2011 Ford Biodiesel Engine Compatibility

Fords New Engine

With the new 2010 Chevy Duramax coming out with a new engine that could handle up to 20% blends of Biodiesel (Read: It’ll handle B100 just fine…), others were soon to follow.

The latest news is that Ford, now out of a contractual relationship with International Harvester, is free to make their own diesel engines.

The newest diesel engine to come out of this is the all new Ford 6.7 Liter Powerstroke Diesel. This is an all new design from ground up with brand new cutting edge technology that’s claimed to do amazing things (time will tell how well the marketing hype really is).

One bonus of developing the engine in-house is that Ford was able to build an engine that can ALSO run on B20! (can’t be beat by Chevy, now can we…).

Details of this exciting new engine can be found in this article I stumbled on (Click here to see the article). No specifics are given on how it’s managing the DPF cleaning system except that they claim it’s now compliant with B20. My guess is that they’ve eliminated the deadly spray of unburned fuel into the combustion area (known as post-injection) and probably moved it into the exhaust manifold or just outside the turbo. Who knows? But, they are claiming that the engine is compliant with B20, so it’s possible it will be able to handle B100 as well.

I don’t have any friends “on the inside” at Ford like I do at GM, but if Ford wants to compete with the new B20 compliant Duramax engine, chances are this new power plant will have no problem eating all the B100 you can feed it. Here’s hoping anyway….

I haven’t heard any news out of Dodge yet on the Cummins being B20 compliant, but I did read in Diesel Power Magazine that Chrysler has allowed their contract with Cummins to expire. With FIAT now at the helm of Dodge, there’s been no word yet on what might happen with the Dodge/Cummins partnership. If Cummins does stay with Dodge, I’d be willing to bet that by the end of the year we’ll see a B20 compliant Cummins engine announced as well.

Keep an eye on Diesel Power Magazine for updates or keep reading our newsletters as I’ll be doing another engine update in our next issue. Until then, keep on burning the bio!

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