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Need a custom stainless steel filter?
If you can draw it, we can most likely build it!
Contact us to get a quote!

Custom Fabrication Examples
Check out some of the great custom filters we've built!
See How We Build Our Custom Filters
Beer Brewing Filters
Hop Spiders | Dry Hoppers | Keg Filters | Brew-In-A-Basket (BIAB)
J-Hooks Filter Draining Supports | Brew-In-A-Bag Stand | Sparging Filters |
Corny Keg Filters | False Bottom "Pancake" Filter | Mash Tun Filter
Speidel Braumeister Filters | Better Bottle Dry Hoppers
Sake Rice Steamer | Domed Filters
Coffee Filters | Wine & Cider Filters | Food Preparation Filters
Removable Locking Lid Filters | Vacuum Filters | Locking Drum Lids
Tote Filters | Perforated Stainless Filters | Methoxide Filters
Drum Filters | Stacking Drum Filters | Solid Sided Filters | Whole Drum Filters
Double Wall Filters | Bucket Filters | Custom Sized Filters
Funnel Filter Inserts | Box Filters | Suction Filters
Wedgewire Screen | Stainless Rose Bouquet
We Can Fix Your Filter!

Be sure & check out all of our other great filters!
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Let us help you solve all of your filtration needs!
Whether it's building a filter from scratch or repairing your broken down, worn out filter, we're up to the task and would love to help you with all of your filtration requirements! We have a full fabrication shop available to us to fabricate pretty much anything you can think of made of metal. Whether it's a custom filter or screen or something a little different than what we normally stock, we may be just the ticket!

With a full metal fabrication shop and an incredible staff that can find unique ways to fabricate items to fit your needs, we're ready to help! Our fabrication shop is also extremely quick! With fast turnaround and attention to detail, you can get your custom built item built the way it should be, on time, and for the amount quoted!

We have access to just about every stainless mesh out there which lets us build custom filters to fit your unique needs. In fact, if you can sketch it out, we can probably build it! Contact us to get a quote!

Whether it's big or small, we can handle them all!

Here's some helpful items to include in your request.
1- Diameter of custom piece (if round)
2- Inside diameter of the hole the custom piece is fitting into (if applicable)
--- NOTE: The custom piece needs to fit INTO the hole, not be the exact diameter of the hole
3- Depth, length, & width of custom piece
4- Stainless micron rating of mesh
--- Click here for a micron rating comparison
5- Style of top & bottom (Ring? Flanged?)
6- Solid bottom or mesh bottom?
7- Any side supports needed? If so, how many and what length?
8- Any tabs on the top? How many & how long?
9- What it will be used for (helps us know how to build it)
10- Look through the pictures below & see if there's something similar. If so, right click on the picture, save it & send it along with the request
11- A hand-drawn sketch rocks! It doesn't have to be pretty, just something drawn out on paper to get us started. 12- List the full address you want it shipped to (so we can quote shipping on the custom piece).

Quotes take about 3-5 days to hear back on and the custom items
typically take about 1-3 weeks (depending on the item) to build and ship once ordered.

We Build For Everyone!
We love helping you solve your filtration needs! Check out a sample of some of the larger companies we've built filters for. US National Parks, US Military, Universities, Research Sites, NASA, BASF, Boeing, Chick-Fil-A, Caterpillar, Disney, Du Pont, Ford, General Motors (GM), 3M, Hormel, Tesla, Yamaha, municipal airports, and many, many more!
No jobs too big or too small! Give a call today! 801-820-5753

We also build for several brewing companies too! Check out a few of them below...
Brygg Selv (Norway), Copper Kettle Brewing Company, Church Street Brewing, Deception Brewing Company, Eudora Brewing Company, Gallows Pole Brewing Company, Madison Brewing Company Petit Agentur (Norway), Redbeard Brewing Company, Big Ash Brewing, Schuylkill Mountain Brewing Company and many others!

Our Customers Love Our Work!
I had a specific need for a stainless steel basket screening device and after sketching out what I thought needed, I begin searching online for a company that was experienced in making something similar. Not only did I find that in Graydon and team, I found a company making a product that is BETTER than I had envisioned and they worked with me on a special need that I had. Quality product and service that meets and exceeds my expectations is of high value for me and it is nice to see there still are people and companies out that that are not compromising. Keep up the great work! - Joey

Thank you so much, this filter rocks and arrived so quickly. We started using it today with the older infusion and wow, the draining is SO easy now. Thank you! - Corrie, www.hurrawbalm.com

Example Of How We Build Our Stainless Filters
building a custom stainless steel filterbuilding a custom stainless steel filter
building a custom stainless steel filterbuilding a custom stainless steel filter
The pictures above show how we build most of our filters. We start with two rings, attach screen across the bottom ring, seam weld the side stainless mesh, and then assemble it all together into a completed filter. Pretty cool, eh?

Check out some of the cool custom projects below that we've produced!


Custom Stainless Steel Beer Brewing Hops Filters
Hop Spiders, Dry Hoppers, Corny Keg Filters, Keg Filters, Glass Carboy Filters & More!

We've been making several custom stainless steel hops filters for beer brewers, commonly known as a hop spider. Our most common sizes requested are a 4" diameter by 10" long and 6" diameter by 14" long. For pellet hops, 300 micron seems to be working the best and 400 micron works best with whole leaf hops. We can build these with handles or hooks to custom fit pretty much any brewing kettle available and can even vary the size of the filter as well. Take a look below at some of the cool hop spider filters we've built! Contact Us if you'd like one built for your beer brewing needs!

Hop Spiders

We sell our filters all over the world. This particular shipment went to a brewing specialty store in Norway. It consisted of 150 6x14 brew filters and 250 corney keg dry hoppers. That's a lot of brew filters!

Whether short or tall, big or small, we can build an amazing array of filters! Whether you need 4 tabs, straight tabs, drop tabs, or standard tabs, we can can build your filter to fit your unique needs.
We enjoy creating new and unique filters for our customers every single day!

These are brewing filters that nest together. They use what we call a straight side hook. One is an 8" x 8" brewing filter while the other is a 10" x 10" beer brewing filter.

We have a 4" diameter, a 6" diameter, and an 8" diameter filter here with straight side hooks. What's cool is that they can stack inside one another. They're a perfect fit!

Above are a 4" and 8" diameter 16" long 300 micron custom stainless steel brewing filters with straight side hooks.

Above are pictures of a custom 4" diameter x 10" long 300 micron custom stainless steel brewing filters with straight side hooks.

Here you can see several brewing filters with straight side hooks in action. They grip the side of the kettle wall and keep the filters in place.
Check out how well it contains the hops! They've really been a big hit with brewers!
Check out this awesome shot from one of our great customers using a custom beer brewing filter that we built in action in a Bayou Kettle!

This is a shot of one of our awesome customers "basement brewery". He picked up one of our 6" x 16" 300 Micron Hop Spiders and loved it!

The filter above is a custom built 10.5" diameter x 30" tall 300 micron dry hopper in action in Switzerland! Our customer loves it! He's using it to contain corriander and bitter orange peels for his witbier.

This filter was built for Copper Kettle Brewing Company. It's used in their brewing in a really large brewing kettle. The filter is 6" diameter x 21" tall, is made out of 300 micron stainless steel mesh, and features extra long supports on the top to clear their kettle opening, a swing handle to remove the filter from the kettle, and notch marks down the side supports to help identify how full their kettle is. It turned awesome! So awesome that they came back and got 6 more!

This filter was built for Kilowatt Brewing in San Diego. It's a special built 10.5" diameter by 32" tall filter with extra long side hooks to help it stay stabilized in their large 31" diameter kettle.

This is a 10.5" diameter x 27" tall 300 micron filter with a large set of straight side hooks to fit a very large diameter kettle. We can build all of our filters to fit nearly any size of kettle you have. Contact us for a quote!

This brewing filter featured four tabs to center it in a brewing kettle.
This set of filters was built for a customer that had several kettles that he wanted to brew in. To accomadate all of the different kettles we started with fairly small diameter filters but added really long flat tabs to them. This lets the filters work in a variety of different diameter kettles.

This filter is a large filter with four large tabs on it to help center it in a large kettle

This filter is a 10.5" diameter x 10" tall filter built with 300 micron mesh and four tabs at the top that extend out to 16.5". The large tabs allow the filter to be centered inside a large kettle.
This custom filter was built to fit the opening on a tank and support itself. It's a 10.5" diameter x 16" tall filter made from 1000 micron mesh with 4 small tabs at the top for support.

This is a 6" diameter by 14" tall 300 micron center hanging filter for keggles. It has hooks at one end and drilled tabs at the other end.

This filter is 12.5" diameter x 30" tall, is built of 300 micron stainless mesh, and features a heavy duty swing handle and center hanging drilled hooked tabs at both ends.

