My Biodiesel Background

As part of the post below on Mercedes Benz Diesels I was asked to give some of my “credentials” as to my involvement in biodiesel.

I figured why not throw em up here!

So, here’s some basic information on my involvement in Biodiesel over the past couple years….

A little about me:
So, who is this guy anyway telling me about biodiesel.
My name is Graydon Blair. I’m the owner and operator of a Biodiesel business called Utah Biodiesel Supply. (
I’ve been involved in biodiesel now since 2002.
I got into it because I thought it was just incredible that you could actually make your own fuel and because I’m an incredibly avid diesel nut. I grew up around them my whole life and so it was a natural progression.
When I got involved, I really jumped head first, full bore.
I joined with a group of other people in Utah that were interested in Biodiesel and together we formed the Utah Biodiesel Cooperative. I’m one of the 4 founding members. (
Our organization has helped to lead the way in biodiesel not only in Utah but across the country. Our members have been in the media, been in numerous news articles, and the organization is known by most avid biodieseler’s in the US as a quality Biodiesel group.
Through our organization, I joined the Utah Clean Cities ( and am a stake holder and participate on their board.
I’m listed on their site here:
Both as an individual biodiesel enthusiast and as a business.
Together with the Utah Clean Cities group and our organization, I helped organize and put on a highly successful biodiesel forum for the public in Feb. 2005. We brought in some nationally renowned biodiesel speakers and had a packed house.

You can see more about this event here:
I also participate in several online biodiesel community forums and helped write and create something called the Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial. (
Together, with several other prominent homebrewers across the country, we built a website to help educate others about biodiesel, how it can be produced, and then used in diesel vehicles.
I also help moderate on several biodiesel forums that are popular among biodiesel enthusiasts including:
Infopop Biodiesel (probably the largest biodiesel forum online)
Biodiesel Now (second largest online)
Several online biodiesel yahoo groups:
– I help moderate on this one
– I help moderate on this one and wrote the front page
– Yep, I moderate on this one as well.
I also have created one devoted to biodieseler’s in Utah.
– I own and moderate this one.
If you poke around too much on any of the forums, you’ll see my name pop up everywhere. I’m pretty active there. I go by graydonblair (I know, so lame–but, people do know who I am).
I’ve also created an online map that helps to show just how popular biodiesel is becoming:
and a Utah one as well:
In addition to all of that, you can see some of the media events I’ve been a part of here:
I also have done biodiesel workshops. Including the basics of biodiesel production as well as teaching people how to build processors too.
I’ve participated at a local, state, and national level in helping to promote the use and production of biodiesel and continue to do so today.
Since becoming involved in biodiesel, about a year ago I started up a successful small business called Utah Biodiesel Supply.
Via the business, I sell supplies that most homebrewer’s would be interested in purchasing to make their own biodiesel relatively inexpensively with. I also sell several promotional items to promote the movement.
And, just for fun, I created another store where I sell 90+ unique biodiesel related bumper stickers. Anything from the far left-wing liberals to the far right-wing conservatives would appreciate.
I also custom build biodiesel processor’s for customers and help them learn how to brew the fuel in their units too.

You can see a sampling of some of my units I’ve built here:
If you ask around among several homebrewers that have been into this for very long, most will know who I am. I sell items all over the world and am alway’s willing to help people out that want to learn more about this exciting alternative fuel.
I’m also published. I’ve had an article published in a fairly well known renewable energy resource website that has a large following:

I also do a blog on biodiesel:
[inserted text–yes–this is what you’re reading right now]

So, anyway, I’ve become really immersed in Biodiesel.
And, all that while at the same time holding down a full time job for Intermountain Healthcare (largest health organization in Utah) and having a family.
Here’s a link to some basic information on how biodiesel is made.
Anyway, as you can see, I’ve been involved in the stuff for a while and am incredibly passionate about it.


Graydon Blair

About Utah Biodiesel Supply

Utah Biodiesel Supply is an industry leader in offering innovative ways to empower our customers to produce Biodiesel. From free online instructional videos on how to get started making this great renewable fuel to promotional items to help our customers proclaim their energy independence, Utah Biodiesel Supply has it covered. With the widest selection available of Biodiesel equipment, supplies, and promotional items, you're sure to learn something new about Biodiesel every time you visit.

2 comments on “My Biodiesel Background

  1. Good day Graydon. I hope and trust you are well.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your in depth videos on biodiesel production. May you go from strength to strength.
    I am a chemical engineer, pursuing my Masters in the production of glycerin.
    would you be able to advise me on how to adjust the reaction process, to favour glycerin production and limit biodiesel as a by product?
    I shall be exploring all production methods : Saponification, Trans-esterification and Hydrolysis.
    The production of glycerin via the Supercritical methanol method shall be analyzed as well.

    Mahendra Gangai
    South Africa

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