Customer Spotlight: Caribbean Island Paradise Gets Stainless Steel Rain Screens

Island Paradise in Carribeans
Recently we were contacted by Chris who owns an incredible vacation home on the beautiful island paradise of Carriacou, Grenada in the Caribbeans.

He needed to install some rain screens in his rain spouts which are located inside all of the pillars of his incredible home.


To accomplish this, he ordered up some of our
6″ x 6″ 400 Micron Stainless Steel Sheets to be installed at the top of each pillar.

These sheets were then attached to a wire frame which could be installed into the top of each rain downspout.
Stainless Steel Sheets in Carriacou

Then, each drain spout was trimmed at the top to accommodate the screens and they were put into place.
Trimming Downspouts






The screens were a great fit and now allow Chris to filter any rain water as it goes through the down spouts. Plus, they’re a cleaner install than what was there before.

With the screens finished and in place, it was time to enjoy the view atop Chris’s island paradise!



Talk about incredible views! Here’s a few more shots!


And you know what’s even cooler? Chris rents out this incredible vacation home to guests! In fact, if you’d like to have views like this at your dinner table, you can rent this beautiful Island oasis and enjoy these gorgeous island views yourself!

Click Here to learn more about renting this incredible vacation home!

If you go, be sure & ask them about the awesome stainless rain screens up on the roof too! They’re enjoying a vacation as well.

Huge thanks to Chris for sending in these awesome pictures! We loved seeing them!

Also, if you’re looking for custom stainless screens or filters, give us a try! We not only have the stainless mesh on site but can custom build it into practically anything you need!

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Click Here to see a sampling of some of the great custom stainless filters we’ve built!

Give us a call today! 801-820-5753 We’d love to help you with all of your stainless mesh & filter needs!

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