This is a really cool design for center hanging filters. The filter is a 6" diameter x 12" tall 300 micron standard hop spider. On top at the edges of the filter we welded on (2) tubes. We then built a set of rods that go through the tubes and can be used to center hang the filter inside a kettle. The rods in this case were designed to fit a kettle that's 14.5" diameter. The rods with tubes are cool because it allows you to move your filter around to different positions inside your kettle plus it makes it much easier to ship a filter to fit really wide kettles because the rods can ship separately. We can also add bend the rods at one end to make it easier to secure them against the diameter of the kettle too.

This is a 10" diameter x 14" tall 300 micron filter with a swing handle on it. It's a really clean build and with the heavy duty swing handle it makes it really great to use for brewing.

This custom filter is a 10.5" diameter x 36" tall 300 micron filter with an internal swing handle and 3 outside hooks at the top. It was designed to sit down inside a port opening on a large brewing tank. The internal swing handle make it nice & easy to retreive too!

These brewing filters utilize outside hooks. The hook extends up past the top of the filter and has a hook on the end. The one on the left has two hook positions while the one on the right just has one.

This is a 10.5" diameter by 10" deep 300 micron hop filter with double outside hooks installed. It was made for a brewery that needed a large filter to sit down inside their brew pot and center itself.

This filter is a 14" diameter x 12" tall 300 micron hop filter with four outside hooks all around the filter. The tabs are 8" tall and extend out about 2-3 inches to grip the side of a large diameter kettle. The drop tabs allow the filter to sit down inside a brewing kettle for low liquid levels. Want a drop tab on your filter? Just ask! We can add them to any filter we make!

This is a combination of an outside hook and a straight side hook. The hooks come out like our standard straight side hooks but about an inch away from the filter they shoot straight up with hooks at the top. This helped this filter to keep the side of it away from the inside edge of the kettle.

Here's four examples of brewing filters we've built with different outside hook configurations.

Above is a really big hop spider we built for a commercial brewering. It's 22" diameter by 24" deep in 300 micron. It's so big that we can fit our 4x10, 6x14, and our 8x16 hop spiders inside of it and there's STILL room on the filter!

These filters are cool in that they're custom designed as stainless steel beer brewing wort cups.
These filters are 4" diameter by 6" tall with 300 micron mesh. However, instead of our standard hooks, we installed a 3/4" slightly downward facing stainless steel flange on them.

This filter was pretty cool. The customer shipped us a ferrule that they wanted installed on the top of the filter and we built their filter around it. The filter is 4" diameter (with a 4" flanged ferrule) by 10" tall in 300 micron stainless steel. It really turned out well!
We built this filter for a customer with a Blichmann 20 gallon G1 Kettle. The filter is 14" diameter x 16" tall in 300 micron and has (4) arms at the top that reach out to 18.5" diameter to grab the kettle lip. Our customer absolutely loved how it turned out! They brew beer and blog about their brewing all the time on their Spanish blog. Check it out at www.cervezadegaraje.com. If you're looking for a filter to fit your Blichmann kettles, contact us for a quote. You'll love the results!

This is a 10.5" diameter x 16" tall beer brewing hop spider. Instead of having the tabs on the top, the customer wanted 3 evenly spaced holes around the top of the filter to connect hooks to it with so that he could easily lower it into his beer brewing kettle.

Our customer loved it so much that he took a video of it in use & sent it our way. Check it out!

This is a fairly large dry hopper that was built for a distillery. It's 18" diameter by 28" tall and is made out of 400 micron stainless steel. It features eyelets on top and bottom, heavy duty legs on the bottom, as well as side supports and a bottom cross brace to handle the weight it will be supporting.
This is another very large dry hopper that was built for a distillery in Puerto Rico. It's 24" diameter by 24" tall and is made from 400 micron stainless steel. It has heavy duty side supports and a cross brace on the bottom and features four tabs and eyelets on the top as well as two rounded grab handles. It's a very large filter capable of holding up to 100+ lbs of weight and turned out really nice!

This large brewing filter is fairly large as well. It's 21" diameter by 12" tall and is built with 1000 micron. What's really cool about this filter are the twisted and angled grab handles welded to the rim. We welded them at a 45° angle so that a large pot could be lowered into the filter and the handles wouldn't get in the way. It also features four heavy duty side hooks as well. Our customer, a distillery, really liked it!

This is a really cool filter. It's 8" diameter, stands 72" tall, is made from 300 micron stainless mesh, and splits apart in the middle. We built it for Pit Caribou Microbrewery in Canada. Because it's so tall cleaning it out would be quite a pain so we built the filter to be able to split apart right in the middle. It turned out really well.

Dry Hoppers

Above are pictures of a 1" diameter x 24" length 600 and 400 micron stainless steel beer brewing dry hopper filter. It's meant to be placed in glass carboy with hops inside the stainless steel filter as part of the brewing process. Whats neat about this particular filter is that the bottom and sides are 100% stainless mesh making it a really cool little filter.

These two custom dry hoppers are similar to the above ones. They are made from 300 micron stainless mesh and feature mesh bottoms.

These dry hoppers were custom built for a commercial brewery. They stand 24" and 36" tall and are made from 300 micron stainless steel. They have custom handles built into the top of them to allow them to be easily removed from the brewing kettles.

This is a custom keggle filter we built specifically to fit a customers awesome looking Keggle brewing kettle!
This stainless steel Brew In A Basket filter is 15" diameter and stands 15" tall. It's made with 74 micron stainless mesh and featured a heavy duty stainless steel swing handle, side supports, and a heavy duty cross brace bottom. It also featured heavy duty stainless steel feet on the bottom as well. It's built with 74 micron stainless mesh and is used to make cold brew coffee. The customer we built it for said it works really well and loves it! If you cold brew coffee, you'll love these!

This is a Brew-In-A-Basket with a squeeze plate. It allows you to press down on the grain as it's brewed in the filter. We can build them to fit any of our Brew-In-A-Basket filters or any filter for that matter. We include a stainless steel handle on the top and make them really easy to fit down inside your stainless steel brew in a basket brewing filter.

This is a really small brew in a basket. It's 8" Diameter by 8" tall and features two heavy duty side supports and a single brace on the bottom making it an incredibly robust little filter!

This particular Brew In A Basket featured really tall feet, a cross brace, and a swing handle.

These particular Brew In A Baskets were built in a slightly different way. They were 11.5" diameter x 8.25" tall and were made with 43 micron stainless steel with a 1000 micron backer. The bottom also featured 2.5" feet. They were built for a medicinal canibus producer in Colorado. They turned out really nice. The customer liked them so much that they came back for more!

This custom BIAB was unique in that we built a custom side mounted kettle support about 3" up from the bottom. We started out building a standard 12" diameter by 11" tall BIAB with 2" feet and then added on the side support. The customer said it was a perfect fit and absolutely loved it! 337
This custom BIAB is a 12.5" Diameter x 14" tall 400 micron basket with custom placed sided supports and feet and a customized side mounted hanging hooks. The side supports are placed at 11 and 1 and 5 and 7 o'clock positions. The feet are mounted in the same position too off of the side supports and point inward. With those in place we were able to mount a customized side hanging support to let the filter sit on the side of the kettle when draining. It turned out really nice!
Andrew loves his 13" x 10" stainless brew in a basket with press plate! He also uses one of our 6" x 10" 300 Micron Hop Spiders too! In these shots he's making a special pumpkin brew with them!

This is a 13" x 7.5" Brew In A Basket that was built from an existing bayou classic boil basket. We cut the bottom perforated basket off, built a new filter basket with supports in 400 micron, welded it to the top of the basket we'd cut off and created a great brew in a basket for the customer! The customer loved it so much they even did a write up on their blog about it! Click here to see the blog post!

This is a really customized Brew In A Basket that we built for a client. It's 14" Diameter by 19" Tall in 400 micron stainless mesh with 4.5" tall feet. On the side of the filter we installed hooks 3" from the top and 7" from the top. The u-shaped support can be placed on top of the kettle and the filter side hooks mount into it allowing the filter to sit up out of the kettle at different lengths. The custom press plate also features a really long handle that can be used to press the material down into the bottom of the filter. It turned out really nice!

This filter is a really cool Stainless Steel Brew In A Basket built for cold brew coffee brewing. It's 9" diameter by 13" tall and is made with 75 micron stainless steel mesh. It features heavy duty side supports, and a cross brace on the bottom. Instead of our standard swing handles, we added two heavy duty rounded grab handles mounted to the top.

