May 2008 – New Products

Looks like it’s time for another blog post…

We’ve been incredibly busy the last 6 months what with fuel prices shooting through the roof.

So, here’s a few of the fun things we’ve done.

Lot’s & lots of new products!
Introducing the BioPro 150!

This new item is like the BioPro 190, only smaller.
It allows you to make 40 gallons of Bio in the same 48 hours as the 190 but costs less.
It’s not as automated as the 190 is (for instance, you have to drain the wash water manually after each wash) but it still does a great job.

More on that here:

The Portable Magnetic Stirrer

This sucker can really hum! It allows you to mix up contents really fast and does an amazing job!
Check out the video on it:
More on this cool, new toy here..


Chemical Resistant Beaker Set

This cool little set of beakers is great for lab work with Biodiesel.

New and improved water test kit!

Sandy Brae Labs recently updated their Water Test Kit to make it better for Biodiesel. It now has a complete 1 piece cup (instead of 2 pieces). Makes it much more Biodiesel resistant.

Chemical Resistant Sampling Cups

We picked up these really cool new cups that are ideal for sampling oil, Biodiesel, wash water, or anything else you may need to do around the shop.

They even have a handy temp gauge on the side!

Oil Collection Sampling Kits

These things are cool! Similar to a Go/No Go Test Kit for the BioPro’s, these ones are set at a lower titration value (5 on a KOH scale) and can easily be used out in the field to test oil. We’re really impressed with them!

We promise to be a little more diligent in keeping up on our posts, but this should help to get things going again.


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