Our BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor

We’ve been making biodiesel for several years with our trusty BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor.

Below you can see how we’ve set up our operation.

Here’s a picture of what our BioPro looked like when we first set it up.
BioPro 190 Uninsulated

The BioPro’s are really easy to install. Just unload them from the crate, hook up the water in and water out lines, plug it in, and it’s ready to go!

We plumbed our water in and water out system right to a sink that’s nearby. The pressurized water in system was pretty easy to set up. We connected the water pressure regulator to a quick release fitting that connects right to the sink.
Pressurized Water Hookup

Then we ran the drain line and the water in line up the wall and over the top of the BioPro and down behind it.
Overhead water lines for BioPro 190

Overhead water lines for BioPro 190

Once we had the water lines near the back of the machine, we simply plugged them into the quick release water in & water out ports.
Water in and water out hook up on BioPro

Here’s a shot of what it looked like all set up. The bigger line is the water out and the smaller line is the water in.
BioPro 190 Water in and Water out setup

With the water hooked up, we took the extra step of adding a fuel filter to the BioPro 190 pump. We installed one of our GPI Fuel Filters. It filters the fuel down to 10 microns and ensures that 100% of the biodiesel we make is filtered before it goes into our fuel tanks.

BioPro 190 Fuel Filter


BioPro 190 Fuel Filter Installed

In Utah, we have pretty cold winters and the facility we make biodiesel in can get pretty cold. To help combat this, we insulated our BioPro 190 with some high-tech insulation called ArmaFoil. It’s typically used in home attics as a radiant barrier. A friend had seen it work extremely well in his attic so we figured we’d give it a try on the BioPro.

We wrapped as much of the tank as we could with it being careful to make cutouts for the sight-glass and chemical ports.
Insulated BioPro 190

Insulated BioPro 190

Insulated BioPro 190

Insulated BioPro 190

Insulated BioPro 190

In testing, we found this insulation REALLY helped to keep the heat in the BioPro! It’s been amazing how well it works & we have loved the results! We’ve had it insulated now for several years and continue to love the results.

With everything set up, we went to work setting up the shop to make it easy to move the oil around. We setup two totes for incoming oil right behind the BioPro. As we bring oil in, it gets filtered and then put right into the totes for storage until we need it.

Overview of shop setup

Overview of shop setup

On the other side of the BioPro we have a huge area to bring the truck in & unload oil right into the tanks.
Overview of shop setup

We’ve made literally thousands of gallons of biodiesel in our BioPro 190 and really have enjoyed using it! The units are really simple to use and the biodiesel they can produce is top notch!

Want to see how easy it is to make a batch of Biodiesel in a BioPro?
Click Here to see us make a batch!

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