This Brew In A Basket is 10.5" diameter x 16.5" tall, is 400 micron, has 3.5" feet, and features 2" tall rounded bar grab handles. It turned out really nice!
This is a really cool Brew In A Basket! It's 12" diameter x 20" deep and is made from 500 micron stainless mesh. What makes it unique is the cool drop hooks on it. They're positioned at 11, 2, and 6 o'clock on the top. They stick up 10", are 2" wide at the top, and have a 1/2" hook on them. We also included some extra wide grab handles at the 9 and 3 o'clock position as well. And, to top it all off, the filter has 3" feet on the bottom. Talk about a rockin' filter!
This Brew In A Basket is 13" diameter by 17" tall. It's made with 400 micron stainless streen and features two heavy duty solid handles welded into the top of the filter.
This is a 15" x 13" Brew In A Basket with two heavy duty handles across the top. It's made from 400 micron stainless steel.

The customer that the filter above was made for for sent in some awesome pictures of the filter in action! Check em out!
370 Here's the filter with 10 lbs of grain loaded into it. The grain comes up the side of the filter to about 3.75" from the bottom. The filter mesh on the bottom sits off the bottom about a half inch, so the bed depth of grain is about 3.25"

370 Here it is loaded with 20 lbs of grain. The top of the grain bed measures out at 6.5", or a grain depth of 6.25"

370 The filter is now in the brewing kettle with 150° F Water. The customer loved the fact that there was enough room to stick the thermometer probe between the kettle and the filter.

370 Here's a shot of the side wall clearance and then a shot of the grain mash.

We also added some custom hooks to allow the customer to raise the filter up out of the brew kettle and let it drain.

370 Here you can see the filter sitting up out of the brew pot.

370 Here's a close up shot of how the hooks attach and keep the brew in a basket up out of the kettle.
370 The hooks attach to the rim of the kettle and can be removed.

370 This is a picture of what the j-hooks look like.
Click Here to learn more about our J-Hooks

Here's what the customer had to say about the filter:
"Now that we have used the filter, here is just some quick feedback on the design
1) I love how we have the gap around the filter itself and that it didn't fit right up next to the pot walls. I forgot that we use a thermometer throughout the process and this gap easily accommodated this. Had we had any smaller gap, I don't think we could have fit anything down the side of the filter. In addition, this gap kept all of the liquid in the pot when we were "sparging" the grain (fancy word for pouring hot water over the grain and rinsing the sugars off and into the mash water). We had no issues with spillover or anything.

2) I love the standoff design on the bottom; made the filter very sturdy and eliminated the concern of scorching the grain during the mash.

3) The 10" separation between the handles was plenty sufficient for stirring. We had no issue with them being in our way or anything.

4) Since the entire filter is metal, we were thinking the handles would get "hot" since the whole thing was sitting in the 150F water for 90 minutes. To our surprise, the handles stayed really cool to the touch. They were slightly heated, but nothing that bare hands couldn't handle.

5) Having both the handles on the side worked out great when lifting the filter out of the water. I liked the "flushness" of the handle design and my buddy and found it really easy when lifting it straight up. Since our pot is about 14 inches tall, having the handles positioned flush with the top of the filter were allowed plenty of lifting room. I think had we used the pale type handle, we would have had to reach up higher when lifting.

6) The J hook clips were fantastic! I think we have our drop too low, but the concept worked just like we expected. We had no issues with spillover and the basket sat really stable on the clip extensions. The clips were also easy to install as they could be turned sidewise to fit in between the filter and the pot wall and then turned once the 2" extension cleared the filter bottom. This way, we never really had to fully lift the filter out of the pot to install the clips.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the filter and the workmanship put into it!
Thanks so much again!"
- Chris Wenske

This is a custom 12.5" diameter x 14" high 400 micron brew-in-a-basket with 1" feet and a swing handle. However, similar to the filter above, we've also added hooks 6" up the side and included a draining support filter stand. The stand allows the filter to sit up out of the kettle and drain liquid back into the brewing kettle.

This is a really cool BIAB. It's 15" diameter by 14" tall, features rounded grab bars and hooked tabs out to 17" at the top, but what makes it really unique is the rotating side hooks mounted on the side. The customer wanted to be able to lift it up out of his kettle and let the hooks fall into place on the kettle edge to support the filter as it drains. It turned out really nice!

This is a 15" x 15" Brew-in-a-basket with a 2" cutout on the side. It's made from 400 micron stainless steel mesh and has a large swing handle on it.

This is a custom built BIAB. It features a cut-out on the side to allow a chiller to fit into the brewing kettle. It also featured heavy duty handles on top and feet on the bottom.

This is a really sweet custom BIAB. It's 13" diameter by 13.5" tall, has 400 micron mesh, draining tabs mounted 6" up the side, includes 2.5" feet, and features a 3" cutout. To make building the filter easy, our customer created some templates of the bottom of his kettle out of cardboard and drew exactly how he wanted the filter to be right onto the cardboard template. As you can see by looking at the inside of his mega pot, there's a lot of things sticking in the bottom and sides that we needed to work around. We were able to build the feet such that they fit perfectly and the cutout was cut just right too. What makes this one really cool is that we built a custom sized press plate to go with it! It turned out great and the customer absolutely loved how well it worked!

This is an eyebrow filter that's opposite of the filter above. Instead of cutting a portion out of a circular filter, we made a small eyebrow shaped filter. It features a support on the flat side and two hooks on top to attach it to the kettle.
This is a 16 1/2" x 10 1/4" Brew In A Basket with 3" feet on the bottom made out of 400 micron stainless steel with a swing handle.
This is a 17 1/2" x 15" Brew In A Basket with 3" feet on the bottom made out of 400 micron stainless steel. It's a big one!

This is a 17" x 13" Brew In A Basket in 300 micron with 4 top tabs and 2 rounded bar grab handles. To make it extra sharp looking our shop polished it too. It really turned out nice!

This is an 18" diameter by 15" tall 400 micron stainless steel Brew In A Basket brewing filter with four long tabs mounted to the top. Because the filter will need to hold grain and by default may need to carry a fair amount of weight, we double-welded the tabs onto the top of the filter. This makes the filter tabs able to handle much more weight. We also used a unique technique on the swing handle called "balling up" of the ends to keep it from falling out of the filter hole. this means less metal is required to protrude into the center of the filter making it more compact.

This is a really big Brew In A Basket! It's 22" diameter by 20" tall. Yep! That's big! It's made from 400 micron stainless steel and features heavy duty side supports and bottom cross brace. We also added 4 heavy duty eyelets (each eyelet can hold up to 150 lbs on it's own!) and two cross bars at the top. Adding the eyelets and cross bars makes maneuvering it much easier when it's in a kettle loaded with grain. It turned out really nice!

This is a large Brew In A Basket with a really cool handle! It's 20" diameter x 20" tall, features 800 micron stainles steel mesh, a heavy duty swing handle, and a really cool fryer basket style handle! It turned out really well.

This is a 24" diameter x 24" tall Brew In A Basket made from 400 micron. The customer wanted tabs installed so we added (4) 2" wide tabs plus two heavy duty rounded bar grab handles across the opening. It made for one very tough filter!

This custom stainless steel Brew In A Basket is even bigger than the one above! It's 25" diameter by 32" tall (that's wider than a 55 gallon drum!). It's made from 300 micron stainless steel and features a 1" heavy duty band at the top, and a heavy duty extra thick swing handle at the top. If you need it big, we can definitely do it!

Brew-In-A-Bag Stand
This is a custom Brew-In-A-Bag stand to be used in
Blichmann brewing kettles with elements in the bottom. The stand was custom built for a customer that wanted to use a Brew-In-A-Bag but needed to keep the bag from falling onto the element. The stand is 5.25" tall, has a 12" diameter center section and a 17" stand area that covers the heating element.

Sparging Filter

This filter is a 12" diameter by 4" tall sparging filter. It's make with solid stainless sides and a 1/16" stainless steel perforated disc welded to the bottom.

Corny Keg Filters

We've built several dry hopping filters that fit corny kegs! They fit most corny kegs out there. The three above are a 6 gallon (23 liter) at 25" tall x 7.9" diameter, a 5 gallon (19 liter) at 22" tall x 8.7" diameter, and a 2.4 gallon (9 liter) at 14.6" tall x 8.5" diameter. So even with the smallest one our stadard
7" corny keg dry hopper can still fit great!

These are pictures of our standard sized corny keg dry hoppers. They're 11.5" and 7" tall and fit great down inside corny kegs! Click here to pick a set up!

These were a special set of corny keg dry hoppers we built for a customer oversea's. They're 6" tall instead of our standard 11.5" tall corny keg dry hoppers. They're each 300 micron and have a threaded the removable top, which makes them perfect for brewing in a corny keg or in the case of these 6" tall ones, even in smaller brew kettles too!

