New Products…Quik N Dri, Mag Stirrers, Dry Wash Towers, Soap Test Kits & More (Plus Videos!)

We’ve been really busy over the winter looking for new & exciting products to add to our line up.

Here’s some of the cool new things we have listed. Watch for even more coming soon!

Biodiesel Starter Kits
We’ve received several requests for a kit that people can use to introduce themselves to Biodiesel with. Whether it be for personal learning, a science fair project, a demonstration, educational kits, or some other reason, the requests come in all the time.

We’ve now put together 3 really cool kits that address this need and will be adding to them as we get feedback on them.

The Basic Starter Kit

Link To Kit

This kit is our basic starter kit. It’s extremely easy to use.
Just heat the oil in the microwave, mix the catalyst into the methanol, shake until dissolved, then add to the heated oil & shake the crap out of it.

Then just let it settle. Within about an hour you’ll see the separation occurring and within 24 hours it’s ready to remove the glycerin.

The Deluxe Starter Kit

Link To Kit

This kit adds to the Basic Kit. We’ve added Phenolphthalein, more catalyst, a filter, and some other goodies to not only let you make the sample batch, but it can also make Biodiesel from waste vegetable oils. In fact, we’ve thrown in enough catalyst to make up to (10) 8 oz batches of Biodiesel.

The Ultimate Starter Kit

Link To Kit

This kit adds even more goodies! For the ultimate kit, we’ve upped the catalyst to 2 lbs, added a full liter of methanol, thrown in 2 glass Erlenmeyer flasks and a really cool porta stirrer.

With it, not only will you be set up to make mini batches, but you can use it to make full scale Biodiesel batches. There’s even enough methanol supplied to make up to 5 liters of Biodiesel.

We’ve also included links to videos that show you how to use the kits, how to titrate oil, and how to do conversion testing. We’re really excited to offer them & think they’ll be a great hit!

Magnetic Stirrers
Ever since I got into this business I’ve wanted to be able to offer some really nice magnetic stirrers. Well, we’re proud to announce that we finally have some!

We’ve had our handy Porta Stirrer mini magnetic stirrer for a while, but to that, we are now proud to announce the introduction of 2 full size magnetic stirrers and a heated magnetic stirrer!

Black Magnetic Stirrer:

Link To Stirrer

Stainless Steel Magnetic Stirrer

Link To Stirrer

Heated Magnetic Stirrer

Link To Stirrer

All three of these stirrers give you the ability to regulate how fast the stirring action is and all three come with stir bars. The heated stirrer can apply over 700 deg. F of heat to your sample, which is great!

Be sure to check them out today!

Dry Wash Towers

Link To Towers
We now offer a 6″, 10″, and 12″ Ion Exchange Resin Towers. These towers can be used with any of the popular dry wash resins on the market including Amberlite, Purolite, and the new Thermax product!

Produced by Arbor Biofuels Company, these towers are a great addition to your Biodiesel production setup and will allow you to dry wash your fuel with ease!

We spent a lot of time looking for quality towers that we could offer and are proud to be affiliated with Arbor. They really know their stuff too!

If you’d prefer to build your own tower, we also offer a really nice kit also produced by Arbor Biofuels Company…

Link To Kit

When washing with dry wash towers, it’s extremely important to know what your soap levels are. To help with this, we’re now offering a soap testing kit that allows you to test soap levels to very small parts per million increments!

Link To Kit

This kit is extremely handy to have around when you want to check soap levels; whether you’re dry washing, water washing, or just curious to know what levels of soap you have in your fuel. It comes with everything you’ll need to get up & running fast too!

Quik N Dri

Link To Quik N Dri

If you’ve been following the forums lately, you may have seen some buzz about a new product called Quik N Dri. This product is a water absorption product. It LOVES to suck up water! Just add it to your oil and within minutes it’ll gobble up nearly 10x it’s weight in free water.

We’ve been really impressed with how effective this is as removing lots of water from oil really fast! You can read up more on it at our site….

New YouTube Channel.
We also are proud to announce the creation of our new YouTube channel.
Link To Channel

We picked up an HD Video Camera, a set of lights, and started knocking out really cool videos of Biodiesel related stuff. We’ve done several videos and as time allows have plans to add several more.

If you get a chance, stop on by. You may just learn some things you’ve never knew about before, plus, you get to see my ugly mug on the big (small) screen!

Biodiesel has slowed down a little bit with falling fuel prices and winter in full swing, but we’re starting to see it pick back up again and are excited for another great season! We hope you have great success with all your Biodiesel adventures and are looking forward to an exciting coming year!

Thanks for stopping by & Happy Brewing!
The Rabid Biodiesel Nut

We’ve teamed up with Arbor Biofuels Company to bring these three Ion Exchange Resin Towers to our line up.

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