From 0 to 13 stations in 3 years

Last week was kind of a milestone week for me.

I took the time to put together a new page that listed all of the stations in Utah that sell Biodiesel and was amazed & delighted to see Utah go from having 0 stations pumping biodiesel three years ago to having 13!

You can see the stations here:

Three years ago when I got into biodiesel it was alway’s kind of my dream to be able to fill up on biodiesel at a gas station. Now, you might think that’s wierd because my business caters to homebrewers, but I’ve alway’s believed that Homebrewing is just a small portion of what it’s going to take to get Biodiesel becoming ubiquitous as a viable alternative to diesel in the mainstream.

You see, we use so much blasted petroleum that even if we planted crops all the way across the nation & crushed all of the seeds from them and made biodiesel out of them, it still wouldn’t come close to our demand for diesel fuel in the US.

But, it’s a start!
If we can just get diesel owner’s aware that there really is something else out there that’s just as good as diesel and that benefits the domestic community, get’s us off of our oil addiction, and helps out the environment, then I’m all for it.

Getting Biodiesel pumping at our local gas stations is a big part of that process.

As of right now there’s still not a really close place for me to fill up on biodiesel except via homebrewing. That’s not bad, because I brew, but sometimes it’d be nice to just be able to fill up on biodiesel at the station.

Anyway, this is a step toward that so I’m happy.
The Rabid Biodiesel Nut

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