New Products – Dec. 2009

Here’s a few of our new products we’ve added since our last update.

Biodiesel Oxidative Stabilizer

This stabilizer helps Biodiesel against oxidation and can help extend it’s shelf-life. It’s also been shown to help improve the oxidative stability of Biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil which can be helpful when trying to pass the ASTM spec for oxidative stability.

More on that here:

Waste Oil Fired Boiler

We’ve teamed up with Murphys Machines to bring you an incredible set of plans to make an outdoor oil fired boiler. The boiler can be run continuously and has the ability to be designed to automatically start and stop on it’s own.

As with all Murphy’s Machines products & plans, the amount of detail shown is incredible! Learn more about this great new boiler here:

Raw Power Monster Pump

This monstrosity can suck up oil like crazy! Designed with a massive gear driven
pump head and a heavy duty 1 hp electric motor, it hauls!

Check out the video of this thing in action!

It also will transfer cold oil without any problems as well.

You can learn more about this great monstrosity here:

Extreme Raw Power Centrifuge

We’ve teamed up with WVO Designs to bring you a very unique centrifuge. It’s powered by a heavy duty motor capable of spinning up to 6,000 RPM to clean oil like no other!

Made from cast aluminum and with a machined aluminum bowl, it’ll clean oil up extremely fast! Clear down to 1 micron without breaking a sweat!

Check out all the great details on this new product here:

New Soap Making Book

Got Glycerin? Make Soap!

If you’ve got gobs & gobs of glycerin laying around and you’re up for some fun, you really ought to check into turning all of that goo into soap!

It’s a fairly simple process that can yield some great results!

We have a great book by Rick Knicely, from the Knice N Clean Soap Company, that can help you learn how to make extremely high quality soap that rivals commercial soaps in nearly every way!

From making bar soap that’s just as hard as the store bought stuff to coloring liquid soap to practically any color under the sun; it’s all discussed.

Learn more about this exciting new book here:

Be sure to check out all the great soap people are making and sharing with us!

New Soap Making Kit

Want to make soap but not quite ready to do it from your own glycerin? Or, just want to try your hand at soap making but not ready to dive all the way in?

Then be sure to check out our exciting soap making kit! Produced by the Knice N Clean Soap Company, it comes with everything you’ll need to get started making some great soap bars!

With simple to use instructions and even online video’s, you’re sure to end up with some nice, high quality soap bars that you’ll be able to share with those around you!

To learn more, follow the link below:

Learn To Make Biodiesel From A Pro!

Lyle Rudensey of BioLyle’s Biodiesel Workshop, has recently released an incredible new DVD set that walks you through the basics of making Biodiesel!

In this 2 DVD set, Lyle covers everything from collecting the oil to details on how to set up a coop and keep it organized and running like a well oiled machine! You’ll have a chance to learn how to do titrations, make mini batches, see methanol recovery in action and much, much more!

It’s been incredibly popular among those that have seen it and it’s making it’s way across the world!

Learn more today!

Spring Pro T76 Dry Wash Towers

Earlier this year, Springboard Biodiesel released an incredibly robust dry washing system that was designed with ease of use in mind. With easy to use swiveling columns, stainless steel fittings throughout, and the ability to connect the towers to practically any Biodiesel processor, you can be up & dry washing your fuel in no time!

Got a BioPro? It’s sized perfectly for it!

The SpringPro T76 was designed to perfectly fit the BioPro line of processors. With the optional premium package installed you can easily be up & running within a matter of minutes. Just connect the fittings, open the valves, and flip the switch and you’re on your way!

Learn more about the SpringPro T76 here:

Introducing The SpringFlow 250

Tired of gelled fuel? Want to drive in the winter? Then a SpringFlow 250 might be right up your alley!

Made from 304 Stainless Steel, this Tube & Shell Heat Exchanger from Springboard Biodiesel is awesome! With it’s small, compact size, it can be installed under the hood, hooked up to the coolant and the fuel lines, and your set!

Learn more here:

Drum Funnel / Bucket Strainer

This is a really cool bucket strainer. It comes with a 5 gallon bucket with a 400 mesh metal screen installed at the bottom and a heavy duty drum funnel with a fitting on the bottom that can screw right into a barrel.

Made from recycled materials, these are great to have around the shop!

Click below to learn more:

Bag Filters

We’ve been kicking around the idea of offering bag filters for quite some time and finally bit the bullet & went for it.

They’ve been incredibly popular as they’re very inexpensive, easy to use, and come in a wide assortment of sizes. Everything from 1 micron on up to 400 micron. They come in two sizes, 7″x16″ or 7″x32″ and come with a handy carrying handle attached to the top.

