Customer Spotlight: The BioPro 190 That Lived Through A Tornado (and still runs today!)

Over the years we’ve heard some really impressive stories about just how tough our BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor are, but this story beats them all!

In 2013 one heck of a nasty tornado went ripping through the Oklahoma area and decided to turn one of our customers out-building literally into a big pile of rubble. Luckily, he and his kin all got out safe, but the barn where he used one of our awesome BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processors along with one of our SpringPro T76 Biodiesel Dry Wash Towers took one heck of a massive blow!

After the storm had subsided and it was safe to come out, he ventured over to the barn to see how everything had fared during the storm.

Yep. Pretty much smashed to smithereens! His complete Biodiesel production area was nothing but a heap of metal.

As he got closer though, he started to notice that a few things had survived the storm, and not only that, but survived it well.

Looking through the torn sheet metal, he could see what looked to be his BioPro 190 laying on it’s side, and his SpringPro T76 Dry Wash column, still standing upright. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that both machines had fared the storm remarkably well!

The BioPro 190 came out of the mess with just a bent leg and the T76 was actually in really good shape as well.

With a little elbow grease he was able to get the BioPro’s leg bent back into shape and get it back upright. This is a picture of it shortly after the storm.

The SpringPro T76 had also fared remarkably well as well. Short of a few hose connections that needed to be reconnected and a power switch for the pump that had to be re-attached, everything was still in-tact!

With both of the machines back upright, it was time to check everything out. Short of a few minor adjustments and a new water out pump on the BioPro 190 (not the Tornado’s fault, just a maintenance repair item), the BioPro & SpringPro are living to see another day and in fact are still quite operational!

When our customer told us about this story last year, we were just flabbergasted at the destruction the tornado did on his barn, but were equally amazed at how well his BioPro and SpringPro weathered the storm. You just can’t beat the incredible quality and craftsmanship of these awesome machines!

So, if you’re thinking about getting into Biodiesel and want to get the best small scale Biodiesel processor money can buy (so good in fact that it can live through an Oklahoma Tornado), then you want a BioPro!

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