New Products Time!

It’s been a while since I did a post on all the new stuff we’ve added.

We continually are evaluating new products to add to the site and add about 2-3 new products every month.

Here’s this last couple months crop of new toys…..


Purolite is an Ion Exchange Resin that is used in Dry Washing Biodiesel in a big Ion Exchange tower.

We’ve been wanting to carry this for quite some time (we’ve had Amberlite for quite a while now) and are excited to be able to offer it.


Thermax is an exciting new dry wash resin that is called Macro Pourous (say THAT 5 times!) It basically means that it’s got a bunch of pores in it that allow it to work better when dry washing vs Purolite or Amberlite.

We’ve been working with Arbor Biofuels Company who are quickly becoming the de facto experts when it comes to home brewing and dry washing, to offer this great new resin.

We also have a couple other surprises up our sleeve on the Dry Wash stuff but we’ll save that for later.

Here’s a really cool video that I did the editing on & Arbor Biofuels did the video shots.

It shows how to properly flush an Ion Exchange Resin Tower.

I’ve been experimenting with YouTube quite a bit lately in an effort to get more content up there to help Biodieselers learn more cool stuff about Biodiesel.

You can check out our Biodiesel YouTube channel here:

Heavy Duty Barrel Pump

This is a really heavy duty barrel pump that I specially sourced to handle methanol. It’ll also handle caustics, oil, methoxide, Biodiesel, or any other liquid you might need. It’s made from Ryton with Teflon seals and really can hold up well. I also packaged a sweet tube with it too that is perfect for loading Biodiesel processors with.

For ages I’d been sending folks to US Plastic for this thing & I finally was able to source them. They’re really nice!

Methanol Test Kit

This cool kit allows you to quickly test the purity of Methanol. This comes in handy if you’re doing Methanol Recovery or if you just want to see how pure your methanol is… know, that barrel you have out back that you’ve had for a couple of years that you decided to finally use…yep, just for those cases…

Samping Cups

Need to sample oil? Biodiesel? Glycerin? Methanol? Pretty much anything you might need to sample, these cups are perfect for! Made from HDPE, they’ll hold up to pretty much anything you can throw at them & come with a cool snap lid.

I use them all the time for titrations and a whole host of other uses.

Mini Titration Kit

This cool little kit is the perfect portable kit for doing titrations. It comes with just the bare basics (scale, syringes, cups, and vials). You supply the chemicals, the alcohol, titration solution, and indicator and you’re set! We’ve been really impressed with them!

Porta Stirrer

This tiny little sucker is amazing! It’s a mini mag stirrer that fits in the palm of your hand. Since we introduced these they’ve been a huge hit! They sell like wildfire and work extremely well!

You can see what they look like in action in this cool video.

Neat little device!

Deluxe Titration Kit

Since getting the Porta Stirrer we decided to create a new kit called the Deluxe Titration Kit. It’s like the Basic Kit only we add two glass flasks and a Porta Stirrer.

It’s become incredibly popular and flies off the shelves! It’s a really nice kit too complete with everything you might need for titrations.

New Labeled Syringes

These aren’t really new for us, but it’s a new design. Instead of the rubber plunger in the bottom, they now are one complete plastic piece that slides really well in the syringe. Much easier to control and use when doing titrations too. I really like them! (As anyone can attest to if they come to our place & watch me do Titrations. It’s the only syringes I do them with these days).

And, finally, we bought ourselves a new product to use at Utah Biodiesel Supply.
It’s a new HD Video Camera. This isn’t a new product for the store per se, but we plan on using it to make lots of new & exciting videos to add to our YouTube space as well as to the Video Tutorials page.

We also picked up an Apple MacBook a couple months back as well for that purpose.

We’re still learning & practicing with them, but watch for some sweet new videos sometime soon!

Even more products coming!

We still have a bunch of new products that we’ll be releasing soon too. We’re still working out the pages & pricing and other things associated with adding them to the site, but trust us, we still have a ton more in the hopper.

For the mean time, enjoy the new goodies!

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