Click the link below for more information:

BioPro Incosep Separator

Got a BioPro? Want it to go faster? Then check out the INCOSEP Separators!

Available in two varieties, this powerful new technology allows a BioPro to cut the time it takes to make Biodiesel nearly in half! It works by separating the glycerin and wash water with extreme speed allowing you to process batches of Biodiesel in record time.

The INCOSEP is available for both the BioPro 190 and the BioPro 380 and can easily be installed. Be sure to check out the great video of it in action.

Learn more here…

Ultimate & Deluxe Methanol Test Kits

We’ve had requests for a higher quality methanol test kit so we’re pleased to announce the introduction of two new Methanol Test Kits.

The Deluxe Kit

In our deluxe kit, we offer a glass methanol testing cylinder made from lab grade glass that’s easy to see through. We added a more accurate thermometer to it to allow for even finer measurements. Combined together, it makes one heck of a great kit.

The Ultimate Kit

In our Ultimate Kit, we added to our deluxe kit by adding a heavy duty marble base with a solid rod and clamp, kept the same great methanol testing cylinder and blue armored thermometer and combined it all together to create a great testing kit!

The base & stand can even be used for other experiments as well such as titrating, soap testing. or other chemical testing.

Learn more here:

Whirlybird Centrifuge

If you’ve ever wanted to have a lab-grade centrifuge for testing small samples but haven’t wanted to shell out all of your hard earned cash, take a look at our Whirlybird Centrifuge!

For under $70 bucks, the Whirlybird Centrifuge can separate small samples in quick fashion using only the hand crank! It can spin up to 3,000 RPM’s and works extremely well. We were extremely impressed with how well it operated and how easy it was to set up.

Check it out today!

Glass & Poly Pipettes

Need an accurate measuring tool for titrating or soap testing? Then be sure to check out these great glass & poly pipettes!

With sizes from 25 mL clear down to 1 mL pipettes, they can give you the accuracy you crave! We find them to be extremely easy to use, easy to clean, and very affordable! You’ll be amazed with how accurately you can measure out liquids.

Learn more here:

Scale Calibrator

Got a small scale? Been a while since you calibrated it? Then check out our 100 gram calibration weight! With it’s exact 100 grams, it’s perfect for use in calibrating small scales. It works perfectly with our Jennings Scales and any other small scale that requires an exact 100 gram weight.

See it here:

Dry Wash Pump

Got a dry wash column but need a more accurate pump? Then have we got a pump for you!

Arbor Biofuels, one of our great dry washing vendors, has sourced this awesome little gem! It allows you to pump up to 10 gallons per hour with extreme precision through dry wash columns and has a built in pressure regulator that won’t let pressure exceed 30 PSI.

With it’s compact size, great pumping characteristics, and the fact that it’s a diaphragm pump, you’ll be able to pump through standard 6″ dry wash columns with extreme precision!

Learn more here:

Stainless Steel 80 Mesh / 177 Micron Screen

Building your own Dry Wash towers? Need chemical resistant filtering screen? Just want something that’s durable? Then check out our stainless steel mesh!

These great screens are perfect for building dry wash columns with and come in 12″ x 12″ squares or can be custom ordered as well. They’re made from high quality 304 Stainless Steel and are completely chemically resistant.

Read more about this great new product here:

Books, Books, and More Books!

We’ve recently updated our Biodiesel related books page with several more informative titles to allow you to learn even more about Biodiesel, soap making, and even some great info on “going green!”

Titles were hand picked by Graydon Blair for their content and information. Stop by and pick one up today! We especially like the Biodiesel Economy title by Greg Pahl as it covers the history of Rudolph Diesel, the diesel engine, and the whole Biodiesel movement.

See all the great titles here:

Glass Beakers & Erlenmeyer Flasks

We’ve teamed up with Nebraska BioPro to start rounding out our lab equipment offerings. One request we often received was to carry glass labware. Well, we listened and now have beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks available in lab grade glass!

Stop by and check out our great selection!

Multi-Pack Syringes

If you’re looking for the ultimate in syringe packs, look no further than our great selection of different sized syringes!

We now stock sets of 12 mL, 30 mL, 5 mL, 1 mL, and disposable pipettes in various quantities and varieties.

Learn more here!

And, that about wraps it up for our new products. Yep! We’ve been busy and we have even more coming soon! Stop by our site on a regular basis to see all the cool & exciting new things we have available!

Thanks for visiting!
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