll cover shipping for any items selected above shipped within the United States.
– Items being sent Internationally may require a shipping fee.
– Utah Biodiesel Supply will verify points submitted for validity (be sure to include your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube ID for links submitted for points on those platforms.)

About Utah Biodiesel Supply

Utah Biodiesel Supply is an industry leader in offering innovative ways to empower our customers to produce Biodiesel. From free online instructional videos on how to get started making this great renewable fuel to promotional items to help our customers proclaim their energy independence, Utah Biodiesel Supply has it covered. With the widest selection available of Biodiesel equipment, supplies, and promotional items, you're sure to learn something new about Biodiesel every time you visit.

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