New Product: Stainless Suction Wand Filter

We have a really cool, new product getting ready to be released and would love your feedback on it.
Stainless Wand Filter
It’s an incredible stainless steel filter that can be attached to the end of an oil pump suction wand to filter oil as it’s picked up at the source.

It features a 1.25″ threaded opening, is 3″ in diameter and 5.25″ tall. The pleated stainless steel filter is mounted to a perforated stainless sheet and then secured to a heavy duty set of steel plated end caps.

The heavy duty pleated stainless steel mesh offers three times the filtering surface area as a non-pleated filter giving it extra flowing capacity on a suction wand. This means you’ll be able to filter at a higher flow rate and still get great filtering action.

We’re estimating price between $15 to $20 per filter plus shipping.

We can offer it in a variety of micron sizes but initially we’re thinking of offering it in either 600 or 400 micron, but thats where you come in. Let us know down in the comment section what micron rating you’d like to see it offered in and what changes you’d like to see on it to make the ideal suction wand filter. Being in prototype phase, we can make lots of changes at this point (taller, shorter, wider, etc).

So, let us know what you think down below & we’ll get started!

600 Micron won out & the filters are now live!
Click Here to pick one up!

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