These are similar to our corny keg filters above however, they only stand 4 inches tall. They were built for use in an ultra sonic cleaner to keep parts contained and utilized 300 micron mesh on the sides and bottom.. We put a standard corny keg filter beside them to give you an idea of how much smaller these were.

These are even smaller corny keg dry hoppers. They're only 3" tall and have the 300 micron stainless mesh screen in them.

This is one of our 11.5" corny keg dry hoppers built with 800 micron stainless steel mesh. We can build them out of nearly all our stainless steel mesh we stock.

Check out these two custom stainless steel Corny Keg Dry Hopper brewing filters. The one on the left is 21" tall and the middle is 18" tall. We set them next to our standard 11.5" Corny Keg Dry Hopper to show the difference in size. We can build these to nearly any custom height desired. They're also great for several other uses than just dry hopping. We've had customers use them for infusing flavors into various teas, coffee's, soups, and other liquids! With their removable tops and sealable vessels, they work great for lots of uses!

These are some great shots of all of the different sizes we offer our Corny Keg Dry Hoppers in. 7", 11.5", 15", 18", and 21" tall. We also offer them in a wide range of micron sizes too. We stock them in 300 and 400 micron, but can build them in all sorts of various micron sizes to meet your needs. We build a lot of them in 74 micron for our cold brew coffee customers all the time! They make infusing coffee with different flavors a breeze! Click here to pick some up today!
This filter was designed to center hang inside a corny keg. The dimensions are just right so that it fits down inside the keg while the supports fit between the corney keg handles extremely well.

False Bottom Nesting Filters

This is a custom 15" stackable mashtun false bottom filter. It's made with 300 micron stainless mesh, has a 1/2" tube port to connect to an output valve, and can be used to replace a false bottom in a brewing kettle. The two filters "pancake" together making them easy to remove and clean separately when done.

Mash Tun Filter

This is a custom 2" x 6" 300 Micron Boil Kettle (BK) or Mash Tun (MT) fitting with a 1/2" stainless steel tube for a compression fitting.

This is a special mash tun filter that we built custom for a customer. It's 9.5" diameter x 4" tall and is made from 1000 micron stainless steel mesh. The handle is 8" tall and made from heavy duty 1/4" round bar stock. It really turned out nice!

Speidel Braumeister Filters

In Europe, a brewing machine called a Speidel Braumeister is extremely popular. The units are extremely effective at brewing beer on a small scale. Several of our customers have had us custom make filters to fit these popular units. Above is a whole selection of different sized filters to fit these great brewing machines. From left to right is a 8"x15", 9"x14", 6"x16", 6"x15", and a 6"x12" stainless filter. These have become so popular that we even offer them on our brewing filter page too!
These Speidel Braumeister filters are pretty cool. The one on the left is a 14" diameter by 16" tall speidel. The middle one is a 10.5" diameter by 16" tall speidel. The one on the right is a 6" diameter by 12" tall speidel. As you can see, we can build these in just about every size you need.
This is a filter designed to fit a Speidel Braumeister 20 liter brewing kettle. It's 300 micron 6" x 16" filter with a 1/2" tube that runs the whole length is.

This filter is for a little larger filter for larger Braumeister kettles. It's 300 micron and is 8" diameter x 16" tall with a center tube extending below.

This filter is for a 50 liter speidel braumeister kettle. It's 10.5" diameter x 16" tall in 300 micron and has a 1/2" hollow tube extending through the center and out the bottom an extra 2".

This filter is a much larger stainless steel filter we build for another Speidel. It's 12" diameter x 17" tall in 300 micron and has the same 1/2" hollow stainless tube through the center. However, because of it's size it also has heavy duty side supports and a cross brace on top and bottom to give it extra strength. It's designed for a Speidel Braumeister 50 liter brewing system. It turned out really nice!

Better Bottle Dry Hoppers

This is a special carboy dry hopper built just for the Better Bottle brewing carboys. It's 1.5" diameter x 16" tall and built out of 300 micron stainless steel. The bottom is completely enclosed and the top features a rubber stopper. These can be used in all of the better bottle sizes. We now offer these on our Beer Brewing Filter Page. Stop by & pick one up!

Check out this awesome brewing setup one of our customers sent in! He uses several of our filters in his operation and absolutely loves them!

Sake Rice Steamer

This is an incredible filter/steamer! It was custom built for making Sake with. The bottom is a custom built 16" diameter x 20" tall kettle for boiling water in. Above it is a 16" diameter by 18" tall steam basket for rice that fits perfectly down into the custom built kettle. We built 100% of this setup and yep, it was a very complex build. The steam basket has a 12" tall 1000 micron mesh screen on it to contain the rice and the basket slips down tight into the kettle to keep the steam from leaking out the sides. Once the build was done we polished it up giving it a nice shiny look (if you look at the last picture on the right and compare it to the top pictures, you can see what kind of a drastic change the filter took on once we polished the metal). The customer absolutely loved it!

Domed Filters With Etch Marks

Cargill, a seed crusher, had a special need for some domed filters to hold seed meal in their crushing process. We fabricated these for them to replace a primitive, outdated filter. The ones we built were 5" diameter, stood 12.5" tall, had special domes on the bottom with a cross brace support, and included special etching marks on the side to identify the right level for the seed meal. We also etched the side of the support with a special machine that can print letters too! They turned out really nice!

Coffee Filters (Cold Brew & Hot Brew)
We've built these in all sorts of sizes and styles and would be happy to quote one for you as well. 74 to 100 micron seems to be the sizes most cold brew coffee brewers prefer while hot brewers tend to use larger micron sizes between 300 and 600 micron. If you'd like to test a micron size for your cold brewing, we offer stainless sample sheets!
Click Here to see our selection.

These are a set of heavy duty filters built for cold brewing coffee. They feature a 1/2" perforated metal exterior with 74 micron stainless mesh welded to the inside. They also have 4 heavy duty eyelets welded to the top as well making it easy to connect a winch and lift the filters out of the cold brewing kettle. The smaller one is 17" diameter and stands 23.5" tall. The taller one is 18" diameter and stands 34" tall. Because coffee grounds get extremely heavy when they're wet (150 - 200+ lbs on the bigger one when full), the 1/2" perforated stainless shell is required to help bear the weight.

This filter is for cold brewing coffee. It's designed to fit inside a 55 gallon stainless steel drum. It's 21" diameter by 34" tall, features a heavy duty 1/2" perforated exterior with a 74 micron stainless steel mesh screen welded on the inside. It also features 4 heavy duty lifting eyelets welded to the top. With the perforated stainless steel exterior, it can easily handle 150 to 200 pounds of product to be filtered.

This filter is a really cool custom cold brew coffee filter that we built for a cold brewing coffee company in massachusetts. It's 21" diameter, stands 30.5" tall, is made of 100 micron stainless steel mesh with a 1/2" perforated stainless backer, and features a set of heavy duty eyelets on the top along with a custom made cover that can be bolted down to the filter with wing-nuts so that it can be completely submerged for cold brewing coffee. The top plate also featured two heavy duty grab handles as well. It turned out really really nice!
This stainless steel Brew In A Basket filter is 15" diameter and stands 15" tall. It's made with 74 micron stainless mesh and featured a heavy duty stainless steel swing handle, side supports, and a heavy duty cross brace bottom. It also featured heavy duty stainless steel feet on the bottom as well. It's built with 74 micron stainless mesh and is used to make cold brew coffee. The customer we built it for said it works really well and loves it! If you cold brew coffee, you'll love these!

We built these filters for a catering company for brewing coffee. The filters are 20" tall by 5.75" diameter, feature a solid bottom, and utilize our 74 micron stainless steel filter mesh. They're used by adding coffee to the filter, setting them down into hot water for about a minute and then pulling them back out, much like a French Press coffee maker. They said the results are incredible! They're now able to make several gallons of coffee at a time extremely fast! They love it! They said that it should also work for brewing iced tea as well.

This coffee filter is for hot brewing coffee. It's 10" diameter, stands 7" tall and features a locking lid with 3 securing latches. The mesh is 5 micron stainless steel that's supported with a 400 micron stainless backer.

This filter is a 6" tall filter that's made from 100 micron stainless steel mesh. It's used for adding flavoring to cold brewed coffee. The top spins off and flavoring can be added to the inside. It's then placed down inside the coffee brew and infuses the coffee with whatever has been placed inside the filter. Like our brewing dry hoppers, we've knicknamed this one a coffee hopper.

This filter was built with cold brewing coffee in mind. It's a 6" diameter x 14" tall 74 micron filter with an outside hook on it. The hook allows it to be lowered down into a brewing kettle below the surface.

This filter is a vacuum coffee filter used to extract coffee out of coffee grinds. It's 10" diameter x 7" deep with a 15 micron mesh screen in the bottom mounted to a 1/4" perforated stainless disc for strength. It has a 13" flange with a rubber seal to seal against a bucket container, and has a 1/4" vacuum barb fitting.

