Our Favorite Biodiesel Conference Workshops

We recently attended the 2011 Collective Biofuels (Biodiesel) Conference at the beginning of August. While there we had a chance to sit in on some amazing presentations! There were presentations on everything from reusing the glycerin & waste products to regulations & policies governing how Biodiesel could be made.

However, there were a few that really stood out to us so we thought we’d share them here. All the presentations were recorded so you’re able to actually watch the workshop just like we did! Check out our favorites below!

The Chemistry Of Biodiesel – by John Bush
People have called the Biodiesel production process a “deceptively simple reaction”. Just add oil, methanol, catalyst, heat & stir, right? Well…not always. Many times making Biodiesel can be a downright bewildering when things don’t go quite as planned.

We’ve found that having a good understanding of what’s going on at the chemical level is incredibly valuable! It lets you back through the process and can help you quickly identify what went wrong and know how to correct it.

In this presentation John Bush did a masterful job of explaining not only the chemistry of Biodiesel, but gave an incredibly good introduction to the principles of organic chemistry as well! This one was hands down our favorite of the whole conference! We absolutely loved it! John did such a good job of explaining how everything works that we’ve already been sending the link to this presentation out to people!

Check it out below!

Download His Presentation File!

Sustaining Your Sustainable Car – By Dan Freeman
If you’re using Biodiesel in a diesel vehicle, this is a must see! Dan Freeman of Dr. Dan’s Biodiesel presented a workshop on how to keep your diesel powered ride running in top shape! Dan owns a mechanic shop in Seattle, Washington and also sells Biodiesel at his shop.

Dan’s worked on practically every kind of diesel under the sun and helped his customers keep their rides alive with Biodiesel running in the tank. The tips & tricks he gave were awesome! He also showed off a 2008 VW TDI that has over 30,000 miles on it that’s been running on B100 with the DPF still installed…and has had NO PROBLEMS! We absolutely loved it!

Check it out below!

Biodiesel Production: How To Make & Test It – by Graydon Blair
Yep! Even we got wrangled into presenting at the conference! In this workshop we titrated some vegetable oil, made a mini-batch of Biodiesel, tested some pre-made Biodiesel with the Biodiesel 3/27 Conversion Test, and did a Shake-Em Up Soap Test.

We talked about the different catalysts you can use (NaOH & KOH) and answered lots of questions.

Check out our presentation below

Download The Presentation File

Algae: Not Just Green Kool-Aid – by Jon M
Jon has been researching algae and it’s potential for Biodiesel for several years now and has become quite the expert. At this years conference he gave an incredible update on the status of Algae Biodiesel. Where we are with it, what it’s potential is, how it’s grown, harvested, and the different bio-reactors that exist as of today.

He introduced the topic by talking about just how much fuel we consume in the United States and how much Biodiesel would have to be made just to meet our demand (hint: It’s A LOT!). Will algae be the answer?
Check out his presentation & see what you think…

Download The Presentation File

Growing A Biofuels Cooperative – Todd Hill
Todd runs Promethean Biofuels in Temecula, California and shared the nitty gritty insights of how they set their coop up, how they run it, and how they’re keeping it running.

They process all sorts of different oils for different clients and have the ability to handle the nastiest oil you can find. His insights on the permitting, tax incentives, and getting set up to get RIN’s was just amazing!
Check Out Todd’s Workshop!

Biodiesels New Leaf / Piedmont Biofuels Success Story – Lyle Estill
And last, but not least, Lyle Estill from Piedmont Biofuels gave an amazing speech on the trials, travails, and successes that Piedmont Biofuels has gone through; which is arguably one of the most successful Biodiesel coops in the United States!

I could sit & listen to Lyle all day! It was that great and the tidbits of knowledge that flow from this guy are just amazing!
Watch His Presentation Below!

To see all of the workshops, check out the 2011 Conference Presentation Page


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