New Product: Stainless Steel Tote Filters

We’re considering making We’ve made and released a new stainless filter that will fit in totes and want to know what you think (You said “Build It!” So we did!).

Click Here to see them:

Here’s some video of the filter:

These filters are 32″ 34″ long and have a 4.75″ opening.
The flange at the top is 6″ in diameter so they’ll fit perfectly into a tote without falling in!
They also have a cool handle that snaps into the top flange so that removing the filter is a cinch!

The filters can be placed right in a 275 gallon tote and you can still screw the lid on, making it easy to leave the filter in the tote all the time and even pump through the bung on your tote lid!

We used the same heavy duty 400 micron mesh material that we’re using on our Stainless Steel Drum Filters giving the filters exceptional durability!

The filters can also be placed into a full barrel of oil. Then you simply stick your suction wand into the filter and it will allow you to suck out pre-filtered oil right out of the drum!

The filter material is all heavy duty stainless steel, so using them in heated oil, Biodiesel, glycerin, or even caustic solutions (ie. methoxide) won’t be a problem at all. They also clean right up with hot water so you can quickly get back to work.

$44.40 + shipping.

So, now the big question. Just like we did with our stainless drum filters, we want to know what you think.

If we build them, would it be something you’d buy? Are there things you’d like to see on them? Different micron sizes? Longer? Shorter?

Leave a comment below! We’d love to hear what you think!

UPDATE — Now Available To Purchase!
We received an incredible amount of positive feedback to build these, so….we did!

You can pick them up at the link below:
Click Here To See The Filters

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4 comments on “New Product: Stainless Steel Tote Filters

  1. Hell yes Gradon, I’ll buy one ! I can drop it in my collection container before I suck it out. I’ve already made something similar, but not as effective as a 400 micron screen. We welded rods 3 ft up from an old brake drum, then wraped it with hardware cloth. Dropped it in the bottom of the container for a stand up, mobile strainer. The screen would be way better ! Take it out each time and power wash it off from the inside out too !

  2. Yes. We’re looking at sizing them in various microns and can do custom micron sizes if necessary. We’ll probably be starting with 400 micron & gauge interest, but we can definitely do smaller sizes. We could quote one out for you. Shoot us an email at info[at]utahbio[dot]come with how many you’d be interested in & your shipping address & we can get a quote run for you.

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