BioPro Automated Biodiesel Processors on sale through March 31, 2013!

Through March 31st, 2013,
our awesome BioPro Automated Biodiesel Processors are on sale!

Make Biodiesel automatically for cheap!
$500 off the BioPro 150
$1000 off the BioPro 190 & BioPro 380

Add in the $1000 personal or 30% business tax credit (IRS Form 8911) and you’ve got one heck of a deal on these incredibly easy to use automated Biodiesel processors!

If you’ve not seen a BioPro, you really owe it to yourself to check one out! The machines are made from heavy duty chemical resistant stainless steel, have nearly every safety feature under the sun built into them, are extremely simple to use, and can make Biodiesel batch after successful batch one right after the other! Operating a BioPro is akin to running a dishwasher. Add oil, methanol, catalyst, either Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) or Potassium Hydroxide (KOH), sulfuric acid, and then push the start button and the BioPro takes care of the rest! After you drain the glycerin half way through the BioPro even washes and dries the Biodiesel on it’s own! How cool is that?!

Here’s more on the whole line up.
The BioPro 150 Automated Biodiesel Processor – Makes up to 40 gallons every batch
MSRP: $7352, Sale Price: $6852, After Tax Credit – $5852.00 Personal, $4796.40 Business
This little dynamo packs a mighty Biodiesel punch! It can process 40 gallons of oil into Biodiesel in 24 hours. Once reacted and the glycerin is drained, the Biodiesel can then be washed using the Spray Wash and Mix Wash Buttons. After each wash, the user simply drains out the wash water and either performs another wash or begins to dry the Biodiesel.

The BioPro 150 Automated Biodiesel Processor utilizes a 2 tank system to operate. Methanol & catalyst are placed in the catalyst tank while the oil is placed in the main tank.
BioPro 150 MixerHeavy duty chemical resistant pumps transfer the methanol/catalyst mixture into the main tanks while a massive impeller driven mixer (think boat impeller on the end of a shaft and you’ve got the idea) churns the catalyst & oil into a thoroughly mixed batch. Indirect heaters mounted to the bottom ensure even heat distribution throughout the batch for optimum reactions. Once the batch has been reacted and settled, the glycerin is drained off through the heavy duty stainless steel ball valve at the bottom of the unit.

Next comes washing, which is also a breeze. With a pressurized water kit connected, it’s as simple as pushing the Spray Wash button on the front of the machine and letting the BioPro 150 do it’s magic. Inside, a heavy duty osculating water pump sprays water in a shower-like fashion down onto the Biodiesel to rinse away soap, excess methanol, and other contaminants. After each wash, water is drained by the user through the heavy duty stainless steel ball valve. Once washing is complete, the reacted and washed Biodiesel can then be easily dried by starting the wash cycle. You simply press the Dry button, take the lid off, and walk away! After the Biodiesel is dry, the Biodiesel can be pumped out of the self-contained unit using the heavy duty Biodiesel compatible transfer pump! It’s like having your very own self-contained gas station! The pump even has an auto shut off gas station style nozzle!

The BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor – Makes up to 50 gallons every batch
MSRP: $9995, Sale Price: $8995, After Tax Credit: $7995 Personal, $6296.50 Business
BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor

Imagine the BioPro 150 above on steroids and you have the BioPro 190! As the original BioPro Automated Biodiesel Processor, this amazing unit has a long history of success in helping literally hundreds of people make high quality batches of Biodiesel batch after successful batch!

It starts off with the same heavy duty stainless steel main tank, but then it add’s on the BioPro 150 by including a separate tank for methanol and another tank just for methoxide.

To make a batch in a BioPro 190, you add 50 gallons of oil, add a premeasured amount of catalyst (either Potassium Hydroxide-KOH or Sodium Hydroxide-NaOH), fill the two tanks with methanol to the proper level, push the start button, add the sulfuric acid, shut the lid & then it starts the process and reacts your oil into high quality Biodiesel! Come back at the 24 hours mark, drain off the glycerin, and then push the wash button and the machine will wash the fuel three times automatically and then dry it & have it ready for you to use 24 hours later! It even drains it’s own water!

