Cool School Biodiesel Project (and Fuel Cell Project Too!)

As a retailer of Biodiesel supplies, I often get to hear some really cool stories about what people are doing to promote Biodiesel use.

Today was one of those days.

In North Scituate, Rhode Island, Ponaganset High School has been embracing Biodiesel and using it to teach students about renewable fuels.

Ross McCurdy, Director of the Alternative Energy Program, called today to get some more information about Biodiesel and as we chatted he told me about some of the neat things being done to promote Biofuels.

One really cool project they did last year involved purchasing a diesel pickup truck, loading it up with as much Biodiesel as possible, and driving it to the West Coast & back….without refueling!

And they did it!

With the help of several sponsors in their area, they loaded the back of the pickup up with high capacity fuel tanks, filled them with Biodiesel and away they went!

Click the link below to learn more about why they did the trip.
Purpose Of The Trip

To read about the trip itself, check out their blog that detailed the travels.

But Wait! There’s More!
Besides the trip, Ponaganset also created a Hydrogen fuel cell powered roadster and took it on the road as well!

Check out the roadster!

But Wait, There’s Even More!

These guy’s didn’t just stop there…they went on to create a band where the electricity for their gig was completely powered by their fuel cell. How’s that for sustainability!
Protium Fuel Cell Powered Band
They’re pretty good too! Stop by the site & listen in!

And now they’re continuing the saga!
Not content to just let all the great things they did stand in memorium, Ross is continuing the alternative fuel program by starting the process to begin exploring what it would take to make Biodiesel at the High School as well from local grease.

We think what they’re doing is really exciting and wish them the best of luck!

We’re continuing to see more and more educational groups embrace Biodiesel lately and hope the trend continues!

We also wish Ponaganset the best of luck going forward!
Keep it up guys!

The Rabid Biodiesel Nut

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