Customer Spotlight: Malaysia Students Run A Spark-ignition Engine On Biodiesel

Check out this awesome school project by a group of students in the Petrochemical Engineering Department at Polytechnic Kuching Sarawak in Malaysia!

As students majoring in Process Engineering with a specialty in Petrochemicals, they wanted to do something extra special. So, they set their sights high and were determined to see if they could burn Biodiesel in a spark-ignition engine.

The team consisted of:
Mohammad Irfan Bin Assim, Mohammed Zakaria Bin Abdullah, Mohd Nadiysyairazi Bin Ag. Ahmad, Muhd Sahrizam Bin Jeffry. They were supervised by Zainal Abiddin Ahmad and Muhd Bilal Bin Mokhtar.

To start things off, they began by learning how to make small batches of Biodiesel. They’re education source? Our Utah Biodiesel Supply YouTube Videos (Cool, eh?)
settling biodiesel
Malaysia Biodiesel project glycerin removal

Finished Biodiesel
Biodiesel Sample

Once they had that down, they built a mini-biodiesel processor that would allow them to make larger batches of Biodiesel.
building processorbuilding processor
building a processor

From there they started making larger batches and testing them to ensure they were well reacted and ready to use.

Then came the fun! They kicked it up a notch and began to experiment with running Biodiesel in a spark ignition engine. By adding a little extra methanol to the Biodiesel, they found they could get it to fire and then once it fired, they were able to continue to burn the Biodiesel in the engine. Talk about too cool!

Check out this awesome video of it firing away!

The project won them overall champions in their division at their school!
Successful firing of engine!

Congrats guys on a job well done!

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