This is a really nice filter! It's 36.5" diameter x 8" tall, is made of 1000 micron mesh, and has 6 hooks, 2 grab handles, 4 side supports, and a heavy duty cross brace in the bottom. We built it for a client that needed it for his secondary fermentation barrel for wine making. It turned out great!
The filters below were custom built for a distillery in California. We produced several kettle filters that had to fit underneath a kettle lid to allow them to filter material into their brewing kettles.

We also fabricated special drain filters that were installed in all of the floor drains as well to capture material from going down the drains. These included filter boxes and filter grates with handles. The filters turned out great & the distillery loved them!

Custom Stainless Steel Cider Press Filter And Pan

The filter and press pan were built specifically for this press. The filter is a 17" diameter by 15" tall filter that utilized 1/8" perforated stainless steel filter media. The press pan it sits on is made from heavy duty stainless steel and features a draining spigot off the front. The customer it was built for sent in some pictures of it in use too! They love it & say it works great!

Custom Stainless Steel Food Preparation Filters

This filter was really cool. It was built for a tea brewing company that wanted the ability to have the filter sit on a stand inside their tea brewing kettle. This keeps the filter up off the bottom of the kettle and makes it easily removable too. The filter is 8" diameter by 14" tall and was built using 74 micron stainless steel mesh. The stand is 6" tall and is slightly wider in diameter than the filter to allow the bottom of the filter to easily rest on it. To make removing it from the kettle easily we also installed an easy to use swing handle on the top as well. They liked the filter so much that they came back and had us build another one slightly taller at 9" tall.

These filters are 4" diameter by 10" tall and feature 15 and 43 micron stainless steel mesh. The mesh is so fine and flexible that it requires side supports down each side to keep structural rigidity. They also featured our standard side tabs at the top to make them easy to hook onto a kettle.

This is a custom designed honey filter. It's 17" diameter x 16.75" tall and is made from 300 micron stainless steel. The top has a heavy duty 20" flange and there's 2" of solid sided stainless at the top. Across the top is a heavy duty lifting handle to make removing it easier. It also features heavy duty side supports and a cross brace on the bottom. The lid is all stainless steel and includes a handle. The filter can handle up to 60 lbs of honey and was built to be extremely robust.

This filter is a 6" diameter x 24" tall 100 micron filter with a stainless steel perforated backer on it with a custom fitting welded to the opening. The bottom and top were solid stainless steel to give it strength. We built it for the Artisan Beverage Cooperative.

Removable Locking Lid Stainless Filters

We have the ability to produce snap-locking lids for all of our custom filters. We use heavy duty snap locks that are welded to heavy duty rings with mesh installed in the top.

Above are examples of snap locks on a 4" ring. We can install 1, 2, 3, or 4 snap-locks as desired. For 4" or smaller 2 or 3 are usually sufficient. Take a look below at some of these great locking lid filters we've built.

These are special dry hoppers that we built for a customer that required latching lids on four long filters. The latching lids utilize a newer design than those we built above and make it easier to secure the lid onto the filter. The lid is made out of two rings, one that perfectly slides onto the filter, and the other ring secures the stainless top. Latch hooks are welded to the outer ring and another ring is installed on the filter for the latches to connect to allowing the top of the filter to secure extremely well to the filter. This style works particularly well with smaller diameter filters.

This is a solid sided soup filter for dispensing herbs, spices, and other items into soup. It's 5" diameter by 12" tall, features 1/8" mesh on top and bottom, and has a removable latching top lid to keep the spices and such contained within the filter. It was built for a noodle parlor for some soup that they produce with it.
Our customer liked the filter so much that they asked for another one, only they wanted it a little shorter and instead of the 1/8" mesh they requested 1/8" perforated metal. We also added a slick hook on the side for them to pull the filter out of their soup kettle with. They loved it and even went so far as to call it their "bombproof filter". Yep! We build them tough!

This filter was built for a brewing company in Colorado. It's 10.5" diameter x 36" tall, is made with 300 micron mesh, features heavy duty side supports and a heavy duty snap top lid. To make it easy to remove from a brewing kettle we also added some handy 1" x 1" rounded side hooks. It also features heavy duty 2" feet on the bottom to keep it off the bottom of the brewing kettle. It turned out really nice.

This filter is a combination of our Brew In A Basket and our Snap Locking Top Filters. It's 10" diameter and stands 13" tall. It's made from 300 micron stainless steel mesh and features our heavy duty side supports and cross brace and included 1" Feet.

The requirements for this bucket filter was that it be strong, have eyelets installed, and have a sealable removable cap. Supports were installed down the side of this rather tall bucket filter, heavy duty eyelets were installed near the top, and a removable stainless steel cover was fabricated complete with locking clips.

This was an awesome stainless steel filter to build! It's 14.5" diameter and stands 54" tall. It's made from 400 micron stainless steel mesh and features a locking top lid, taller ring bands top, middle and bottom, a heavy duty 2" flange, and four heavy duty eyelets at the top for lifing it out of a kettle. We also added a heavy duty 3/32" perforated stainless steel bottom for support as well. This was one beefy filter! It turned out really nice!

These filters were cool! They're 8" diameter by 14" tall and feature a removable locking bottom with heavy duty bands. At the top we added heavy duty grab handles as well. Also built into the filter are heavy duty flanges at the top too! The customer used these for tea brewing and also wanted stands to set them on when in use, so we built some heavy duty sturdy stands for them to sit on. The stands also have drilled feet to allow them to be secured or to accept rubber feet. They turned out really well!

This custom 13" diameter x 30" tall 800 micron filter with removable top is unique in the hook that we built onto it. We call it a fryer style hook as it looks like the handle on a commercial frying basket. For this particular filter the hook had to stay out of the way of the locking top too but still be able to fit down inside the manhole on the tank it was being used in. To do this we offset the hook out and away from the filter opening making easy to grab and still access the removable lid as well. It turned out really well! If you'd like this style hook, be sure & indicate that you'd like the fryer style hook.

This is a massive filter! It's 18" diameter by 54" tall. It's 300 micron stainless mesh and has a really cool drop hook at the top along with a big wide tab at the front. The bottom is also removable as well for cleaning. You can see a picture of the manhole that it was built to go into. It was so big that it was built in two pieces and then welded together. Yep! That's one big filter!
custom stainless bucket vacuum filtercustom stainless bucket vacuum filter
custom stainless bucket vacuum filtercustom stainless bucket vacuum filter
The filter above was built for use with 5 gallon drums. It featured a 15 absolute micron 316 stainless steel mesh mounted to a 304 stainless perforated disk. The disk was then welded to a 304 stainless steel insert that was welded to a ring flange with a vacuum port installed. We then sealed the seam between the ring and the insert with an industrial strength epoxy to make an airtight seal. Special sealing foam was then installed around the inside of the flange to allow the filter to seal to a 5 gallon bucket. The filter is used to put vacuum on a 5 gallon drum and pull a very thick fluid through it's 15 micron stainless steel screen.

Locking Drum Lids For 55 Gallon Drums

We don't just do filters. Check out this cool locking drum lid for 55 gallon drums! These pictures are just before they were powder coated. The first pictures show our current version and bottom pictures show our older hinge style. They're rock solid & work well for securing your vegetable oil or any other liquid you might need to secure in a 55 gallon drum. We offer them with filter inserts as well as locking access ports to make getting to the oil easier. Check out our complete locking drum line up here!
All Stainless Steel Locking Drum Lid & Filter Insert

This was a special custom locking drum lid that had to be made completely from stainless steel. It's similar to our standard drum lids above except that it had to be deeper and had to be stainless throughout (our standard lids are from steel that we powder coat). Check out the incredibly professional style welds on this lid! Our fabrication shops welding skills are awesome! We put pride into every filter we build to ensure it will give you years of life!
All Stainless Steel Locking Drum Lid w/ Latchable Top

This lid is similar to the one above except it has a much beefier lid hinge on it. It also featured a 1" stainless nipple welded to the side for fluid access, and a latchable lid top. Like above, this is also made of stainless steel.

This drum lid was for a customer that didn't need the locking ring or drum top. They just needed an all stainless drum lid with a heavy duty filtering grate. The grate is made from heavy duty perforated stainless steel and the rest of the lid from solid stainless steel.
Locking Drum Lid w/ Latchable Tops

We had a request to install latchable clips on a set of our standard locking drum lids. Here's the result!

Locking Drum Lid For Puck-Style Locks

This is a locking drum lid we developed to accept puck style locks. The locking hasps are welded right to the drum ring. A cover slides on top of them and then the puck lock is installed onto the locking pins. This prevents the ring from coming off; even if the bolt is removed. We also installed a locking hasp to the top cover as well. This allows the customer to secure the opening from unauthorized dumping.

