New Product: Mini-Scan Biodiesel Analyzer (Total Glycerin, Free Fatty Acid, Acid Number)

Introducing The Mini-Scan Total Glycerin/Free Fatty Acid Analyzer
Mini Scan Total Glycerin Free Fatty Acid Analyzer

Need an accurate way to measure Total Glycerin, Acid Number, or Free Fatty Acid in Biodiesel? Tired of spending gobs of time & money sending fuel off to labs and then waiting forever for the results? Want a quicker way to test?

Then check out our new Mini-Scan Biodiesel & Feedstock Analyzer!!
Mini-Scan Biodiesel

You can now measure Free Fatty Acid, Acid Number, and Total Glycerin extremely fast and extremely accurately with the new Mini-Scan Analyzer.

The test works using spectroscopy coupled with chemical & biochemical detection analysis (English: It uses enzymes that change different colors at different levels of glycerin and fatty acids. A light then reads the color spectrum and translates the light into extremely accurate readings).

Get Results Fast!!!

Results are quick & easy to see! Simply prep the included sample vial, add the enzyme reagent, scan the vial in the Mini-Scan Analyzer, and see the results!

In as little as 5 minutes, you can see exactly what the free fatty acid and acid number are for feedstock and Biodiesel In under 15 minutes, you can see Total Glycerin levels!

Everything Is Included!

The Mini-Scan Analyzer ships with everything you’ll need to run a sample on each of the tests. Just add your sample and reagent, place in the Mini-Scan Analyzer, and read the results!

Use It To Test From Beginning To End! 
Incoming Feedstock:
– Measure Free Fatty Acid Levels
– Qualify Feedstock Sources Or Suppliers
– Blend Feedstocks To Achieve Acceptable Free Fatty Acid Levels

Biodiesel Production Testing
– Measure Total Glycerin Levels While It’s Being Produced
– Allows For Adjusting The Production Process To Get Complete Reactions
– Quality Test Every Batch Or Multiple Batches Within Minutes
– Helps Prevent From Washing Unreacted Biodiesel

Finished Product Measurement
– Optimize Quality Of Finished BIodiesel
– Measurement Of Total Glycerin & Acid Number
– Ability To Test Multiple Batches Quickly
– Helps To Ensure ASTM Quality Levels

Incoming Biodiesel Product
– Check Incoming Shipments Of Biodiesel
– Catch Quality Problems Before Fuel Is Blended Or Sold
– Instant Results Gives Plenty Of Time To React To Quality Issues

See The Mini-Scan In Action!

Check Out How Simple The Mini-Scan Rapid Analyzer Is To Use For Testing Feedstocks & Biodiesel!

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More About The Mini-Scan!

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