Customer Spotlight: Biodiesel in Honduras!

We have a great customer in Honduras that’s getting ready to start making Biodiesel. Check out these great pictures he sent our way today!

This is the collection of parts they’ll be using to make their Biodiesel processor with. Commonly called an Appleseed Biodiesel Processor; it utilizes a hot water heater and lots of plumbing to create a very effective Biodiesel processor!

Appleseed about to be built!

This is the oil that they’ll be starting with. It came from a chicken fast food restaurant. Looks all dark & grimy but soon it’ll be fuel!

Oil about to be made into Biodiesel

They also have their methanol catalyst ready! Soon we’ll be seeing finished Biodiesel!

Methanol & Catalyst

Once they’re up & running we’ll continue to share their story here!

==9/29/2011 update==
They just sent us a picture of their processor. Looking great!!!

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