This is a special locking drum lid we built for a customer that needed to lock both the barrel and the drum opening. The center also needed to be open down into the barrel as they were putting large metal parts into the drum. We installed a top locking hasp for a padlock to go through on the center lid, left the grate out of the bottom, and built it up the rest of the way to match our great standard locking drum lids. It turned out really well and the customer loved it!

14" Diameter x 4" Tall Powder Coated Drum Inserts

These were built for a customer that needed some inserts for special containers they were using. The inserts are 14" diameter by 4" tall, featured our 1/2" perforated metal bottoms and each has four hooked tabs that extend out to 17". They're powder coated in black and turned out really well.

Heavy Duty Tote Filters In Various Micron Sizes

We stock several stainless steel "tote" filters in several micron sizes that fit the common 275 square tanks. We also have the ability to custom build tote filters to your exact length specifications as well!

Check out this tall 800 micron tote filter! It's 48" tall and was built for a special tank. It's sitting next to our standard size tote filter to show off just how tall it is. But check out an even bigger one below!

The tote style filter on the right was custom built to be 5 feet tall! Yep! That's a big tote filter! Turned out pretty sweet!
This was a custom shortened tote filter that we built for a customer. They didn't want it quite as long as our standard size so we shortened it to their specification.

The filters above were custom 6" mini tote filters that a customer needed for a project. They're just like our standard tote filters only smaller.
These are a special custom set of tote filters that we built that also are 6" but built at 800 micron. They turned out really nice!

This is a tote filter made from 1/8" Mesh. It's a much courser material than our stainless steel screens and works great for raw filtration of large debris.

Custom Perforated Stainless Steel Filters

This is a set of stainless steel perforated filters with a 100 micron liner. The taller one was 21" diameter by 32" tall and the smaller one was 22" diameter by 18" tall. They both featured heavy duty 2" flanges all the way around and four heavy duty eyelets were welded to each flange.

The filter above is an 18" diameter by 18" tall stainless steel filter made with 1/8" perfoated heavy duty stainless steel. It featured two heavy duty lifting handles as well to make it easier to remove from a brewing pot.

The filter above is very similar to #806. It's a 18.75" diameter x 18.75" tall stainless steel filter made with 1/8" perforated stainless steel. It features two heavy duty lifting handles and four heavy duty hooks at the top to support it in a vessel.
This is a really cool set of filters that we built! They're a set of 21" diameter by 12" tall filters made from 1/8" perforated stainless steel. We also built a really nice custom set of press plates to go with them too! (check out how shiny they turned out!) The filters would be used to press material with so we added extra supports to the top (8 in total) to make it really robust. They turned out really well!

This was a whole batch of perforated stainless baskets we built for a customer. We used 1/4" perforated stainless steel and built the filters in various sizes. Everything from a 12" diameter to a 10" diameter with varying heights. We used extra thick 1/4" bar stock for the handles on these too. We also used a special welding technique to keep the handles from falling out of their holes as well. Being made from perforated stainless steel, these will easily be able to handle massive amounts of weight too!

oil filtering canister filter
stainless steel canister filter cartridgesstainless steel canister filter cartridges
We had an oil collection company that needed a special filtration setup to filter oil coming out of their large alfa-laval centrifuge into a holding tank. From the tank the oil is pumped through our supplied 2" filter housing that uses our custom stainless steel filter baskets that are lined with 200 micron stainless mesh.

These stainless cartridge filters are very similar only a different length and micron rating. They also featured an internal large perforated stainless backing to give them added strength.

Another cartridge style filter built from perforated brass material.

This filter was a custom cartridge filter. It featured a 10" diameter opening with a 15" flange. It about 15" deep and had a heavy duty cross brace welded to the bottom. The material used was heavy duty 1/4" perforated stainless steel.
This filter was built out of heavy duty 1/8" perforated stainless steel, had 1" hooks at the top, was 9" diameter and stood 5 feet tall. It was built incredibly tough so that it could handle up to 500 gallons per minute of water flowing through it.

This filter is unique. It's constructed out of the same style perforated metal as above in 1/4" perforated stainless steel. In addition to that we built a custom locking cap on both ends--all from stainless steel. Eyelets are also welded on to the cap to allow removal of the filter down inside a long shaft. It took quite a bit of work to build, but turned out great!
This filter is similar to the one above it. It's a perforated stainless steel filter with a similar cap, but inside it features a 400 micron stainless steel mesh insert. This allows for it to filter extremly high volumes of liquid while still maintaining it's shape and the cap allows it to be quickly dumped when it gets full.

Waste Water Treatment Facility Filters


The filters above were built for a waste water treatment facility in North Dakota. The first is a heavy duty filter insert. It's 28" in diameter by 28" tall and has a heavy duty 30" flange on the top. We used 1/8" thick perforated stainless steel with 1/2" holes and lined the inside with 177 micron stainless steel mesh. The filter needs to withstand a lot of pressure and abuse so it also has two side supports all the way around it.

The second and third filters are heavy duty filter inserts as well. They're each 6.75" diameter and stand 27.5" tall. The filter is made with 1/4" heavy duty perforated stainless steel and the insides are lined with 300 micron stainless steel mesh. Heavy duty flanges at the top were also required as well as hefty handles welded across the top openings as well. The filters are built to witstand the day to day use that a commercial waste water treatment facility may see and are built really tough.

These were a special set of filters that were designed for a seafood processing plant for their drains. They had to be extremely tough and had to fit a whole set of drains in their floors. They were 3.5" diameter x 8" tall and were made from heavy duty 1/4" perfoated stainless steel. Then we added 7" and 9" heavy duty flanges as well as handles across the top of each of them to make them easy to retreive from the drains and clean.

This filter is 5 5/16" diameter by 19" tall and is built from 1/2" perforated stainless steel. Inside it features a 100 micron stainles steel mesh.

This is a 3" diameter by 5" tall perforated stainless filter. The perforated metal is 1/4" and inside the filter it's lined with 300 micron stainless steel mesh.

These are several perforated stainless steel cylinders that were built for a customer. The smaller ones are 1 1/2" x 3 1/8" perforated cylinders with a solid stainless disc on the bottom. The larger cylinders are 2 1/2" diameter by 8 1/8" tall perforated stainless steel cylinders with stainless steel discs installed in the bottom and one with a perforated stainless bottom.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Methoxide Strainer

This was a special stainless steel methoxide filter we built for a biodiesel plant. It was 48" long x 12" diameter with 100 micron stainless steel mesh. It was built using 1/4" perforated stainless steel with the 100 micron stainless steel inlaid inside. It was built to hold up to 250 lbs of catalyst and was used in a large tank to introduce methoxide to the tank. We've build several smaller versions of this style of filter for dissolving catalyst into methanol with great success. 100 microns seems to be the sweet spot to keep the catalyst from going through the screen but still letting the methoxide liquid flowing through. If you'd like a smaller version of this for your tank, contact us for a quote!

This was another methoxide filter that we built. It was 34" long by 12" diameter with a 100 micron stainless steel mesh. It's used to fill with catalyst, place inside a tank, and then cycle methanol through it. We built a heavy duty handle into the top of it so that it could be crane lifted out of one tank and into another. It's a really robust filter!

The filter above was built for a methoxide mixing tank. The catalyst is added directly into the filter and methanol is pumped into the filter to dissolve the catalyst making methoxide. This allows only dissolved lye to enter the reaction vessel and keeps the solid catalyst out of the mixture. One of our customers that we built a similar filter for reports that it works extremely well!

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drum Filters


The filters above are examples of our Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drum Filters. We stock them in a variety of micron sizes and can also custom build them in any depth, diameter, or micron size you might require.

The filters above were built for an herbal extracts suppliments company. They both were 800 micron stainless steel.

This is a set of drum filters that we built for a coconut processing plant. The top filter disc is a 500 micron disc that screws onto the a 177 micron bottom filter The filter can then be placed over a drum and the 500 micron can catch the bigger chunks while the smaller filter below catches the smaller particles. The filter tops attach with heavy duty wing-nuts securing them into place. We even built special stands on the tabs that connect together to ensure a nice, tight fit.





The stainless steel filters above were custom made for a client that needed very deep drum filters.


These custom filters are similar to above filters. They're 22" diameter x 6" deep and have 800 micron mesh

This drum filter is 22" diameter by 5" deep with 177 micron stainless mesh. The customer needed to have handles on the filter to make it easier for the workers that would use it to move it from one drum to another.

This drum filter is a 22" diameter by 12" deep filter made with 100 micron stainless steel mesh. It also features four heavy duty side supports to give it a rigid structure.

