Customer Spotlight: BioPro 380 Customer In Utah

Check out this sweet setup! Kevin lives in Utah and has been making Biodiesel since 2005. We built his very first processor, a double-water heater Appleseed with 4 poly barrel wash tanks. He made lots of batches in it, but needed something more automated and bigger.

He had a chance to test drive our BioPro 190 and loved it, but found he needed something even bigger.

So, a few years back he purchased one of the very first BioPro 380’s ever made and has been making fuel with them ever since!

Very early on he outgrew his garage and moved into a commercial space. He’s since moved a couple more times (each time getting into a better space) and now has a great commercial space that’s ideal for making lots of Biodiesel!

Check out this tour we did of his place recently!

He initially got started making Biodiesel to fuel his fleet of pickup trucks that he uses in his construction business. He’s pretty fond of Duramax pickups as they do exceptionally well on Biodiesel and we couldn’t agree more.

Be sure & check out the pickup truck in the video! It’s a 2007 pre-emissions Duramax that’s been using B100 since it was new.

To collect oil, Kevin added a lift-gate to the back of his pickup. We went with him a few years back on one of his oil collection runs & shot some great pictures of it in action. Click here to see them

Once the oil is back at the shop, he uses the same lift-gate to filter the oil through our 400 Micron Drum Strainers. Click here to see him filtering the oil

To transfer oil around his shop, he uses an inexpensive sump pump connected to a pipe. He’s gone through a couple of them over the years, but he finds that they work extremely well and are fairly inexpensive to build & replace.

Once the Biodiesel is produced, he found a really cool way to dispose of the glycerin! A local waste water treatment facility agreed to take it off his hands. He hauls it there in 55 gallon barrels and they then add it to their anaerobic digester. They found that it increased the anaerobic activity, which benefited their operation because they recover the methane gas produced and power on site generators with it. Click here to see a typical glycerin drop off

Over the years, Kevin figures he’s produced in excess of 50,000 gallons of Biodiesel. Much of which was burned in his fleet of Duramax pickups. Which just goes to show that with a little work & ingenuity, you can make lots of Biodiesel on a very small scale!

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