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Customers Brewing Setup

We’ve heard from several of our great customers how well they like our awesome brewing filters and wanted to share your success with others that visit our site. We figured, “Hey, what better way to kick it off than by giving brewing gear away!” (Right?)

So, we’re having a raffle you can enter by sending in your pictures, videos, brewing designs, and descriptions of how you’re using our awesome brewing filters in your great brewing adventures! We’ve heard about just how awesome your setups are from several of you, now it’s time to impress us! So, grab your cameras and camcorders and get busy and possibly win free gear! All pictures submitted must include some words describing the pictures.

Be sure and include:
1) A description of how you use our filter in your brewing process
2) How our filters have improved your brewing
3) Why they work better than what you used before
4) Why you enjoy using them
Additional things we’d love to hear:
– Tell us about your brewing setup & on average how much you brew
– Anything cool about your setup. Tweaks, tricks, & tips

Click here for an example from one of our customers!

We can’t wait to see all your awesome brewing setups & gear!

We’re starting off with three great prizes:
First Prize
– A Brew In A Basket (BIAB) Stainless Brewing Filter custom built to your exact specification
Brew In A Basket Brewing Filter

Second Prize
– Your choice of any of our 6″ Diameter Stainless Steel Brewing Filters
6" x 14" 300 Micron Beer Brewing Filter

Third Prize
– Your choice of a Glass Carboy Dry Hopper or Corny Keg Dry Hopper
Stainless Glass Carboy Dry HopperStainless Corny Keg Dry Hopper for brewing

Depending on how many entries we receive, we’re kicking around the idea of giving away even more great stuff too!

Grab your ticket!
Pictures With Descriptions – 1 Ticket
– Show the filter in your brewing process (ie. in the kettle going, etc)
– Pictures of your brewing setup

Videos – 5 Tickets
– Submit a link to your online video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
– Give a good description of the filter, how you use it, and how well it works
– If possible, show it being used

Essays w/ pictures or videos – 10 tickets
– We’re looking for complete descriptions of your whole brewing setup, how you got started, how much you make, where & how you use our filters, why you like them, how you brew from start to finish. Basically something we could do a whole customer spotlight blog post with. Impress us!

So get busy! Grab your cameras, camcorders, and send your entries in to claim your raffle ticket!

Send entries to by April 30th
Include: Brewing Raffle in the subject line
Raffle will be drawn May 1st, 2014

As entries are received, we’ll be posting them here on our blog.

We can’t wait to see & read about all of your awesome brewing setups!

Jeff Bake – Mingo Junction, OH
Check out this incredible brewing setup Jeff has!

It utilizes one of our 10.5″ x 16″ Hop Spiders that we custom built for him to attach with shackles, chains and a pulley. He uses it with mash tun and his boil kettle together which allows for sparging in the same kettle.

Here’s the filter we built him:

And here’s Jeff’s awesome video of his whole brewing setup!

Incredibly awesome!!!

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