Easily Load and Unload A Wood Chip Dry Wash Tower

SpringPro T76 Ion Exchange Biodiesel Dry Wash Tower for washing biodiesel
Want an easy way to load and unload your ArborPure, Eco2Pure, or BD-Zorb wooden dry wash media from your dry wash tower? Then check out this awesome trick sent in by Kyle Schueller from New Mexico!

Kyle loads his wooden fiber media into disposable paint strainers first and then loads them into his dry wash tower. This makes it a cinch to load the tower and makes it incredibly easy to unload the tower once the media is spent!
Whether you’re using a SpringPro T76 like Kyle or one of our other great Dry Wash Towers, this trick will make loading and unloading your fiber media a breeze!

This method won’t work with Ion Exchange Resin because it expands too much, but it’s perfect when using wooden fiber media!

Click on any of the pictures below to see a bigger version of the shot!

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