New Product Prototype: Locking Drum Lids

We have a new prototype locking drum lid for 55 gallon drums in the works.

Based on feedback of our current locking drum lids, we sought to improve this one as much as possible.

Here’s what we have so far on it:
It’s an all steel construction with a stainless steel hinge.
– This means it’s heavy duty throughout and will stand up to the elements extremely well.

Large 18″ Circular Opening
– Because it’s a circular opening and because it’s bigger, it means more oil gets into the drum and less gets on the ground
– It also means that it’s a heck of a lot easier to dump a pan of hot oil into!

There’s filtering holes on the side and bottom
– We use heavy duty perforated metal on the sides and bottom of the filtering basket. This means less splashing and faster flowing of the oil
– The hole size is 3/8″

Deep Opening
– The opening is 5 1/2″ deep (2.5″ above & 3″ below the lid) to give you lots of room for dumping oil.

Heavy Duty Lid Hinge

– The lids now have an updated, heavy duty lid hinge that’s just as beefy as the rest of the locking drum lid

Powder Coating
– The entire drum lid will be powder coated in a matte black
– This will help hide oil stains on your drums and make them easy to clean

Custom Filter Basket
– We also can provide a stainless steel filter basket that can fit right inside the the opening to filter the oil
– It’s available with a handy carrying handle as well.
– These are similar to our Stainless Steel Drum Filters

Locking To The Drum
– The lids ship with a locking drum lid ring that a padlock can be locked to
– This means that the full diameter of the lid will be locked to the drum.
– This creates a very secure lid and makes it extremely difficult to remove
– The perforated metal inside the opening is welded to the drum lid all the way around and a ring at the bottom is welded to the bottom perforated metal as well making it extremely tough & robust!

Locking Access Ports

– Allows access to the oil through a locking access port while leaving the lid still locked to the drum
– Uses a large 2″ diameter port to allow for suction tubes
– Threaded cap screws on and can be locked with a padlock

It’s Now Available!
Click here to see the new locking drum lid!

We’d love to hear your feedback! Let us know if you’d be interested down in the comment section below

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13 comments on “New Product Prototype: Locking Drum Lids

  1. I think this lid would approach perfect if fitted with a lockable (cap) 1.5″ male cam lock fitting on the outside rim, offered as an option.

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  4. Do you have a locking lid that accepts a stainless screen that accommodates the fixed bung? I like the products you have but it does not look like your stainless screen will fit properly inside the lid when a bung is permanently installed in the same area.

    • At current we don’t have that type of a setup. You’d either have to go with a filter or a locking setup, but not both. We looked at what it would take to build a filter that would fit around the locking access port, but don’t have anything designed as of yet. However, be sure to sign up for the newsletter & if we come up with something we’ll be announcing it there.

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