2010 GM Duramax Biodiesel Compatibility

GM Duramax 6.6 Liter Diesel Engine
GM has announced that their new Duramax 6.6 liter diesel engine will be capable of handling up to 20% blends of Biodiesel (B20) in the fuel.

Read more about this exciting announcement here.

According to the article…”Along with the upgrades to the lines, seals, and fittings required for the B20 fuel comes a switch away from post-injection of diesel fuel in the cylinder, in favor of injecting diesel fuel directly into the exhaust in order to purge the soot that collects in the diesel-particulate filter. This eliminates the problem of cylinder-wall wetting that can lead to oil dilution, which is exacerbated by biodiesel’s higher boiling point. This approach also works better with the selective catalytic reduction (SCR, urea-injection) NOx catalyst system that will come standard with the Duramax.”

In English, this means that the DPF issue that we detailed a few issues ago and that has been causing so many Biodieselers to have nightmares is now a thing of the past with this engine.

This is a HUGE win for Biodiesel after the 2007 DPF Emissions fiasco! What it means is that the auto makers are starting to realize that Biodiesel will play a role in the United States and that consumers are demanding that the engines be capable of handling Biodiesel.

Granted, GM is claiming that the engines are only going to be warranted to handle up to 20% Biodiesel (B20), but I fully expect that the engines will be capable of handling much higher Biodiesel blends without any problems. The Duramax engines prior to the 2007 mandated DPF could handle Biodiesel just fine (as long as it was clean), so with the DPF mess out of the way, these engines should be able to burn the good stuff (Biodiesel in high blends) without any problem.

With GM’s announcement of this exciting news, we fully expect other diesel engine manufacturers to follow suit; especially Ford and Chrysler. Hopefully we’ll see a time in the not-to-distant future when all new vehicles sold with diesel engines in the United States will be warranted for use with high blends of Biodiesel.

We’re thrilled to see GM moving in the right direction toward full Biodiesel compatibility and look forward to seeing similar announcements from additional diesel engine manufacturers in the near future.

To keep updated on the DPF emission issues, be sure to visit the following link on a regular basis. Click here to see the link

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