School Biodiesel Success Story

We here at Utah Biodiesel Supply think we have some of the greatest customers around.

Over the last year, we’ve heard several great success stories from several of our customers & figured we’d share a few with you.

Thornridge High School Dolton, Illinois

This group of students worked with an instructor, Brian Sievers, after school to create a really cool Biodiesel project. They decided they wanted to do something that would allow them to learn about science, be able to serve the community, and make a difference.

So, it was decided they’d build a Biodiesel processor, make fuel out of the schools cooking oil (and from oil gathered elsewhere as well) and go from there.

Once the processor was up & operational, they decided to experiment with different washing techniques, water vs. dry washing, and went on to test some great dry washing methodologies using Thermax, Purolite, and a few others.

Once they got the Biodiesel mastered, they turned their attention to serving the community by visiting local schools and teaching them about Biodiesel as well.

Then they decided to play a little with Solar to see if they could power part of their reactor with solar panels.

They started doing so well that the local media started picking up on their success..

From there, they decided to try and compete in a really prestigious contest called the Lexus Eco-Challenge; sponsored by Lexus. Top winners could win up to $50,000 plus scholarship money for each of the students involved.

Well, soon they had put together an incredible project, expanded their educational outreach efforts, started powering the schools mowers & tractors with Biodiesel, and even did some cool emissions research on Biodiesel in an old Mercedes. What’s that saying about “if you set your mind to it….”? It applied in full force in this situation.

No sooner had the students put their minds to it and gone full force on the project that they then found themselves competing against a few other great schools. They stepped it up a notch and lo and behold….they won! These guy’s won the Lexus Eco Prize! $50,000!!!

Check it out!
Winners of the Eco Prize

We’ve always been a big supporter of education and Biodiesel and were thrilled to see how well Thornridge did!

Want to check out all the great pictures and details about how this great project? During the project, they sent us several pictures that we posted up on our Biodiesel Pictures site.

Click here to see all the great pictures!

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  1. Hi there! Found your website and I am really impressed with your effort!
    I am a university student and currently writing non-profit articles about biodiesel for SAE student magazine, I am wondering if you will be kind enough to let me use some of the images from your website for my articles?Thanks.

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