This filter is an 18" diameter by 5.5" deep 1/8" mesh stainless steel drum style filter with 6 tabs, side supports, and a cross brace built into it to support up to 100+ lbs of heavy material. The side braces and cross brace on the bottom make it an exceptionally sturdy filter!

This filter is a 19" diameter by 18" tall made from 1/4" stainless steel mesh. It featured 24" tabs at the top to support it in the top of a drum.

Stackable Stainless Steel Drum Filters

We built these for a customer that needed both drop tabs and grab handles on both of these nesting drum filters. The drop tabs allow them to sit down in a drum below the top and the grab handles make them extremely easy to remove. To allow the filters to nest while in the drum together, we extended the drop tab reach on the smaller diameter filter. We can add drop tabs or grab handles to any of our stainless drum filters if needed.

These stainless steel drum filters were custom built for a waste vegetable oil filtering operation to stage filter the oil. Each one was a different micron size, width, and depth.

These are a set of 4 stacking heavy duty stainless steel filters. They all have 6 heavy duty tabs and side supports to allow them to bear a lot of weight. They're used by a biodiesel production facility to clean waste vegetable oil and fats that come into their facility. The top filter is 15" diamexter x 2" deep 800 micron filter. Next is a 17" diameter x 4" deep 600 micron filter followed by a 19" diameter by 6" deep 400 micron filter. The bottom filter is a large 21" diameter x 8" deep 177 micron filter.

These drum filters were a set of stacking filters that needed to sit lower in the drum than our standard ones sit. To accomplish this we installed 3" drop hooks onto the top of the filters. They turned out pretty nice when they were done!

Solid Sided Filters

This is a solid sided 21" diameter by 4" deep stainless steel filter with a 1/8" perforated stainless steel disc welded to the bottom. It also features two heavy duty grab handles for easy removal from drums. We built it for a fruit processing plant.

This is a heavy duty solid sided 21" diameter x 4" tall filter with 1/8" perforated stainless steel on the bottom. It also features angled round bar grab handles to make it easy to remove along with four heavy duty side tabs. The hooks are also drilled to make it easy to hang when not in use too.

This is a heavy duty solid sided 21" diamter x 5" tall filter with a 1/4" perforated stainless steel bottom. It features two angled rounded bar grab handles and drilled hooked tabs.

This filter is a solid sided 21" diameter by 3" deep stainless steel filter with 1/8" perforated stainless steel disc welded to the bottom. Like above it also has heavy duty grab handles installed on it as well.

Check out this sweet solid sided drum filter! It's a 19" diameter by 6" tall filter with 1/8" stainless steel mesh. The bottom of the filter has a heavy duty cross brace installed for extra weight handling. On top are six hooked tabs and heavy duty grab handles. It looks great and is extremely durable!

These are a set of 177 micron and 400 micron solid sided bucket filters. The sides are 2" tall and the filters are 10.5" diameter. They have a handle across the opening to make them easy to add to a 5 gallon bucket. We built them for a honey producer. The honey is filtered through the 400 micron first and then through the 177 micron. Being solid sided, 100% of the honey goes through the bottom making it easy to fill the filter up and let the honey "drip through". They turned out really nice!

This is an extra heavy duty solid sided filter with a short side. It features a heavy duty stainless steel mesh screen, a beefy center handle, and two massive side hooks. The exterior ring is also extra thick making it an incredibly tough filter all the way through.

This drum filter was specially made to fit into a container that a mixer could still fit down through. We affectionately called it "The Pac-Man Filter". It's 21" diameter and has a heavy duty solid stainless side along with heavy duty stainless tabs. The mesh in the bottom is made from our strong 1/8" stainless steel mesh. It also features a cross brace in the bottom to give it added weight bearing strength as well. One very cool looking filter!

Whole Drum Filters

The stainless steel full drum filters above were built for a waste vegetable oil recovery company. They used them to filter oil in a 55 gallon drum.

This is a heavy duty full size drum filter that included four supports down the sides, two heavy duty eyelets for lifting it with a crane, and a support bar that goes across the top.

The stainless steel filters above were built for cleaning solvent when cleaning parts in an industrial setting. The full size barrel filter was 100 microns and fit down inside one of their poly drums. The smaller filter was a 74 micron filter that sat right on top of the full size drum filter inside the barrel. We built them as an exact fit so that they could both be placed in a poly drum at the same time and still have room enough to close the barrel lid.
This filter stands 36" tall, is 18" diameter and is made from 1/16" perforated stainless steel. Check out the unique way the handles are attached to the filter!

Custom Stainless Steel Bucket Filters

These stainless steel custom bucket filters were built to stack together. The top stainless filter is 400 micron and features a handle across the top for easy removal. The bottom stainless bucket filter is made with 177 micron stainless steel and is used for final filtering. Like our drum filters, we can build bucket filters in just about any dimesion or micron you might need.

In the picture above, Craft Elixirs is filtering their special brand of custom made syrups with a set of our 177 micron stainless steel bucket filters. They love the results!

Craft Elixirs liked their bucket filters so much that they had us make another one shown above. It's a 9.75" diameter x 8" deep 74 micron bucket filter with a custom swing handle (like our beer brewing Brew In A Basket filters). This one was a big hit as well!
These filters were custom built for a special paint shop. They're the diameter of our standard bucket filter at 10.5" diameter and stand 3" tall. The unique part of these filters though is in the mesh. It's a really hard to find, super fine mesh rated at 53 microns. The mesh is incredibly thin, feels almost like paper and is incredibly flexible. To give it some strength, we added side supports to the filters too! The filters are used to filter paint down to 53 microns.

These are kind of interesting. The top ones are built for filtering honey. The bottom ones are made from 1/4" mesh and had lots of tabs to support a large amount of weight when finished.




Above are some great examples of the different bucket filters we've built. Tall, short, course or fine filtration, if you can draw it, we can probably build it. We even stock a nice selection of these bucket filters! Check them out here: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bucket Filters.

This filter is a 14.5" diameter by 10" deep 74 micron stainless steel filter with a cross brace in the bottom to give it added strength. It's slightly bigger than a standard bucket filter and was built for a custom container.
12 1/4" x 6" Deep 400 Micron Filter With Handles | BACK TO TOP
This is a custom 400 micron stainless steel filter. It's 12 1/4" diameter, is 6" deep and features two grab handles.

Double-Wall Stainless Steel Filters

The filter above is a special double-walled filter. It has a 37 micron stainless mesh filter with a 400 micron support mesh. It's similar to the gold particle filter above it, except it's designed to fit a large drum.
The filter above was built to filter out gold particles. It is a double-walled filter that has a 10 micron stainless mesh backed to a 400 micron support mesh.

This filter is a 10.5" x 3.75" bucket filter made from 1,000 micron stainless steel with a 43 micron stainless steel inlay welded to the inside of it. The 1,000 micron gives the filter the strength it needs while the 43 micron lets it filter liquids down to an extremely fine size.

Above are a set of double-wall bucket filters in 5, 15, and 43 micron. Each of these bucket filters have a 1000 micron backer on them as well to give them rigidity. They're available to purchase on our stainless bucket filters page in standard duty or extreme duty trim.

Custom Sized Stainless Filters


This was a 7 inch diameter by 10 inch deep bucket style filter made from 1/8" stainless mesh with grab handles. This filter actually is being used by a large amusement park in California that has a mouse for a mascot. It's being turned into a light fixture of all things. We thought it turned out pretty nice.

These were a special set of heavy duty filters. They were 8" diameter by 4" deep and were made from heavy duty 1/8" stainless mesh. On the bottom was a tall cross brace purposely designed to extend beyond the bottom of the filter. We also welded a rounded handle to the top as a handle to make removing them from the container a breeze.

This filter is really cool. It's designed to test soil samples and required a central filter inside. This version was the first prototype we built for the company. The stainless filter is 8" diameter by 8" tall with 2" feet on the bottom and is made out of 1000 micron mesh. To help it support the soil it also features a heavy duty cross bar support as well. The inner filter is made from one of our popular 600 micron drum bung suction filters with centering tabs welded to the bottom.

After the company tested it, they requested a few more tweaks to it and below is the result.

This is an 8" diameter x 8" tall filter with a different center filter. The center filter was custom designed with the same 1000 micron mesh and was much more open for breathing room in the soil. We also used rolled bar stock for the supports instead of flat bar stock, which meant the centering supports took up less room in the bottom of the filter.

This was a cool custom stainless filter! It featured a 15" diameter and was 12" deep. The customer needed it in 800 micron stainless steel and didn't need any hooks on it as it was going to sit down inside a container. It turned out really well!

