Customer Spotlight: One awesome drying tank!

We had a great customer purchase one of our Oil Drying Tank Kits a few months back for drying a coolant based liquid. Slightly modifying our design, he upped the ante by making what I think to be is one of the nicest oil drying tanks I’ve seen built using our drying tank kit!

He started out with a standard 55 gallon metal drum, flipped it upside down and “deheaded” it using a drum deheading tool:

Then he used the 3/4″ fitting on the bottom to plumb the pump to.

Next, he bolted the plumbing to a drum dolly to keep everything nice & tight.

He even added a temperature gauge and lower ball valve for ease of emptying the drum too!

This is definitely an improvement over our initial design! Looks great!

He also went the extra mile to scrape the paint off of the drum so that the band heater could distribute it’s heat very efficiently.

Then, on the upper plumbing, he came up and over the top of the drum and then dropped back down into the top. This allowed him to vary the height of the nozzle, which means you can dry more liquid than if you went directly through the side of the drum. Nice touch!

And, here’s the finished product! Looks great!

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