How To Test Biodiesel For Conversion (3/27 Biodiesel Conversion Test)

Testing BIodiesel For ConversionWhen making Biodiesel, it’s extremely important to test the reacted product to see if you achieved a full conversion.

3/27 Testing BiodieselOne of the simplest ways to do this is by performing a Biodiesel Conversion Test. Also called the 3/27 test or the 27/3 test, this test allows you to see if you reacted the oil into Biodiesel.

Here’s what you’ll need for the test:
(1) Sampling Vial
(1) 30 mL Syringe
(1) 10-12 mL Syringe
(1) Thermometer

Here’s how to perform the test:
1) Measure the temperature of the Biodiesel and Methanol and ensure that they are both between 68° F to 72° F.
Temperature is extremely important in this test. If either the Biodiesel or Methanol isn’t the correct temperature, heat or cool them until they are.
2) Add 27 mL of Methanol to the test vial
3) Add 3 mL of Biodiesel to the test vial
4) Close the vial & lightly shake it
5) Let it sit for 5-10 minutes
6) Tip the vial at a 45 degree angle for 10-15 seconds
Biodiesel Conversion Test Pass Fail
7) Look for any fall out in the bottom of the vial
If fall out is detected, it indicates that some of the oil didn’t fully react into Biodiesel.
If no fall out is seen, then the reaction went well.

See our video example of this test below:

See our photo gallery of this test:
Click Here to see the 3/27 Test Gallery

Test Accuracy:
If the Biodiesel passes this test, there’s a high likelihood that it will pass the ASTM Total Glycerin Test (ASTM D6584). Click Here to learn more about why this test is so accurate and how it measures the conversion.

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  1. Hi,
    Do you supply to Australia?
    I presume you will not send methanol but could I purchase a 27/3 kit without the methanol.
    I am also interested in the soap test kit and the water test kit.
    Thank you Tim Booth

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