Making Biodiesel In A BioPro 190 Biodiesel Processor

In this post I thought I’d share how we make biodiesel in our BioPro 190 Biodiesel Processor

Once we have all of our oil filtered, we pump it into our BioPro 190 Biodiesel Processor using our Goldstream Monster Gear Pump

To get ready for pumping, we attach the pump output hose directly to our BioPro 190 using the sulfuric acid port.
Loading oil into the BioPro

Next, we stick the suction pickup tube into our filtered barrel of oil.
Loading BioPro with oil

The pump is then turned on and the oil flows (at a pretty fast rate) into our BioPro 190.
Pumping oil into BioPro

Overview of shop setup

It’s a two man job as one of us watches the fill line in the BioPro and the other one holds the pickup tube in the barrel. Once the oil reaches the fill line in the BioPro we turn off the pump & disconnect the hoses.
Loading oil into the BioPro

Our next step is to measure out the catalyst. We use both Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide in our BioPro. For this batch we were using Potassium Hydroxide.Adding Potassium Hydroxide to the BioPro 380

Once measured out, we add the catalyst into the BioPro through the methoxide port.
Adding Potassium Hydroxide to BioPro 190

With the catalyst added it’s time to add the methanol. We use a heavy duty methanol rated barrel pump that we attach directly to a 55 gallon drum of methanol. We’ve added some tubing to the top of our methanol pump that makes it much easier to add the methanol right into the BioPro without spilling a drop!

First we add 4 gallons into the methanol tank.
Adding Methanol To Methanol Tank

And then we add 6 gallons of methanol to the methoxide tank.
Adding Methanol To Methoxide Tank

To ensure we add just the right amount the BioPro has these cool sight glass windows on the side. We fill the tanks up until the level reaches the middle in the sight glasses.
Checking Methanol Levels

With the methanol out of the way, we cap the ports and start the machine. This is done by pressing the start button right on the face of the machine. About 30 seconds later the main stirrer kicks on and the machine starts working.Starting The Machine

Once the machine is running, we add 190 mL of Sulfuric Acid into the sulfuric acid port.
Adding Sulfuric to the BioPro

We then put the cap on the sulfuric acid port and let the BioPro do it’s magic!

For the next 24 hours it heats the oil up, adds the chemicals, and stirs everything together and then lets the glycerin settle out.

When we return the next day, we check to make sure the glycerin has settled and then drain it off.
Settled Glycerin

Once it’s been drained it’s time to start the wash cycle. To do this, we turn on the water at the tap, press RESET and then press the WASH button.
Pressurized Water Hookup

Starting The Machine

The water wash cycle then begins. Water sprays in on top of the biodiesel washing out all of the impurities.
Water Washing Biodiesel

The water then settles and is automatically drained off through the water out tube. Our water out line is plumbed right to our sink.
Washing Biodiesel

Water Out Plumbing

The BioPro washes the fuel 3 times and then dries it. Once it’s done, we can connect the fuel pump up to the bottom of the BioPro and it’s ready to be pumped out!
Insulated BioPro 190

We can then pump it into a storage tank or directly into our diesel vehicles!
Pumping Fuel in a BioPro

And that’s how simple it is to make Biodiesel in a BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor!

8-Lug Magazine did a cool video of us showing off our awesome BioPro 190! Check it out below:

Check out this visual presentation we put together a few years back on making a batch in a BioPro as well.
Click Here to see the presentation

Want to learn more about the BioPro’s? Be sure to check out our full BioPro line below!
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