2011 Collective Biodiesel Conference Update

We recently returned from the 2011 Collective Biofuels Conference that was held in beautiful Duncan on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada.

The conference was well attended with participants from all over the United States, Canada, and even one from Iceland! This is the 5th year that the conference has occurred and the first year that it’s ever been out of the United States and what a year it was! We had a great time, got to rub shoulders with some of the Biodiesel small scale giants, met new Biodiesel enthusiasts and finally put faces to long time friends.

Along the way we also picked up an incredible amount of knowledge that we’ll be sharing with you in our regular newsletters. One of the most exciting developments shared was the success story of a 2009 Volkswagen TDI that had been running B100 Biodiesel in it over 30,000 and had had absolutely NO fuel related issues and a DPF that had generated only THREE TIMES since it was new (more on that later).

We heard the latest on algae based Biodiesel, details on RIN’s & WVO values (see our earlier article), as well as the trials and successes of several other small scale Biodiesel production outfits; both on a personal scale and commercial scale.

While there, we put on a workshop for Biodiesel 101. We covered making a mini-batch, titrating waste vegetable oil, and testing Biodiesel with a 3/27 test and a basic soap shake-em up test.

You can download our presentation here:
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Watch the whole presentation!

We also had a chance to see an incredible Biodiesel production setup run by the Cowichan Biodiesel Coop which included their production facility as well as their card-lock distribution pump (they even had an SVO Pump!! Very cool!)

If you missed the conference, don’t fret. Video was shot of every speaker that presented and is available at the Utah Biodiesel Supply YouTube channel We’ve also posted videos that were available from past conferences as well on our YouTube channel.

Many of the presentations will be made available through the conference archive website at http://www.collectivebiodieselorg so pop on over and bookmark the site for future reference.

As with all the past conferences we’ve attended, we always bring along our camera and shoot a ton of pictures. This year was no different and our camera was loaded to the gills by the time we came home.

You can see all the photo’s we took here: 

Watch for some great articles coming up soon based on information we learned at this incredible conference!

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