Powered By Biodiesel Survey: What Do You Run Biodiesel In?

Welcome to our Powered By Biodiesel survey!
Powered By Biodiesel

Over the next few months we’ll be collecting information on what vehicles seem to be the most popular to run Biodiesel in. We’ll then compile the information into some cool charts & graphs & post the results here.

What Qualifies:
If you’ve run anything above B10 (10% Biodiesel or higher in the fuel) in the vehicle or equipment, it qualifies.

How To Participate
Want to help? Simply share what year, make, and model of vehicle or equipment you’re running Biodiesel in down in the comments section below this post. Also, include how many miles or years you’ve been running it.

2001 Ford F-350 – 40,000 miles – 5 years B100
1992 VW Jetta – 10,000 miles – 1.5 years B50

You can also include anything additional you’d like. ie. homebrew biodiesel, the blend you use as visitors to this post may find it interesting. However, for the survey study, we’ll simply be using the make, model, year, miles & years used used in our results.

We’re excited to see the results!

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61 comments on “Powered By Biodiesel Survey: What Do You Run Biodiesel In?

  1. 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 – B100 – 3 1/2 years weather permitting
    2005 Jeep Liberty – B100 – 3 1/2 years weather permitting
    1997 Ford f250 – B100 – 3 1/2 years weather permitting (Dad’s Truck)
    Hot water heater – B100- 6 months

  2. 1997 F-350 7.3 PSD
    2001 F-550 7.3 PSD (Chipped)
    2002 Excursion 7.3 PSD (Edge Evolution programer, Stage 1 injectors, DB turbo, and More)
    2003 E-350 Box 7.3 PSD ( Edge Evolution programer)
    2003 E-350 Utility 7.3 PSD
    B-100 B-75 Dec-Feb in PA
    10,000 Gal since July 4th 2009
    Only problem, Had to make steel tubing fuel lines at filter on “97

  3. 2004 Volkswagen Passat TDI 40,000 miles 4 years
    B100 from April to October
    B50 during the winter
    All made from a processor and wash tank kit from Utah Biodiesel Supply
    Thanks Graydon!

  4. 2005 F350 82,000miles B100 except for a couple of weeks in Jan-Feb then its blends
    JD4520 Tractor B100 except for winter
    Bobcat 331 B100 except for winter
    JD450C B100 except for winter
    1989 F250 7.3 B100

    13,900 gallons so far!

  5. 1969 Mini KW w 5.9 Cummins B100 4Yrs 35K miles summer towing
    1995 Benz S350 B100 4Yrs 45K miles all season when above 20 deg.F heated garage
    1953 Willy Wagon w Isuzu 4BD1T B100 1Yr 4K miles same as Benz above
    2005 Fleetwood Motor Home C7 Cat B30 2Yr 6K miles Summer camping only
    Home heating Becket AFG Burner .85 nozzle w/preheat B100 5Yrs
    12k gal. so far 1st 3Yrs 50 Gal Appleseed Proc. Last 2Yrs Biopro 380 Proc.

  6. Forgot 1 more ,
    1997 New Holland skid steer B50 3Yrs Winter snowplowing
    I find if I need to install fuel supply lines, such as oil buner supply flexible Nylon tubing from McMasterCarr is a great product that stands up great to B100

  7. 1997 F-250 4yrs and about 50K
    B-100 summer / blended in winter

    1997 E300D 1yr and about 12k so far.
    B-100 summer / blended in winter

    Both love B-100 with no issues

  8. 2004 VW Passat B100 15,000 miles 2 years
    2005 Jeep Liberty B100 5,000 miles 1 year
    2006 Foretravel motorhome Cummins 500 hp ISM B100 5,000 miles 2 years
    2007 Kubota ZD21 lawnmower B100 4 years (replaced rubber fuel lines after 1st year)
    2007 VW Touareg V-10 B100 25,000 miles 4 years
    2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee B100 3,000 miles 1 year
    2010 Foretravel motorhome Cummins 650 hp ISX B100 2,500 miles 1 year
    home built Appleseed processor 2 years then Biopro 190 for 3 years


  10. 2002 VW TDI 179k 80k on B100 – 4 years no modifications
    2006 Ram 2500 41k 15k on B100 – 4 years no modification
    Kioti DK45S Tractor, Loader, Backhoe B50 280 hours – 2 years no modifications
    Weil McLain model 68 boiler w/indirect hot water tank, B100 on modified Beckett AFG.
    I only burn Biodiesel in my vehicles outside of the heating season, I don’t get enough wvo to run my house and blend during the colder months.

