Our Customers Rock!!

Here at Utah Biodiesel Supply we have the most awesome customers in the world! From flying airplanes on Biodiesel to winning science fairs or building Biodiesel processors in the back of semi trailers or even writing cool humorous Biodiesel stories, they’re always wowing us with the cool things they do!

Recently, I had another customer “Wow” experience that I wanted to share. While visiting with Mike from Pennsylvania on the phone about his Biodiesel adventures and technical issues, we ended and he asked if I liked potato chips at all. Well, you have to know that I’m a potato chip junky so I definitely replied in the affirmative.

He said, “Well could I send you some?” I said, “You bet! I’d love it!”

So, true to his word, early this week I received a box filled with some of the most incredible tasting potato chips I’ve ever had! The brand name is Middleswarth. Holy crap these things are good!!!! They’re fried in Soybean & Cottonseed oil (yeah, must be a Biodiesel thing, I look at the label on every bag I eat).

Here’s a small sampling of what was in the box (I’d already eaten a few of the bags by the time I brought the camera out).
Mikes Potato Chips

Mmmmmm…Mmmmm…..Yum!! Man these are great!

As I thoroughly enjoyed my time eating the chips, I imagined the oil they were fried in was being made into clean, renewable Biodiesel…..

Thanks Mike! You made my day!
-Graydon, Utah Biodiesel Supply

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Utah Biodiesel Supply is an industry leader in offering innovative ways to empower our customers to produce Biodiesel. From free online instructional videos on how to get started making this great renewable fuel to promotional items to help our customers proclaim their energy independence, Utah Biodiesel Supply has it covered. With the widest selection available of Biodiesel equipment, supplies, and promotional items, you're sure to learn something new about Biodiesel every time you visit.

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