This filter was unique. It was made from 1/8" Perforated Stainless Steel and had to fit down inside an all stainless steel pail. while leaving room on the sides for the material to filter through. The pail is called a "Jonken Pail" and was sourced separately. We were really impressed with the high quality of the stainless steel pail. It was a great combination for the heavy duty all stainless steel filter we built to fit inside of it.

This filter is a 7" diameter by 8" deep 100 Micron bucket style filter with 2" tabs and a top mounted handle. The 100 micron mesh is really thick which makes this filter an incredibly robust design!
This is a set of 5 3" diameter x 5" tall 100 micron stainless steel filters.

1.5" Diameter x 11" tall. 100 Micron w/ 3 tabs welded to the top of a flange.

The filter above was designed for a device that filtered water. The width, length, thickness, curvature and micron rating on the stainless screen were all custom designed.

Funnels & Cones

We built three custom funnel filters for a special project for Chevron (yes, THAT Chevron!). They were built to exact specifications for the project and fit down into special containers.

This funnel was made from 74 micron and was 7 3/4" tall, had an 8" top opening, and a 1" bottom opening with side supports down the side to give it strength.
This funnel, a solid stainless steel version, had an 8" opening at the top, was 5" tall, and was welded to a 2" diameter x 8" tall 74 micron filter. Between the filter and the funnel filter was a flange that kept it from falling through a 2" bung hole as well. This one worked great in a 55 gallon drum bung opening.

This funnel, also made from 74 micron stainless mesh, was 7" tall, had a 6 1/4" top opening, and a 2" bottom opening with side supports for strength.

This is a special solid funnel that we mounted to a 2 inch tall filter on the bottom. It worked out really well for our customer!

This was a set of custom stainless steel filters that had to fit in a funnel and allow liquid to flow down around them. They're 12" tall, have a 14" opening at the top, a 6" opening at the bottom, have 400 micron stainless steel mesh on them and have four 1/2" angle iron supports down the sides to allow the liquid to flow through.
This funnel filter has a funnel welded on top of a stainless steel filter. The filter on the bottom is 7.25" diameter by 5" tall and is made with 100 micron stainless screen. The funnel itself is 7" tall and has a 12" diameter at the top.

This project was really cool! We built a custom cone filter basket with a dish that sat below it. The filter basket assembly was 12" tall with about 8.5" of filtering material. It consisted of a 300 micron cylinder and a 300 micron cone filter welded together. On the bottom was a 4" tall dish that the filter assembly fit into. The filter assembly was 7" diameter and the dish was 7 5/8" diameter. It turned out really cool and the customer loved it!

This is a really cool funnel. It's 7" diameter at the top with an 8.5" flange welded to it. Down the side are side supports and instead of coming to a point, we built a domed bottom on it. It was for a special research project for a customer & turned out great!
These were a set of massive, heavy duty, extra thick stainless steel drum funnels built to fit the top of a large stainless steel tank to filter out salt. Every part of the filters were stainless steel to resist corrosion from the salt. The bottom was a massive 10 gauge grid that could easily support the weight of the heavy salt as it was sifted through these massive filters. You can see all the material we started with to build them along with the end product. They were so large that they had to ship on a large pallet.

Custom Stainless Steel Box Filters


We have the ability to build heavy duty stainless steel box filters. The top left filter is 18.5" x 18.5" x 6" deep in 177 micron. The top right filter is a large 33" x 27" x 6" deep in 600 micron. The lower filters are similar as well. We can put handles, hooks, notches, or anything you might need on a box filter and line it with practically any micron rated stainless steel!

These were built to fit into drains. They were used to catch debris as it fell onto the floor.

This is an all stainless steel box filter. It measures 6" wide x 16" long x 9" tall. It's made with 300 micron stainless steel and has two grab handles at the top.

This is a 20" x 20" box filter made out of 500 micron stainless steel. It has a draw pull on one end and two stainless bars to allow it to be placed into a drawer like cabinet.

The stainless steel box filters above were custom built for a seawater diving company

This box filter was built for a BioPro 380 Automated Biodiesel Processor. It was made from 400 micron stainless steel and built to specifically fit down inside a BioPro to make filtering oil easier. The tabs keep it from falling in and the heavy duty box frame keeps it extremely rigid.

This box filter is 10 3/8" Wide, 23 7/8" long, and 3" deep. It has 800 micron stainless steel for the filter media, heavy duty side supports, and a lifting handle.

This box filter was built for use in a floor drain. It's 24" long by 9" wide and stands 7" tall. It features 400 micron mesh, has two grab handles across the opening and has two large 2.5" long x 8" wide tabs at either end for support in the drain. The customer really liked how it turned out.

This was a custom filter that was built for an oil fryer. It had to fit the inside dimensions of the fryer perfectly. A section drops down into the lower part of the fryer while filters also sit up above as well.

This was a huge filter! It was made from several sheets of perforated stainless steel all welded together into a large filter that was used to filter air in a large commercial facility. The fine perforated stainless steel was pleated to allow for increased air flow. The filter was used to scrub contaimants from the exhaust air before it left the facility. It's about 40" wide x 30" tall and was a sight to behold when it was complete.


We've built several custom suction filters for a wide variety of customer requirements. We even stock a few different sizes now on our
Suction Filters page. Need a custom one built? Let us know. We'd be happy to quote you.

This was a 4" diameter x 10" tall heavy duty suction filter made from 100 micron stainless steel mesh with a 1/4" perforated backer and a 3/4" NPT fitting welded to the top. The filter is used to filter algae. The slurry is passed into the filter through the 3/4" fitting and out the sides. The 1/4" perforated stainless backer provides exceptional support for the pressure.

This filter is similar to 1535 but smaller. It's 4" diameter by 4" tall, features 100 micron stainless steel sides with side supports along with a 3/4" fitting at the top as well. It was also used for algae filtering.

This was a custom suction strainer that required a 4" NPT Female fitting to fit onto a 4" hose. It's 10" long, has a 600 micron screen, and 4 heavy duty supports on the side and bottom to give it strength.







Above are various custom suctions filters that we've built.




We custom built the filters above to fit perfectly into 2" barrel bungs. The first one we built was primarily for a customer that picked up waste vegetable oil from restaurants that put their oil in 55 gallon drums. From there we had request from people picking up waste motor oil so we created the smaller micron versions. Two of the filters above are unique in that they have a suction tube installed in them. This helps to let the filter pull liquids to within 1" of the bottom of the container.

Need a shiny filter? We can electro polish any of our filters to give them an extremely shiny & smooth look & feel. The process removes a microscopic layer from the filter to give it that awesome look! Be sure to ask for it when we do a quote for you!



Check out the different diameters we've built! Everything from a filter to go through a bung to a large 3" diameter filter. We can also go bigger, smaller, taller, shorter and just about everything in between!






This is a really unique filter. It's 10 7/8" diameter by 28" long. It's triple pleated with two layers of 20 mesh with 200 mesh sandwiched between them. Then, it's wrapped in 4 mesh 0.048" stainless wire for added strength. Then, to give it even more strength, it features internal supports running from top to bottom. It's used in an ammonia based refrigeration unit. Yep! Pretty cool!

These are custom stainless slide-on filter bags.


The filter material above is heavy duty wedgewire. We use it with our dry wash towers and for custom jobs that require an extremely strong filter base.

Stainless Rose Bouquet

This is an amazing rose bouquet that one of our welders produced! Another one of our welders sons was killed in an auto accident so one of our expert welders created this incredible rose bouquet as a gift to him. The intricate detail is just amazing and also highlights the incredible talent and artistry that our welders posess. From filters to flowers, they can do it all!
We Can Fix Your Filter!
In addition to making custom filters, we also have the ability to fix or replace your damaged or outdated filter. Check out these examples of filters we were able to fix for customers to get them back up & running!
This was a really cool repair! The Greenbrier Valley Airport had a fuel filter in a tank that had been blown out, used, abused, and pretty seen better days that they needed repaired--and fast! The filter wasn't available anymore so they sent us the filter to see what we could do. We were able to reuse the filter structure to not only build them a new filter but make it even better than new! We also were able to turn the job around in just a few days and even did it at a fraction of the cost of what a new filter would have been. They were absolutely thrilled with the work and were astouned at how fast we were able to turn the job around and get it back to them so they could keep on operating as normal. Do you have a filter that needs work or that you'd like replaced? Give us a call! We'd be happy to quote your repair or rebuild today!

This customer had a boat with a failing suction filter on it. The filter was worn out and was also no longer available. To keep the boat running he contacted us to see if we could help, and help we did! He sent in his old plastic suction filter for us to replicate out of stainless steel. We not only were able to replicate it, but were able to build two of them so he had a spare on hand! Our replacement filter also was made from heavy duty stainless steel; which meant it would hold up much longer than his old, plastic suction filter too! The boat lived to see another day!

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