  11. Jaguar X type 2006 2.0l
    B40 Summer winter alike have tried B50 but goes into limp home mode but no probs with B40, I have started taking barrels to the fuel station put 10litres in each then add the Bio back at home to make sure of a good mix

    • Hi Keith. About two years ago I got a 2006 X Type 2.2D and put 100% bio straight into the tank. It ran for a year without probs (including long fast European trips). Then a hiccup (didn’t change any filters when changing over as advised). Then off we went again for another 6 months and than a major repair bill. Injectors, filters everything. This put me off using it at all. The trouble is, I get a lot of used frying oil from my restaurant each week. It is then processed at a plant in High Wycombe which is a brand new, immaculate and clean facility and,as far as I know, the result is very good road-ready bio diesel. The X type is only a tweaked Ford Transit as I understand it. Have I over reacted? Will it work? Where do I go for the best advice? Mike

  12. 2006 Chevy 2500 80k on b100 4 years
    2005 Chevy 2500 80k on b100 4 years
    2001 VW Jetta TDI 140K on B100 4 years
    1999 Mercedes 300 TD 160K on B100 4 years

    I have to replace the fuel filters on the Chevy’s every 5k miles. The VW and the Mercedes LOVE the B100.

  13. 1981 Volkswagen Pickup 4.5 years with homebrewed B100 April through October, and B75 in the winter.
    1982 Volkswagen Camper Vanagon, 3 years, same blend as above.
    Kuma Arctic Oil Stove – keeps the house warm on a cup of biodiesel an hour

  14. 2007 GMC Duramax LBZ (pre-DPF) 27 months, 41k to 66k, commercial B99 summer B50 winter.
    Just filled tank with first batch of homemade B100 from GL1 / hardwood drywash system.
    The only problem I’ve had is that I gelled a filter when Sequential fuels switched to B99 in April and we had a freakishly cold day.
    Portland, OR

  15. Year round use down to -40 degrees F. WVO Canola. Lower blends in winter, higher blends in summer

    1999.5 VW TDI – 1 year B10-B80
    2006 VW TDI PD – 2 years B10-B80
    1990 Toyota Hilux pickup (Japanese import) with 4-cyl 2.8-litre diesel – 5 years B10-B100

    future wish list:
    2006-07 Touareg V10 (grand daddy of all diesels IMO)
    2003 F250 7.3 (workhorse truck)
    200x Dodge 5.9 (hillbilly truck)
    200x Duramax (smooth truck)
    1999 E300 Benz (yuppy car)
    and lots more TDIs! (cheap and good)

    Calgary AB

  16. 72 toyota FJ40 with ’98 Isuzu NPR turbodiesel. B100 year round with second starter tank running B20 in our mild winters for starting (~22f). New conversion about 3k miles on it.

  17. Emailed in by Phil Roth

    2007 Silverado 2500HD – 55,000 mi – 3 years – B100
    1991 Kubota Industrial Engine – V1505 (4 cyl, 33 hp) – 3 years – B100
    1984 New Holland 5030 Ag Tractor – 3 years – B100
    1979 New Holland 4610 Ag Tractor – 3 years – B100
    1962 Massey Ferguson 65 Ag Tractor – 3 years – B100

    2006 Oil hot water furnace – Reillo burner – 3 years – B100
    1962 Oil hot air furnace – Beckett burner – 3 years – B100

    Using BioPro 380, 80/20 reaction + 5% pre-wash, meeting ASTM 6751 with added oxidation inhibitor. Location, South Central Pennsylvania

  18. Bio Pro 190
    2006 Duramax 4 yrs in warm weather
    2007 Jeep GCD, about B35 cause of the exhaust regen
    John Deer, Case, Kubota, Hesston ag tractors
    unmodified Becket burners for 4 years
    B100 in everything, except Jeep
    No problems, make good fuel, keep it clean and it will be fine.

  19. Began in Jan. 2012
    About 350 gallons used so far. Works great!

    1999 f550 7.3 70K B-50
    2000 f350 7.3 225K B-50
    2001 c3500 175K B-50
    1984 International dt466 100k B-30

  20. 1976 Mercedes 300D B100 – summer B80 – winter 27,000 miles
    2003 VW Jetta TDI B100 – summer B80 – winter 23,000 miles
    We make our own Biodiesel from waste cooking oil.

  21. I have been using B100 for a few years, but do a 20% mix of Diesel in the winter for Jelling 1st truck – 2003 Duramax – 50,000 miles B100 2nd truck – 2005 Duramax – 90,000 B100 3rd Truck – 2007 Duramax – currently 124,000 miles on B100 and still going strong JCB 100B Backhoe B100 since the beginning I currently make about 250 gallons a month just for my personal use and also give it to my son in law that puts it in his VW Jetta whenever I have extra left over.

  22. Dodge 2004.5 Quadcab 5.9HO FASS, Quadzilla Zillaraider B100
    98 Suburban 6.5 B100
    97 2 Dr Tahoe 6.5 B100
    I run B50 when it gets below 30F for any length of time in all three. I’m in Central Texas and we have only 20 or so days per year this cold.
    Cottonseed oil and Soy oil in BP 190/hoping to upgrade to 380 soon

  23. 2003 Jetta – B100, 119,000 miles (home brew 60,000 & store bought B100 80,000)
    1983 300D Mercedes – B100, 19,000 miles (all home brew)

  24. 1996 f-350 B100 and blends below 30 degrees. 333000 and still going strong.
    1999f-350 same only 144000 miles.
    1999 f-250 same 132000 miles.
    case IH combine
    ford 7000 loader tractor.
    All run great with very few problems.

