Biodiesel Tutorial Videos!

Recently we were asked by Parleys Diesel Performance to do some instructional videos on the Basics of Biodiesel. We, not wanting to pass up a golden opportunity, jumped on it and the video’s below were born!

We tried our best to make the videos well planned out, instructional, and easy to understand. We think they came off really well (and so do many of our customers!).

So, sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the fun of watching how easy Biodiesel can be to make….

The first one has now had well over 8,000 views and counting!


Welcome To Our Biodiesel Tutorial Videos Page!

Here you can learn about Biodiesel, what it is, how it’s made, how it effects engines & performance, how you
make your own, and even a little history about this great fuel! So, grab some popcorn, a pen and a notepad,
and sit back & get ready to learn about Biodiesel!

We’d like to thank the great folks at Parleys Diesel Performance
for partnering up with us to put these great Biodiesel tutorial videos together!

Introduction To Biodiesel (06:20)

This video gives a basic introduction to organic oils and how they can be run in diesel engines.
We’ll discuss some of the cool history behind the diesel engine, why they can run on organic oils,
how different oils can effect a diesel engine, and then we’ll discuss the big difference between
Biodiesel and Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO).

9 Reasons Why We Think You Should Consider Biodiesel

Excellent Biodiesel Handling Guide Published by the US National Renewable Energy Lab

How Biodiesel Is Made – The Theory (08:03)

In this video we discuss how Biodiesel is chemically produced. We use simple drawings and diagrams
to keep it easy & simple to understand. Don’t worry, we promise, there’s no chemistry degree needed.
We think you’ll find it really educational! We also discuss some of it’s chemical properties
including some of the great benefits Biodiesel has over petro diesel.

How Biodiesel Is Made – Dealing With Used Oils (05:24)

Here we take things a step further and talk more about what goes on when
Biodiesel is being produced, including how to make it from used oils that
commonly contain things called Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s). Yep. We keep this
one simple too so that it’s easy to understand.

Click Here To Learn More On How To Get Started Making Biodiesel From Used Oils

How Biodiesel Is Made – The Basic Recipe (07:52)

Now that the theory & chemistry is out of the way it’s time to talk about how it’s made in a production setting.
Using a basic diagram, we’ll walk you through how it’s produced from start to finish. From filtering the oil
to drying the finished Biodiesel, we discuss it all! We then give you the basic recipe for making Biodiesel.

Link To The Graphic Used In The Video

Making A Small Batch – Part 1 (06:28)

Here we talk about how to get ready to make a small batch of Biodiesel from
new oil. We’ll show you how to weigh out the chemicals, how to make something called
Methoxide, and discuss proper safety precaustions when preparing to make your first

Making A Small Batch – Part 2 (07:47)

While our methoxide dissolves we go over everything you’ll need to make a mini batch.
We talk about where to find the ingredients needed including the chemicals needed, the
best kind of oils to use (hint: Chinese restaurants rock!), and discuss some safety issues
related to storing chemicals and methanol. We then dump the methoxide in and watch the magic happen!

Titrating Oil – Building A Titration Kit (04:11)

In this video we show how to build a basic titration kit that will be used to titrate oil with.
Titration is nothing nore than a method used to find out what the acid level is in the oil that will be used
to produce Biodiesel. It’s necessary to know this because it will indicate how much catalyst
will be used to make Biodiesel.

Our Titration Supplies

Full Titration Kit |
Titration Scale |
Titration Beakers |
Titration Cups

Labeled Titration Syringes |
Magnetic Stirrer |
Oil Collection Test Kit

Titrating Oil – The Chemistry (05:04)

This video explains the chemistry behind how a titration works. We explain what a titration will indicate and why
it’s important to perform them on used oil. Don’t worry, like the other video’s we keep this one simple. No chemistry degree needed.


Titrating Oil – Preparing Titration Solution (04:31)

This video shows how to prepare the titration solution that will be used to do the actual titration with. It’s important
that this be done accurately because it will impact the titration readings. To make it, add 1 gram of catalyst (either
Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) or Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) to 1 liter of water.

Titrating Oil – The Actual Titration (10:54)

This is where it all comes together. We do 3 complete titrations from start to finish. We measure everything
out, explain how to mix everything, do the actual titrations, and then explain what the results mean.

