Making Biodiesel 101 – The Tutorials

Below is a quick index to our top Biodiesel Tutorial Articles to get you off on the right foot!

We’ve packed each tutorial with all the cool tips & tricks that we’ve picked up over the years to help you make the best Biodiesel possible!

Playing It Safe With Biodiesel
Since we’ll be playing with some dangerous chemicals and flammable liquids, it’s a good idea to learn and follow some basic safety guidelines when you produce Biodiesel. We cover these in this great tutorial!

Getting Set Up To Make Biodiesel
This article walks through all of the equipment you might need to get ready to start making Biodiesel. We discuss each piece of equipment, why it might be of benefit to you, and where you can get it.

Collecting Oil 101 – The Basics
This is where it all starts. Getting the oil you’ll need to make Biodiesel from. We walk you through a set of 7 tips & tricks to get not only oil to make Biodiesel, but the right kind of oil to make producing the fuel easier!

Titrating Oil 101 – A Refresher Course
Learn how to test the oil to see how to react it into Biodiesel with this great article on titrating oil!

Processing Biodiesel 101 – Turning Oil Into Biodiesel
In this tutorial we get to the nitty gritty of reacting oil into Biodiesel. It’s where the rubber meets the road, where the chemicals meet the oil, and where the magic happens!

Sodium Hydroxide (NAOH) VS. Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)
Learn the main differences between these two popular chemicals which can be used to produce Biodiesel!

Water Washing Biodiesel 101 
Learn the basics of water washing, why it works, and how to perform a water wash successfully.

Biodiesel Emulsions 101 – Preventing and Curing Them
When water washing, it’s possible to accidentally make something called an emulsion. In this tutorial we talk about why they occur, how you can prevent them from happening and also how to fix one if you unfortunately get one while water washing your Biodiesel

Dry Washing Biodiesel 101
Learn what dry washing is, what technologies exist to do dry washing, the benefits of dry washing along with the drawbacks of using this technology to purify your Biodiesel

Trouble-shooting Biodiesel Batches – Tips & Tricks
With so many variables at play, you may encounter problems with a batch of Biodiesel. This tutorial article covers a step by step process that you can follow to identify what went wrong and then figure out how to resolve it.

Making Great Biodiesel – My Recipe
In this tutorial I give several tips & tricks to help ensure you get great batches of Biodiesel one after the other. We discuss everything from checking the oil for water to checking the final Biodiesel product for soap content!

The Ultimate Biodiesel Getting Started Guide
For our final tutorial, we have an incredible getting started guide that we wrote a while back in an effort to help people learn all the basics they’d need to know to get started making Biodiesel. We cover many of the topics discussed above but keep it all in a single article. It has links out to several helpful articles and additional websites as well!

Biodiesel Articles Index
See our complete index to all our tutorial articles! This one has links to all of the articles we’ve written that relate to making Biodiesel. We even have a section on diesel engines!

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