  25. 2005 C5500 duramax 50000 miles on B100
    1995 F350 7.3 50000 miles on B100
    2008 Freightliner MT55 75000 on B100 march through November and B50 the rest of the year.
    I home brew with a Biopro 100 gallons per week. The Duramax did not like the B100 much so it had to go, but the Cummins and the Ford run flawlessly. Biodiesel has saved my company thousands of dollars over the las 5 years.

  26. 1989 Ford F350 B100 since 2007
    2011 Ford F350 6.7 B20 since day one

    All home brew using Extreme Biodiesel prosessor water wash and a polish with dry wash tanks.

  27. My own vehicles:
    Toyota Dyna 4093, 1,5ton B50, 5-years, 110 000km’s
    Mitsubishi 4ton B50, 5-years, 90 000km’s

    Our biodiesel filling station sells B100, B50 and B20.
    We have hundreds of vehicles of all makes, all models, all sizes. Most popular is B50 then B100 then B20.
    Our diesel used in the blend is 500ppm sulphur content.

  28. 2006 Dodge Ram 2500

    b100 in my homemade processor. Have to supplement with reg diesel. Just rebuilt a biopro190 Thank you Graydon and am gonna be full biodiesel.
    I’ve put at least 10k miles with b100

  29. 99 Ford F250 7.3 6 speed manual trans TS performance 6 position chip…running homebrew from a apple turnover for 3 years…mostly B50..performance and mileage are fantastic…

  30. 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel with a Green Diesel Eco Tune. B100 in the summer for the past 4years, about 25,000 on B100 the jeep has 75,000 miles
    2002 Ford F250 7.3 Power-stroke. B100 in the summer for the past 4 years. About 90,000 miles on B100 the truck has 210,00 miles

    I run B100 all summer, until Thanksgiving give or take a week or 2 based on Chicago weather. I just brew by myself because nobody around was interested. I have a 500 gal stainless steel tank that I brew 250 batches. I just started dry washing with a sawdust tower and I am adding a DW-R10 tower now.

  31. 2006 GMC 2500HD CCLB 4×4

    Home brew, 185 batches now, LillY will take B80, doesnt quite like the 100, probably get close once in a while, going to get a chip soon and see if there is a mod I can do to help her like the bio. Got a couple of friends running it in their 7.3’s they are alwlays begging for more of da juice, Geaux Meaux, Bayou Bio Cajunville, Pig Fat

  32. 2003 Chev HD 2500 Duramax 25,000 miles B100 all summer and blend in winter below freezing
    2005 Chev HD2500 Duramax 95,000 miles B100 all summer and blend in winter below freezing
    2007 Chev HD 2500 Duramax Still going 132,000 miles B100 all summer and blend in winter below freezing, I have added a fuel heater in front of the filter, very helpful especially for winter driving. This is all home brew, I make 250 gallon batches, typically 1 per month takes care of my needs. I do 80/20 and dry wash with media, shavings and amberlite, often return to wet wash when I am out of media and that works great as well. The ’05 and ’07 trucks drank bio from birth! I have been making my fuel since 2004 and HATE buying dino diesel.

  33. 1996 F250 7.3 B100 February thru December
    2000 F350 7.3 B100 February thru December
    2002 TC29D New Holland Tractor B100 February thru December, Winter blend.
    2005 Jeep Liberty CRD February thru December
    Heated power washer B100 February thru December
    150,000 and 250,000 BTU Torpedo style heaters

  34. 2000 F-250 about 70,000 miles over the past 4 years, B50
    2002 VW Golf Tdi about 40,000 miles, 4 years, B50
    2001 VW Jetta Tdi, 30,000 miles, 2 years, B50

  35. 1990 ford cargo 7000 2 yrs b100/b50
    1991 GMC top kick 2mo b100
    1992 ford l8000 3mo b100
    3-1993 dodge 250 trucks 6yr b100/b80
    1994 fuso 6yr b100
    we use the big trucks to collect and the small ones to drive. the fuso starts and runs b100 all year in Wisconsin. the winter numbers are for mid Jan-late Feb.

  36. 97′ F-250 35,000 miles running B100 summer 80/20 winter blend.
    97′ E300D (wifes ride) 28,000 miles running B100 summer 80/20 winter blend.
    I have been making Biodiesel for 5 summers now. Average about 600 gals. per year. I own a car lot so have run my home brew in many different vehicels. Had a little 98 jetta that got 45 mpg on bio. Wish I would have never sold that one. I make 50 gallon batches and water wash. I got a batch drying now.
    Thanks Utah Biodiesel for great products and information!

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