Think of it like your Biodiesel making dish washer! You load it with oil and return to high quality, ready to use Biodiesel! And, like the BioPro 150, the BioPro 190 also comes with an auto shut-off fuel filler pump that includes six feet of transfer hose! It’s literally a fuel making machine you can run like a dishwasher to make up to 50 gallon batches every 48 hours. That’s up to 150 gallons of Biodiesel every week!
Increase the capacity of a BioPro 190
If you’d like to speed the process up a little, we also offer a factory installed INCOSEP accelerator that shortens the total cycle time by over 26 hours! When installed, your total cycle time is only 21.5 hours meaning you can make up to 7 batches every week which would yield up to 350 gallons a week! Want to speed it up even more! Just add a SpringPro T76 Biodiesel Dry Washing system to an INCOSEP enabled BioPro 150 and you can churn a batch out every 13 hours. If run 24/7, you could make 12 batches or 600 gallons every single week! Now that’s a lot of Biodiesel!

The BioPro 380 Automated Biodiesel Processor
– Makes up to 100 gallons every batch
MSRP: $14995, Sale Price: $13995, After Tax Credit: $12995 Personal, $9796.50 Business
Makes up to 100 gallons of Biodiesel per batch
Want to go all out? Then you’ve gotta check out the BioPro 380 Automated Biodiesel Processor! It’s twice the size of the BioPro 190 and can produce twice the output as well! That means it’ll generate up to 100 gallons of Biodiesel with every batch! It features the same dual methanol tank system, the same awesome sight glasses on the side, but we step it up a notch by including even powerful mixing motor to really get things going!

All the safety features are there too along with all the automation. From completely automated processing of the oil into Biodiesel to a completely automated wash cycle too that also drains the wash water and dries the fuel all on it’s own! Just like the BioPro 190, you just fill it with oil, add the chemicals and methanol, press the button and the BioPro 380 takes care of the rest!

Speed up the capacity of a BioPro 380
With a BioPro 380 in stock form you can produce up to 300 gallons a week. Add a factory installed INCOSEP accelerator and it jumps to 700 gallons a week. Add a SpringPro T76 Biodiesel Dry Wash system to the mix and you can produce up to a whopping 1200 gallons of high grade Biodiesel per week!

Huge Potential Fuel Savings!
When you figure the average cost per gallon to make Biodiesel at about $1.25/gallon, the savings add up fast! Assuming diesel is running at about $4.00/gallon, you save $2.50/gallon for every gallon of Biodiesel used! With a BioPro 150, that’s a savings of up to $120 gallons a week. With a BioPro 190 in stock form, that’s about $375/week. Add an INCOSEP to the 190 and now you’re at $875/week in savings! Add the SpringPro T76 to the mix, and now you’re up to $1500/week in potential savings!

With the BioPro 380 in stock form, that’d be $750/week in savings. Add an INCOSEP and it jumps up to $1750/week in potential savings. Throw a SpringPro T76 Dry Wash System into the mix and you have a potential to save a whopping $3125 in fuel costs per week!

And that’s just weekly figures! Check out what kind of savings happen on a monthly basis!
Click here to see potential monthly & yearly savings!

Check out these great success stories!
Restaurant owner Sam Menalakis makes Biodiesel in a BioPro 190 and loves it!

Plus, check out this awesome success story from a customer who’s owned and operated his BioPro 190 every day for the last 5 years!
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With savings like these, the BioPro’s tend to pay for themselves very quickly!
So, if you’re up for saving some big time money on fuel costs plus getting tax incentives plus scoring a sweet $1000 off a BioPro 190 or a BioPro 380 or $500 off a BioPro 150, then March is your time to save big time! But you’ll need to act fast! The sale only runs through March 31st & once it’s over, the prices go back up!

Want to learn more or buy a BioPro? Stop by our BioPro pages or give us a call! We’d be happy to help you get on the road to saving money and enjoying this great renewable fuel!
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SpringPro T76 Page | BioPro INCOSEP Page

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