The Basic Titration Method

1- Add 1 mL of Oil to 10 mL of Isopropyl Alcohol

2- Add a couple drops of indicator solution (Phenolphthalein is what we used)

3- Start adding measured amounts of Titration Solution

4- Watch for the color change to stay for 30 seconds

5- Record how much titration solution was used

Titration Solution Used = Number Of Grams Of Catalyst To Use Per Liter Of Oil

If there were 4mL used, then 7.5 + 4 = 11.5 grams X 100 liters of oil = 1150 grams of KOH

Click Here To See A Complete Titration Kit

Making A Large Batch – Shop Intro & Filtering Oil (08:30)

This video highlights how you can set up a basic small scale Biodiesel production facility.
We introduce you to some of the basic components you’ll need to produce Biodiesel. In particular, we show how to
filter oil, how to transfer oil around in a shop, how we store and transfer methanol, introduce the catalyst and more.
We also discuss a bit about which diesels can handle Biodiesel.

How We Collect Oil With A Lift-Gate | Pictures Of Our Lift Gate

How We Filter Oil With A Lift-Gate | Oil Filters (We Use The 400 Micron Ones)

Learn More About Starting To Produce Biodiesel Here |

Check Out Our Customers Biodiesel, Production Equipment, And More Here!

Making A Large Batch – Loading Oil, Catalyst, & Methanol (05:35)

Using a BioPro 380, we introduce how easy Biodiesel can be made. We show how to load the machine with oil using an inexpensive sump pump,
how to add the methanol, how to measure out the catalyst & get ready to start the batch. There are several different styles and kinds
of Biodiesel production equipment available on the market, this one just happens to be our personal favorite.

Pictures Of Our Sump Pump | See The Methanol Pump We Recommend

We stock Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), Potassium Hydroxide (KOH), and
Sulfuric Acid.

Making A Large Batch – Starting The Batch (02:24)

Using the same BioPro 380, we show how to start the machine and get a batch running. This one’s pretty small because it really
doesn’t take much to get it going. Reach around back, turn the machine on, and push the start button. We then load it with sulfuric
acid (to give us higher yields) and then we let the machine take care of the rest.

Video On Making A Batch In A BioPro 190 Start To Finish (High Res) | (Low Res)


Making A Large Batch – Transferring Finished Fuel (06:19)

This video wraps up our videos on making a large batch of Biodiesel. Using a BioPro 190, we transfer
finished fuel from the machine into our storage barrels. We also give a basic overview of the BioPro machines, discuss the
differences in the machines, and then wrap it up.

BioPro 150 (40 Gal Unit) | BioPro 190 (50 Gal Unit) | BioPro 380 (100 Gal Unit)

Click Here To Locate A BioPro Dealer Near You

Testing For Conversion (4:15)

In this video we show you how to test your finished Biodiesel to see how well it converted.
It involves using 3 mL of biodiesel and 27 mL of Biodiesel. It’s really simple to do and works extremely well.
As an added bonus, the person in the video just happens to be the chemist that helped design the BioPro processors.
Sorry for the noise in the background. The wind was blowing that day.

Link To Kit Used In This Video


Biodiesel Flammability (02:29)

One of the great properties of Biodiesel is its high flash point (the temperature at which it will burn).
In this clip we illustrate this by attempting to light a small amount of Biodiesel on fire (Hint: TRY being the key word).
However, once under pressure and atomized (ie. through a diesel fuel injector) Biodiesel burns great as we also illustrate.

Biodiesel Performance (08:51)

In this clip we discuss how Biodiesel performs against Petro Diesel. We talk about using it
in a modified diesel engine with chips and other performance parts installed (Hint: Yep! It’ll work with those too!).
We also discuss tips for running Biodiesel in higher performance diesel engines,
talk a bit about running it in colder weather, using additives, and also touch on the importance
of changing fuel filters.

Link to Diesel Power Magazine Biodiesel Article mentioned in the video.

Read More On Using Biodiesel | Real World Biodiesel Experiences

More videos coming!

We have several more videos in the wings so be sure to mark this page & come back often!

We’ll be covering everything from collecting oil, to titrating it, to producing Biodiesel on a large scale
and much much more! Our goal is to help you see that making Biodiesel can be simple, easy to understand, and
most of all, fun to do!

We also have a whole series on Biodiesel that we did for ExpertVillage.

Click here to see the series

Additional Instructional Videos

Methanol Safety Methanex, one of the largest distributors of Methanol in the United States
has put together a great instructional video on methanol safety for Biodieselers. There are two file types; A high resolution version at 73.4 MB and a low resolution
version at 41.1 MB. Both are in Windows Media (WMV) format. Look for the link
on the right labeled Methanol Safety – For Biodiesel Producers .

Thanks for stopping by & come on back soon!

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